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TriMark Legal Funding is one of America’s original pre-settlement funding companies. We have provided fast, low-cost motor vehicle accident loans, personal injury loans, employment lawsuit loans, and settlement funding on serious workplace accidents in Colorado since 2003.

Pre-Settlement Funding In Colorado

Colorado Lawsuit Loans And Pre Settlement Funding

If you’re researching lawsuit settlement loans or pre settlement funding in Colorado, it’s a fair bet that either you or a loved one got hurt in an accident due to another person or entity’s negligence.

Since then, you’ve fallen behind on your bills and now find yourself in need of financial help ASAP. Does that sound about right?

Colorado has a minimum legal funding requirement of $75,000. If you’re ready, you can apply online now. If your case won’t qualify for that much, or you’d like to apply for less, TriMark has a network of private lenders that you can contact here.

If you got hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, justice demands that you be fully and fairly compensated for them.

About the only way anyone gets “full and fair compensation” anymore, however, is to hire an aggressive attorney, file a lawsuit against the at-fault party(s), and then wait for the lawsuit settlement process to run its course.

The downside, of course, is that all your bills and living expenses still need to be paid on time every month while you’re waiting; whether or not you’re working or have the income to pay them.

Call us anytime to discuss how pre-settlement funding can help:

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Get Pre-Settlement Funding While You Recover

The other downside? For serious injuries, complex personal injury lawsuits often take years to settle.

This is especially true if you’ve undergone multiple surgeries, medical procedures, physical therapy, etc., and doing your best to reach maximum medical improvement (MMI).

But until MMI is achieved and the full extent of your injuries, disabilities, and potential future medical expenses is known, serious settlement negotiations can’t even begin.

All you can do is be patient and wait. And wait. And wait.

Do that long enough and most people run out of money, patience, or both. That’s where TriMark Legal Funding comes in.

TriMark can provide from $75,000 to $250,000+ of pre-settlement funding to seriously injured plaintiffs in Colorado, often the same day you are approved!

Non-recourse pre-settlement funding or post-settlement funding in Colorado can change all that and put you back in control of your finances. You can apply online right now or give us a call at (877) 932-2628 and we’ll be happy to discuss solutions and answer all your questions.

Do You Pre-Qualify For Pre-Settlement Funding in CO?

Serious Injuries

Were you seriously injured as a result of someone else’s negligence?

Clear Liability

Is there clear liability that proves fault against a sufficiently insured defendant?

Have A Lawyer

Are you currently being represented by a contingent fee attorney?

If you can check all 3 boxes, your case pre-qualifies for pre settlement funding in Colorado and you may apply for funding you’re ready.

Lawsuit Loans In Colorado

Pre-settlement funding in Colorado is frequently referred to as lawsuit loans, an accident loan, or a personal injury settlement loan.

Whatever you choose to call them, they can be a real game-changer for Coloradans who have been seriously injured and are waiting for their attorney to negotiate their lawsuit settlement compensation.

Colorado lawsuit loans are fast, discreet, and don’t rely on your credit score, income, or employment history for approval. Instead, they rely almost entirely on the strengths and merits of your case.

How Much Help Can I Get?

In Colorado, the minimum funding requirement is $75,000. You can request more than that if you need it, but we cannot fund any less. For most people, that is sufficient to get all their finances caught up and still have plenty to spare.

If your cases isn’t that big or you just flat-out don’t need $75,000, TriMark maintains a network of private lenders that you can contact and apply for however much you need. Click here to learn more.

The best part is that there are no monthly payments and you don’t have to repay the settlement advance unless, and until, your case is resolved successfully. If you lose your case, you can keep the money and owe nothing.

Lawsuit loans are an ideal solution for stabilizing your finances while waiting for your attorney to negotiate the maximum compensation you rightly deserve.

Settlement funding has the power to provide immediate financial relief to seriously injured Colorado residents who are involved in almost any kind of serious personal injury or workplace injury lawsuit.

You could get all caught up, stop stressing, and stay on top of your finances until your lawsuit settlement is finalized.

Imagine how that would feel. No more stress, no more anxiety, and no more worrying about money.

You could receive your cash within 24 hours of being approved, so what are you waiting for?

