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Since 2003, TriMark Legal Funding has been offering affordable pre-settlement and post-settlement funding to injured plaintiffs nationwide. We are one of America’s original lawsuit funding companies.

A Decades-Long Commitment To The Well-Being of Injured Plaintiffs

About Trimark Legal Funding

TriMark Legal Funding LLC is a nationwide lawsuit funding company that provides non-recourse lawsuit cash advances (sometimes called lawsuit loans or personal injury settlement loans) to individuals who are involved in personal injury lawsuits and other types of litigation and are struggling with financial problems.

In a larger sense, TriMark strives to help all people, not just ones with a lawsuit, who have credit problems, are in a financial bind, and need money now.

TriMark Legal Funding was founded in 2003 and has been providing top-notch legal funding, business financing, and personal financial services to its clients ever since. At TriMark, we believe that everyone deserves justice and should have access to the best legal representation possible.

We also understand that litigation can be very expensive, often prohibitively so. And not everyone can afford the high costs associated with it. This is where we come in. We can provide you with immediate financial relief to help you cover your expenses while your case is ongoing.

We understand that dealing with a lawsuit can be a very stressful time, especially when you’re struggling financially. Medical bills, lost wages, and other living expenses can accumulate quickly, leaving you with no choice but to settle your case for less than what it’s worth.

This is where we can provide financial assistance to help you get through this tough time and ensure that you receive the compensation you rightly deserve.

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If legal funding is unavailable or my case is ineligible, please email me info about other funding options that may provide immediate assistance.

Help Customized Just For You

Our team at TriMark Legal Funding is highly experienced and dedicated to providing world-class service to each of our clients.

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, which is why we offer customized solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

We take the time to understand your case thoroughly and work with you to find the best financing option that suits your requirements.

Why Choose TriMark Legal Funding?

1. Established in 2003, TriMark Legal Funding is a pioneer in the lawsuit funding industry, providing fast and affordable pre-settlement and post-settlement funding to injured plaintiffs.

2. With a team of experienced professionals, we strive to make the funding process as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

3. In addition to plaintiff funding, we provide post settlement funding for attorneys on their earned, but not yet received fees, as well as a number of flexible law firm financing options.

4. Our commitment to transparency and fairness means that we have helped thousands of individuals access the financial support they need to pursue their legal claims.

5. At TriMark Legal Funding, we pride ourselves on our high ethical standards and dedication to customer service, making us a trusted partner for plaintiffs and attorneys alike.

Ready To Get Your Finances Under Control?

At TriMark Legal Funding, we pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty. We believe that our clients have the right to know what they’re getting into before they “sign on the dotted line”. We provide detailed information on our funding agreement about rates, terms, fees, and the total payoff amount so there are no surprises later on.

One of the benefits of working with TriMark Legal Funding is that you don’t have to worry about repaying the cash advance if you lose your case. Legal funding is non-recourse, which means that you only pay back the advance if you win your case. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on your recovery and your case instead of worrying about your finances.

Our application process is fast and straightforward, and we don’t require any credit checks or employment verification. All you need is a pending lawsuit with clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant, significant injuries, and a contingent fee lawyer representing you. We understand that time is of the essence, and we work quickly to provide you with the cash you need, often in as little as 24 hours.

Our team is highly experienced and dedicated to providing exceptional services to our clients. We offer customized solutions, non-recourse legal funding, transparency, and a fast and easy application process. Contact us today at (877) 932-2628 to experience the TriMark difference and learn more about how we can help you get the financial assistance you need.

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✴️ Please use one of these applications if you are a Colorado resident, a North Carolina resident, or you need a workers comp advance.

Help Us Help You:

Over 90% of all processing delays and unnecessarily denied funding requests are attributable to two things:
1. Applicant fails to answer their phone or return our phone calls, emails, or text messages
2. Failure to provide complete, correct, and correctly spelled full name, phone number, and email address of the attorney assigned to your case

To approve your funding request, we will need to speak to you AND your attorney. Therefore, please answer your phone when we call, or respond promptly to phone messages, emails, or text messages.
Also, if you don’t know all of your attorney’s correct contact info, please take a moment right now, call your law firm, and ask them for it, and then complete your application.

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If legal funding is unavailable or my case is ineligible, please email me info about other funding options that may provide immediate assistance.
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