Post Settlement Funding

Get Up To Half Of Your Net Settlement Today

Post settlement funding bridges the gap between signing your settlement and receiving your cash.

TriMark Legal Funding is America’s foremost post settlement funding company. Lightning-fast approvals, the lowest non-compounding rates, and you could receive your cash in just a few hours.

Post Settlement Funding For Plaintiffs

If you are a plaintiff in need of post settlement funding on virtually any type of settled litigation, TriMark Legal Funding can help. We also provide post settlement funding for attorneys.

Post Settlement Funding

TriMark has nearly two decades of experience providing both post settlement and pre settlement funding, sometimes called lawsuit loans, to injured plaintiffs, right when they need it most.

Post Settlement Delays

Depending on how much money you need, we can fund from $500 up to 50% of the net amount of your settlement award, often in 24 hours or less.

Who Needs Post Settlement Case Funding?

Many plaintiffs assume they will receive the check for their settled case as soon as they sign the settlement agreement.

But unless you’re working directly with the insurance company, without an attorney, it doesn’t work like that.

You should count on there being post settlement processing delays.

Depending on your type of case, your attorney, outstanding bills and medical liens, and the defendant’s insurance company, it can take from several weeks to several months (and sometimes many months) of post settlement processing for the settlement money to hit your bank account.

Settled case funding can provide the money you need to pay bills and keep your head above water while you wait for your settlement to be finalized.

Post settlement lawsuit loans can bridge the gap between the time you agree to settle your case and the day when you actually receive your money.

Do You Qualify For Post Settlement Funding?

Qualifying for a cash advance on pending lawsuit settlements is simple:

✔️ Are you represented by a contingent-fee attorney?

✔️ Has your attorney already settled your case?

✔️ Have you already signed the settlement agreement?

✔️ Do you need some of your money right now?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all four then it should be no problem for you to qualify for post settlement funding.

It only takes a minute to get the ball rolling and processing happens very quickly. And if you’re in a hurry, you could receive cash in just a few hours!

Have Questions About Post Settlement Loans?

Call (877) 932-2628 and speak with one of our funding experts today.

Post Settlement Loans FAQ

❓ Q: How Much Does Post Settlement Funding Cost?

A: TriMark is proud to offer the lowest settled case funding rates in the industry, starting at just over 2% monthly non-compounding (simple interest).

❓ Q: What Is The Maximum Post Settlement Cash Advance I Can Get?

A: It depends on your case and how much you will be receiving. TriMark can fund from $500 up to 50% of the net settlement value of your case. If your net value is $30,000, we can fund up to $15,000. If your net value is $1,000,000, we can fund up to $500,000. And everything in between.

Net value is the gross settlement award less attorney fees, case costs, medical and other liens, and any other deductions.

❓ Q: What Is Post Settlement Funding?

A: Post settlement funding is a risk-free cash advance against a portion of the future proceeds of a plaintiff’s settled lawsuit.

❓ Q: If My Case Is Settled, Why Would I Need Post Settlement Funding?

A: A lot of plaintiffs think they’ll get their settlement money right after they sign the settlement papers. Unfortunately however, it doesn’t work like that.

A number of processes must be completed in order to finalize the settlement and they all take time. It can take anywhere from several weeks to several months or more to receive the settlement check.

❓ Q: What Does “Post Settlement” Mean?

A: “Post settlement” refers to the block of time that starts when the parties agree to settle their lawsuit and ends when the plaintiff’s attorney receives the settlement check from the defendant.

❓ Q: Is My Case Eligible For A Post Settlement Cash Advance?

A: Post settlement funding is available on virtually all types of settled litigation where the plaintiff will receive a settlement check from an insurance company.

The case must also be represented by a contingent fee attorney and the plaintiff must reside in a state that doesn’t prohibit legal funding.

❓ Q: What Types of Cases Qualify For Post Settlement Loans?

A: Post settlement cash advances are available on virtually any case with a negotiated settlement or jury verdict that will be paid insurance company or self-insured company. Some popular examples include:

❇️  Clergy sexual abuse
❇️  Employment litigation
❇️  Medical malpractice
❇️  Motor vehicle accidents
❇️  Nursing home abuse
❇️  Pedestrian accidents
❇️  Slip and fall accidents
❇️  Semi-truck accidents
❇️  Workers compensation

For more information, see our comprehensive list of eligible case types.

❓ Q: Are Post Settlement Loans Available In My State?

A: Post settlement cash advances are availabe in most states. Currently legal funding is prohibited in only a handful of states. Several others have minimum funding requirements. You can check your state here.

❓ Q: Does TriMark Offer Post Settlement Funding For Attorneys?

A: Yes. More information about our attorney and law firm funding programs can be found here.

❓ Q: How Is Post Settlement Funding Repaid?

A: After your attorney receives the settlement check from the defendant’s insurance company, they will deposit it into the firm’s trust account. From there, they will deduct attorney’s fees, case costs, medical liens, and the settlement funding advance. Then they will cut you a check for the rest.

My Case Is Settled, So Where’s My Money?

Maybe you won a jury verdict, or maybe they agreed to settle before it went to trial. Either way, you won.

That part is over, so take a minute and enjoy the win.

The Post Settlement Process

The endless procession of motions, filings, pleadings, depositions, demurrers, expert testimony, negotiations, and constant legal jockeying is finally over. So now what?

After agreeing to settle, all outstanding medical bills and any other liens and payables are confirmed, negotiated down if possible, and finalized. Once that’s finished, the settlement agreement and release of claim documents are drafted, proofed, approved, and finalized.

Once everything is ready, all parties will execute the agreement. And then there is usually a long waiting period where the insurance company drags it’s feet.

After they finally release your check, it will be deposited into your attorney’s trust account. Most law firms will wait at least 10 business days for the check to clear before disbursing any funds.

Attorney fees and cases costs come out first, then medical liens and any other liens including the legal funding payback, and then you get a check for everything that’s left.

How To Get a Post Settlement Cash Advance

Getting a post settlement cash advance is fast, easy, and 100% hassle-free. We break it down into a few simple steps.

1. Submit an Application

2. Gather Documents

  • A copy of the signed claim release and a letter from your attorney stating the net amount you will receive is usually all we need.

3. Review, Approve, and Disburse Funds

  • An underwriter will review documents and speak briefly with your attorney. After approval, a funding agreement is executed via DocuSign and funds are sent to you via wire transfer, FedEx Overnight, or MoneyGram.

TriMark Legal Funding helps plaintiffs. It’s what we do. In fact, that’s all we do.

And for plaintiffs who are in a hurry, apply now and you could receive the cash you need in just a few hours!

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