Important Colorado Legal Information

Amount Available For Legal Funding in ColoradoFrom $75,000 to $250,000+
Colorado Statute of LimitationsInjury to Person
2 yrs. §13-80-102 (a); 3 yrs. §13-80-101(n) if from use or operation of a motor vehicle
1 yr. §13-80-103(1)(a)
1 yr. for actions under §13-80-103(g); 3 yrs. §13-80-101(1)(c)
Injury to Personal Property
3 yrs. §13-80-101(n) if from use or operation of a motor vehicle
Professional Malpractice
Vet: 2 yrs. §13-80- 102(1)(c); Medical: 2 yrs. upon discovery §13-80-102
2 yrs. §13-80-102
Collection of Rents
6 yrs. §13-80-1035(1)(b)
Written: 3 yrs. §13-80-101; Oral: 3 yrs. §13-80- 101; 2 yrs. §13-80-102 if tort action for tortious breach of contract
Collection of Debt on Account
6 yrs. if contract §13-80- 103.5
Colorado Statute of Limitations
Colorado Negligence LawsColorado state law uses 50% modified comparative negligence doctrine. That means that if a driver is over 50% at fault for an accident, they give up their right to receive compensation for damages. Other states throughout the country have similar regulations in place regarding traffic accidents.
Colorado Negligence Laws
Damages Caps in ColoradoColorado is a little unique in that the state actually has two caps on medical malpractice damages, both discussed in Colorado Revised Statutes section 13-64-302.

First, there is a $1 million “umbrella” cap on the total amount of compensation that a medical malpractice plaintiff can receive, including economic losses 

The second damages cap in Colorado is a maximum of $300,000 for noneconomic damages in a medical malpractice case.

All Other Types of Personal Injury Cases: Colorado does not place damage caps on economic damages with the exception of medical malpractice and dram shop cases.

Colorado Economic / Noneconomic Damages Caps
Colorado Minimum Insurance Policy Limits$25,000 for bodily injury or death to any one person in an accident;
$50,000 for bodily injury or death to all persons in any one accident; and
$15,000 for property damage in any one accident. 

Colorado Minimum Insurance Policy Limits
Eligible Case Types And Funding Availability In ColoradoAs long as they meets the $75,000 minimum funding threshold for the state, personal injury, employment, civil rights, mass torts, toxic torts, and workplace accidents are eligible for funding consideration.

Attorney Post Settlement Funding: Available
Business Financing Options: Available
Employment Pre Settlement Loans: Available
Inheritance Advance Loans: Available
Law Firm Portfolio Financing: Available
Personal Finance Solutions: Available
Personal Injury Settlement Funding: Available
Sell Structured Settlements For Cash: Available
Workers Comp Settlement Funding: Not Available

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Types of Cases Eligible For Settlement Funding in Colorado

Colorado Settlement Funding Case Types

TriMark Legal Funding is dedicated to providing exceptional service to each of our clients.

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, and that’s why we offer customized solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

We take the time to understand your case thoroughly and work with you to find the best financing option that suits your particular requirements.

Here are a few of the main categories of cases we can consider for pre-settlement funding in Colorado:

Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits

Catastrophic injury settlement loans involve cases where people received terrible, life-altering injuries and survived. Degloving accidents, traumatic amputations, crush injuries, body parts getting crushed in machinery, asphyxiation injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury lawsuits, paralysis, blindness, paraplegia, quadriplegia/tetraplegia, and feet on dash accidents, and settlement loans on medical malpractice lawsuits are a few examples.

Motor Vehicle Accident Loans

We provide MVA loans on almost every kind of vehicle accident collision. In addition to pre settlement funding on auto accidents, motorcycle crash lawsuit funding, and 18 wheeler accident settlement loans, we can also provide funding on bus accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, RV accidents, train and train vs car accidents, subway accidents, aviation accidents, pedestrian accidents, pedestrian accident lawsuit loans, and more.

Civil Rights Lawsuit Loans

Civil rights legal funding is related to cases such as claims for wrongful arrest, wrongful incarceration lawsuit loans, discrimination. police misconduct lawsuits, police brutality cases, police excessive force lawsuits, and sexual abuse lawsuit loans on cases like Catholic priest sexual molestation lawsuits, sexual misconduct lawsuit funding, and Boy Scouts lawsuit loans.

