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So, you’re in the market for America’s best inheritance advance, and you’ll accept nothing but the guaranteed lowest rates, lightning-fast approvals, and same-day access to your money? Then TriMark is the inheritance loan company you need to call right now.

Fast Inheritance Loans Before Probate Closes

TriMark Legal Funding is one of America’s oldest and most experienced inheritance loan companies. TriMark has been delivering the fastest cash and guarantees the lowest rates on same-day inheritance loans to heirs and beneficiaries nationwide.

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Inheritance Loans: Trimark Is The Best Inheritance Loan Company For 2024

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For the last 22 years, TriMark has been delivering the industry’s best rates and fastest approvals on inheritance loans to heirs nationwide who need quick access to some cash from their inheritance before probate closed.

TriMark is the inheritance loan company that can put cash in your hands in as quickly as 3 hours. We help heirs who will be inheriting cash, real estate, or any combination of the two, from a loved one whose estate is currently in probate.

Getting loans against inheritance proceeds can give heirs and beneficiaries immediate access to their money without credit checks, income verification, or having to wait months or years for the probate process to be finished.

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How To Get A Loan On Inheritance Money

Most heirs and beneficiaries, presuming they meet certain criteria, should qualify for a special kind of funding from TriMark while they’re waiting for their inheritance to be distributed from an estate in probate.

What makes this type of funding so special?

Well, for starters, approval is not based on your credit score, which is a pretty huge deal all by itself. In addition, banks, credit unions, and credit card companies don’t offer it. And last, legal heirs and designated beneficiaries are the only ones who can get it.

It’s called an “inheritance loan”, and it’s designed specifically for people who are waiting to receive an inheritance from an estate that is in probate.

What Are “Inheritance Loans”?

You can think of inheritance loans like borrowing against a future inheritance, but without the usual “repayment” most other types of loans require. Also absent are the credit checks, income verification, monthly payments, and other hassles inherent with traditional bank loans.

For clarity, “inheritance loan” is a term in common use, but it’s a bit of a misnomer because what TriMark provides isn’t a loan at all. Instead, it’s a cash advance, or more to the point, an “inheritance advance”.

“A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet”

In “Romeo and Juliet”, this was the line Juliet used to illustrate that calling something by a different name doesn’t change what the thing is. That logic applies equally well to inheritance loans.

It’s a good thing too, because people on the internet refer to this type of funding by using a lot of different names interchangeably.

The technically inclined might call them “inheritance loan advances” or “advanced loan inheritance funding”. You’ll also hear it called inheritance funding, estate loan, probate estate loans, trust loans, probate advance, beneficiary loan, heir advance, and probate loan, to name a few.

Just know that on this site, they are used interchangeably and they all refer to the same thing; fast inheritance cash advances for heirs and beneficiaries nationwide.

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Can I Get A Loan Against My Inheritance?

When it comes to borrowing against a future inheritance, not everyone who stands to inherit money needs, or even wants an inheritance advance.

Some people who know they will be inheriting already have a plan, and that plan starts the day after the estate is distributed. For others, well, they’ll figure it out when the time comes.

Either way, these people have no need for cash now..

But for lots of other people, news that they’re inheriting money from parents or relatives could not have come at a better time.

To them, life is for living, and the sooner they can get started living it, the better. For these people, inheritance loans make perfect sense; they’re like a ticket to their best life.

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How Do Inheritance Loans Work?

Inheritance loans are really quite simple.

An inheritance loan company like TriMark (called inheritance lenders) will purchase a portion of a beneficiary’s future inheritance in exchange for a pre-determined lump sum of cash. The beneficiary receives their money immediately; usually the same day or the next day.

The inheritance lender will then wait patiently for as long as it takes for probate to close and the estate to be distributed.

When that happens, the inheritance lenders receive their agreed-upon purchase price out of the beneficiary’s share, and the beneficiary receives everything that’s left.

Important: Inheritance lenders do not interfere with probate or the probate attorney in any way.

Are You Inheriting Money?

Surprisingly, less than one-third of all households in the US inherit money. In fact, according to SmartAsset, between 70% and 80% of households will receive no inheritance at all.

So first things first. Are you an heir or designated beneficiary? Learn the difference.

And if you are, are you inheriting money or real estate?

To be eligible for borrowing against your inheritance, 3 criteria must be met:

  1. The estate must be in, or be on the verge of entering into, probate

  2. You must be a legal heir or designated beneficiary with documentation that verifies your status, and

  3. You must have an expected minimum cash inheritance of at least $17,000;
    (this can be comprised of cash, or your share of any houses, buildings, property (real estate) that the estate intends to liquidate and distribute at the close of probate)

How Much Money Can I Get?