Premises Liability Lawsuits

Premises liability lawsuit settlement funding involves accidents and injuries that occurred on someone else’s property and were caused by that person or company’s negligence. Examples include dog bite / pit bull attack lawsuit loans, slip and fall legal funding, nursing home abuse lawsuits, wrongful death lawsuits, and injuries that occurred on commercial property like big box stores, hotels, casinos, restaurants, amusement parks, water parks, etc.

Employment Litigation Funding

Employment law legal funding covers all the non-accident types of lawsuits against employers. This includes employment discrimination settlement loans and workplace retaliation lawsuits, workplace harassment lawsuits, workplace bullying, hostile work environment, individual wage and labor claims, pre settlement funding on sexual harassment at work lawsuits, sexual assault at work, quid pro quo sexual favors in the workplace, and wrongful termination lawsuit advances.

Workplace Accident Loans

Workplace injury settlement funding commonly involves cases such as construction site accidents, falling accidents, scaffolding accidents, electrocution accidents, heavy equipment accidents, crane accidents, fishing trawler accident loans, crush injuries, body parts getting caught by or caught in between equipment, injured railroad worker settlement loans, and state workers compensation lawsuits. Although workers comp loans are not available in Colorado.

What Law Governs Legal Funding in Colorado?

The Law Governing Colorado Lawsuit Loans And Pre Settlement Funding

Lawsuit funding can be an exceptionally valuable resource for people who are involved in a variety of different types of lawsuits in Colorado.

Working within the legal landscape for lawsuit funding in the state isn’t that difficult, provided that legal funding companies adhere to the specific laws that restrict its availability in Colorado.

The specific laws that govern third-party lawsuit funding in Colorado are HB23-1162 (the Colorado Consumer Legal Funding Act) and C.R.S. § 5-1-301.

In a nutshell, to remain in compliance with these laws, legal funding companies may not provide consumer legal funding advances to residents of Colorado in any amount less than $75,000 or in excess of $500,000.

North Carolina Legal Funding FAQ

❓ How Much Does Pre-Settlement Funding Cost In Colorado?

When it comes to repaying a lawsuit loan, the cost will be determined by several factors including the amount borrowed, how long it takes to repay the cash advance, and the terms. It’s important to understand that pre-settlement loan companies are not all created equal. Fees and interest rates can vary widely, rates can be compounding either monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually, or non-compounding (simple interest). Simple interest is calculated on a per-year basis on the principal amount only. Choosing a legal funding company that only charges simple interest on pre-settlement funding in Colorado is strongly recommended.

TriMark Legal Funding stands out among lawsuit funding companies by providing non-recourse (no-win/no-pay) pre-settlement lawsuit loans in Colorado with non-compounding rates, a rate cap (capped at 2X), and no upfront fees. All of the rates, terms, and other details are clearly spelled out in writing and there are no hidden fees. Should you or your lawyer have any questions, our world-class customer care team is ready to assist you.

❓ Will Bad Credit Prevent Me From Getting Approved For A Lawsuit Loan?

Bad credit has no impact whatsoever on whether or not you are approved for lawsuit settlement funding. In fact, we don’t even run credit checks. The only requirements for you to be approved for a lawsuit cash advance in Colorado are:

✅ You must have received significant injuries that were caused by someone else’s negligence

✅ You must be represented by a contingent fee attorney who is willing to provide us with information about your case

✅ Your case must be developed to the point that your attorney can prove a). clear liability against the defendant, and b). that the defendant was sufficiently insured against this type of loss when the incident occurred

Once again, neither your financial history, your income, your credit rating, nor your current employment status have any bearing on settlement funding approval. Instead, funding approval is based almost entirely on the strengths and merits of your pending or settled litigation.

Is Legal Funding on Workers Compensation Claims Available In Colorado?

No. Unlike regular pre-settlement lawsuit funding, workers comp loans are unavailable in CO.

Third-party liability lawsuits arise when a workplace accident is caused by the negligence of a person or entity that is separate from the worker’s employer.

In such cases, TriMark Legal Funding may very well be able to offer pre-settlement lawsuit loans on the third-party liability case.

Example: You’re driving your car from a work meeting back to the office, on company time, when your car is T-boned in an intersection by a drunk driver who was speeding and ran a red light. You sustained serious injuries, underwent emergency surgery, and were hospitalized for 2 weeks. You spent an additional 4 months recovering at home before your doctor cleared you to return to work.

You would file a workers comp claim because you were injured on company time, in the performance of your job. But you would also be able to retain a separate attorney and file a lawsuit for compensation from the drunk driver’s insurance company because he was clearly at fault. THAT is a third-party liability lawsuit.

If you’re not sure if you have one of those, you can give us a call anytime at (877) 932-2628 and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

❓ How Much Pre-Settlement Funding Will I Be Eligible For In Colorado?

To remain in compliance with Colorado consumer protection statutes, TriMark Legal Funding must observe a minimum funding requirement of $75,000 per funding. We also usually recognize a “soft” maximum limit of $250,000 investment per case for Colorado pre and post settlement funding. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis to exceed the limit if necessary.

Due to the very large buy-in amount required, most legal funding companies simply do not offer pre-settlement or post-settlement funding in Colorado. TriMark Legal Funding is one of the few that do.

Keep in mind, also, that the majority of cases will probably not qualify for such a large lawsuit loan. The amount you are approved for will depend on several factors, chief among them being the anticipated net value of your case, the total insurance coverage available, and how much you need or requested.

Each lawsuit loan company sets its own specific parameters so it can vary somewhat. Generally speaking, TriMark Legal Funding can normally fund up to about 25% of the estimated net settlement value on pending (pre-settlement) cases. On settled (post-settlement) cases we can fund up to 50% of the actual net value of the settlement award. The net value is calculated by deducting attorney fees, case costs, medical liens, other liens, and any other costs from the gross settlement value.

TriMark Legal Funding provides options for both pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuit loans. Even when your case is concluded, there may still be a lengthy waiting period before you receive your funds, which can put you at risk of financial hardships. Our post-settlement loans function in a similar manner to pre-settlement funding but offer larger loan amounts and lower interest rates.

In certain types of lawsuits such as multidistrict litigation/mass tort litigation (defective drug lawsuits, defective medical device lawsuits, defective product lawsuits), there may be a lengthy time in which the defendant is required to pay the plaintiffs. This means that you could potentially be waiting for months or even a year to receive your funds, and be in need of cash the whole time. That’s why it’s important for you to carefully evaluate what your actual financial needs will be when deciding the lawsuit loan amount to request.

❓ What Kinds of Cases Typically Qualify For Pre-Settlement Funding In Colorado?

On pending lawsuits, TriMark can fund up to about 20% of an anticipated net settlement. On settled cases, TriMark can fund up to about 50% of an actual net settlement.

Bearing that, and the funding threshold in mind, to be eligible for a pre-settlement cash advance on pending cases, there must be a reasonable expectation that the plaintiff will receive a minimum net award of at least $425,000 after attorney fees, case costs, and medical liens are deducted.

To be eligible for post settlement funding on settled cases, the plaintiff’s attorney must confirm that the plaintiff will receive a minimum net award of at least $200,000 after all deductions.

Cases that may qualify include bad car accidents and commercial vehicle accident loans, catastrophic injury cases like spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, severe crush injuries, wrongful death lawsuits, FELA lawsuit settlementssettlement funding for medical malpractice, and some premises liability cases like slip and fall accident funding.

❓ Are All Cases Eligible For Pre-Settlement Funding In Colorado?

No. Because the minimum funding threshold in the state is $75,000, there are many types of otherwise fundable personal injury lawsuits, mass torts, work injury, civil rights, and employment lawsuits that simply will not qualify for funding consideration.

There are currently no pending mass tort litigation cases (defective drugs, defective medical devices, defective products) that are eligible for funding in Colorado. We do see settled defective medical device and defective product lawsuits

There are a number of mass torts or MDL’s (multidistrict litigation) that are are currently in various states of “legal limbo”. Once their legal woes are resolved, some of these cases MAY have the potential to become eligible for pre settlement funding in Colorado, but at this point, that is merely speculation; nothing more.

Those cases include the Boy Scouts sexual abuse lawsuit, the 3M earplug lawsuit, the Roundup weedkiller lawsuit, the Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit, and the Paraquat weedkiller lawsuit, to name a few.

anticipated to perhaps qualify for funding or other mass tort lawsuits that qualify for funding in excess of the minimum threshold.
In addition, soft tissue injury cases, moderate-level injuries, most employment lawsuits, and all cases with less than $750K minimum available insurance coverage will not qualify.

Get Settlement Funding in Colorado Now

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TriMark Legal Funding has helped thousands of people in situations similar to yours, and we are excited to help you too.