We can typically advance up to about 30-40% of an heir’s expected cash inheritance.

  • Minimum: $5,000
  • Maximum: $350,000

In every crowd, someone who asks “can a company like TriMark make exceptions and give me a loan on my inheritance in excess of their 30% threshold or $350K maximum advance amount?”

The answer is yes, in rare cases, exceptions can be made. But again, it’s rare. It only happens on a case-by-case basis.

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What If I’m Inheriting Property i.e. Real Estate?

If you’re inheriting property (real estate), and that inherited property includes houses, land, or buildings, and you intend to keep the inherited property to either live in or rent it out, we cannot offer an inheritance loan on it.


If the estate intends to liquidate (sell) the real estate during the probate, we can fund on that. After the real estate sale closes, the proceeds become cash, which is added to the estate for distribution.

Much of our inheritance loan portfolio is unsold real estate, so just as long as the estate intends to liquidate the real estate, all is good.

To be clear; the real estate does not need to be sold yet.

In fact, real estate doesn’t even need to be listed for sale yet.

The estate just needs to have the intention of selling it prior to the close of probate.

This can be confusing for some people and in some circumstances. If you have any questions about it, just give us a call at (877) 932-2628.

What If I’m Inheriting From A Trust?

We can provide inheritance loans on a Trust, however, the problem is that most Trusts contain a spendthrift clause, which is a non-assignment clause.

It means you can’t sell it and we can’t buy it.

If a Trust has a spendthrift, we can’t fund it and neither can anyone else. There aren’t any loopholes or ways around it either. It’s a non-starter.

If you happen to be the rare exception and you’re inheriting from a Trust without a spendthrift, bring it on! We can fund those all day long!

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inheritance loans: a Simple 3-Step process

After you apply online or call us at (877) 932-2628, we’ll have a brief conversation with you to figure out what you’ve got, what you need, and how we can help.

We’ll order case documents (available online in most, but not all, counties in the US) and evaluate them quickly when they arrive.

After you’re approved, funds can be wired directly into your bank account for immediate availability.

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Inheritance Loans FAQ

Can I get a loan against my inheritance?

People who are interested in getting inheritance loans are often surprised by how fast and easy the process is.

As long as they can satisfy some very basic requirements, most heirs and beneficiaries find they are eligible for inheritance loans.

The basic requirements to qualify for a loan on a future inheritance include:

✅ Must be an uncontested heir or beneficiary

✅ Must have an expected cash inheritance of at least $17,000

✅ Estate must be in probate, or on the verge of entering probate

Is There a Maximum on large inheritance Loans?

For inheritance loans, we normally observe a limit of $250,000 per heir.

That can be done in one disbursement, or the combined total of multiple disbursements.

For all funding below that limit, we will typically advance up to 30% of the expected cash inheritance the heir will receive.

How do inheritance loans work?

The way a loan on a future inheritance money works is actually very simple.

An inheritance lender agrees to buy a portion (up to about 30%) of an heir’s future inheritance.

In exchange, the heir is paid an agreed-upon lump sum of cash. The heir receives their money immediately; usually the same day or the next business day.

The inheritance lender then waits until probate closes and the estate is distributed.

When that happens, the inheritance lender receives their agreed-upon purchase price from the beneficiary’s share. After the inheritance lender has been paid, the beneficiary receives the remainder of their inheritance.

are inheritance loans worth it?

That is a question that each beneficiary must ask and answer for themselves.

Obviously it would be unwise to squander your inheritance on impulsive or frivolous purchases and we strongly advise against that.

On the other hand, however, people who use loans on their inheritance money to capitalize on rare or time sensitive purchases could realize substantial savings or avoid missing great opportunities.

Are there restrictions on how I use the money?

No, there are no restrictions or limitations at all.

It’s your money, so you are free to use it however you choose.


We process inheritance loan requests VERY quickly.

Processing begins, quite literally, the moment you contact us, either by phone at (877) 932-2628, or when you apply online.

After a brief conversation with you, your processor will order estate documents (available online for most counties in the US) and review them to confirm your eligibility.

Shortly thereafter, a funding agreement is sent to you via DocuSign. After you return it, funds are disbursed via wire transfer into your bank account.

The Federal Reserve’s cutoff tie for wire transfers is 3pm EST Monday through Friday. Transfers initiated after the cutoff usually appear in the heir’s account on the next business day.

do inheritance loans require collateral?


In an “inheritance loan” transaction, what actually happens is the inheritance lender is purchasing a portion of an heir’s future inheritance which, at the time of purchase, is in probate.