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Best of all, you could receive your money in as little as 1 hour after you’re approved. And approvals can happen so fast that if you apply now, you could receive the cash you need as quickly as tomorrow.

You can complete our brief application online, or if you prefer, you can call us at (877) 932-2628, and one of our friendly legal funding experts will be happy to answer your questions and take your application right over the phone.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Lawsuit funding from TriMark is just pure financial help, right when you need it most.

When you choose TriMark Legal Funding, you’re in excellent hands, and we always have your back.

Lawsuit Funding In Colorado By City

The largest cities in Colorado are Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Greeley, Lakewood, Pueblo, Thornton, and Westminster.

TriMark Legal Funding proudly offers pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding to all towns and cities in Colorado, including but not limited to Akron, Alamosa, Allenspark, Antonito, Arboles, Arriba, Arvada, Aspen, Ault, Aurora, Avon, Avondale, Bailey, Basalt, Battlement Mesa, Bayfield, Bennett, Berthoud, Bethune, Blanca, Black Hawk, Boone, Boulder, Breckenridge, Brighton, Broomfield, Brush, Buena Vista, Burlington, Byers, Calhan, Canon City, Carbondale, Cascade, Castle Rock, Cedaredge, Center, Central City, Cheraw, Cheyenne Wells, Chipita Park, Clifton, Coal Creek, llbran, Colorado City, Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs USAFA, Commerce City, Conifer, Cortez, Craig, Crawford, Creede, Crested Butte, Cripple Creek, Dano, De Beque, Deer Trail, Del Norte, Delta, Denver, Dillon, Dinosaur, Dolores, Dove Creek, Durango, Eads, Eagle, Eaton, Eckley, Edwards, Eldorado Springs, Elizabeth, Empire, Englewood, Erie, Estes Park, Evans, Evergreen, Fairplay, Firestone, Flagler, Fleming, Florence, Fort llins, Fort Garland, Fort Lupton, Fort Morgan, Fountain, Fowler, Fraser, Frederick, Fris, Fruita, Genoa, Georgetown, Gilcrest, Glenwood Springs, Golden, Granada, Granby, Grand Junction, Grand Lake, Greeley, Green Mountain Falls, Gunnison, Gypsum, Haxtun, Hayden, Hillrose, Holly, Holyoke, Hot Sulphur Springs, Hotchkiss, Hudson, Hugo, Idaho Springs, Ignacio, Iliff, Indian Hills, Jamestown, Johnstown, Julesburg, Keenesburg, Kersey, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Kittredge, Kremmling, La Jara, La Junta, La Salle, La Veta, Lafayette, Lake City, Lamar, Laporte, Larkspur, Las Animas, Leadville, Limon, Littleton, Log Lane Village, Longmont, Louisville, Louviers, Loveland, Lyons, Manassa, Mans, Manitou Springs, Manzanola, Mead, Meeker, Merino, Milliken, Minturn, Monte Vista, Monument, Morrison, Naturita, Nederland, New Castle, Niwot, Norwood, Nucla, Nunn, Oak Creek, Olathe, Olney Springs, Ordway, Otis, Ouray, Ovid, Pagosa Springs, Palisade, Palmer Lake, Paonia, Parachute, Parker, Peetz, Penrose, Pierce, Platteville, Poncha Springs, Pueblo, Rangely, Red Cliff, Red Feather Lakes, Ri, Ridgway, Rifle, Rockvale, Rocky Ford, Romeo, Rye, Saguache, Salida, San Luis, Sanford, Sedalia, Severance, Silt, Silver Plume, Silverthorne, Silverton, Simla, Snowmass Village, South Fork, Springfield, Steamboat Springs, Sterling, Strasburg, Stratton, Sugar City, Swink, Telluride, Thornton, Timnath, Towaoc, Trinidad, Vail, Victor, Walden, Walsenburg, Walsh, Wellington, Westcliffe, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Wiggins, Wiley, Windsor, Winter Park, Woodland Park, Wray, Yampa, and Yuma.

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2. Failure to provide complete, correct, and correctly spelled full name, phone number, and email address of the attorney assigned to your case

To approve your funding request, we will need to speak to you AND your attorney. Therefore, please answer your phone when we call, or respond promptly to phone messages, emails, or text messages.
Also, if you don’t know all of your attorney’s correct contact info, please take a moment right now, call your law firm, and ask them for it, and then complete your application.

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