The purchased portion is directed to the inheritance lender by the heir via an assignment, in exchange for a lump sum of cash, called the “purchase price”.

When probate is closed, the assignment is executed and the inheritance lender is paid their agreed-upon purchase price from the heir’s share and everything remaining is disbursed to the heir.

Because the inheritance lenders’ interest is protected by the assignment document, there is no need for real estate or other “hard collateral”.

How are inheritance loans repaid?

In an “inheritance loan” transaction, the agreed-upon purchase price is directed, by the heir ,to the inheritance lender via an assignment (a legal document), in exchange for a lump sum of cash.

When probate is closed, the assignment is executed and the inheritance lender receives the agreed-upon purchase price from the heir’s share and the heir receives everything that is left.

Can i get a loan based on my inheritance?

As long as you are an uncontested legal heir or designated beneficiary to an estate in probate and your expected cash inheritance is at least $17,000, then yes, you would very likely qualify for an inheritance loan.

How much can i get with an inheritance loan?

Our minimum inheritance loan is $5,000 and the maximum is usually $250,000.

The maximum amount you can be approved for will depend on how much you will inherit.

We can approve up to about 30% of your expected cash inheritance, or $250,000, whichever is greater.

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Benefits of Inheritance Loans

Inheriting money is a life-changing event for many people.

The probate process is often lengthy and complex, and can leave beneficiaries waiting months, and sometimes years, to receive their rightful inheritance.

And depending on the particular dates involved, the problem for a lot of people waiting to receive their inheritance money, is that A LOT can go wrong in “months, and sometimes years”.

America witnessed that fact most recently as the world shut down and our economy ground to a halt in 2020-2023 during the coronavirus pandemic that swept the globe.

This is where inheritance loans really shine.

An inheritance loan can deliver powerful options that provide beneficiaries with immediate access their inheritance money, right when they need it most, including:

  • Expedited Access to Funds

    One of the primary benefits of inheritance loans is the ability to gain expedited access to your inheritance money.

    By securing an inheritance loan, you can bypass the lengthy probate process and receive a portion of your inheritance as quickly as today.

    Whether you need to cover immediate expenses, invest in a business opportunity, or make meaningful life decisions, an inheritance loan can provide the financial freedom you need.

  • Financial Flexibility

    Inheritance loans offer beneficiaries the flexibility to use the funds as they see fit.

    Unlike traditional loans, there are no restrictions on how you can spend the money.

    Whether you want to pay off debt, invest in real estate, start a business, or even take a well-deserved vacation, an inheritance loan empowers you to make the financial choices that align with your goals and aspirations.

  • Eliminate Financial Stress

    Waiting for the probate process to finalize can be stressful, especially when you have immediate financial obligations.

    Inheritance loans provide much-needed relief by alleviating financial stress.

    With the ability to access a portion of your inheritance sooner, you can rest assured knowing that your financial needs are taken care of, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

More Inheritance Loan Benefits

  • Preserve Family Assets

    In some cases, beneficiaries may need to sell inherited assets to meet their financial obligations.

    However, with an inheritance loan, you can preserve family assets by leveraging the loan instead.

    By keeping the assets within the family, you maintain a sense of legacy and heritage while still accessing the funds you require.

  • No Credit Check or Monthly Payments

    Unlike traditional loans, inheritance loans do not require a credit check or monthly payments.

    The loan is repaid directly from your inheritance once the probate process is complete.

    This simplicity makes inheritance loans an attractive option for beneficiaries who may have a less than perfect credit history or prefer to avoid additional financial burdens.

Inheritance loans offer an invaluable lifeline to beneficiaries seeking to unlock the value of their inheritance without enduring the lengthy probate process.

With expedited access to funds, financial flexibility, and the ability to eliminate financial stress, these loans provide a much-needed solution to bridge the gap between inheritance and financial stability.

Moreover, preserving family assets and the lack of credit checks or monthly payments make inheritance loans an accessible and advantageous option.

If you find yourself in need of immediate access to your inheritance, consider exploring inheritance loans to leverage the full potential of your assets and secure a brighter future.

Inheritance Loans Can Protect Your Credit

Most people understand that having good credit is a pretty big deal. It can have an impact on nearly every area of your life, including quality of life, and lifestyle. It can save you tons of money over the course of a lifetime, and open doors that might otherwise remain closed.

But bad credit, not so much. The trouble with bad credit is that it’s so easy to get and stays with you for so long. It only takes ‘a minute’ to fall behind on bills, but it can take years to dig yourself out again.

If bad credit is an issue for you, an inheritance loan could provide the money you need to get current on your bills, stay current, and do whatever else is necessary to clean them up once and for all.

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