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TriMark Legal Funding is one of America’s foremost lawsuit loan companies. We deliver fast, low-cost lawsuit funding, often in 24 hours or less, to seriously injured plaintiffs in most, but not all, states nationwide.

Plaintiff Legal Funding

When you’re injured, out of work, and your attorney is negotiating the lawsuit settlement you deserve, waiting isn’t easy. What is easy, however, is falling behind on your bills.

TriMark Legal Funding: Lawsuit Loans, Pre-Settlement Funding & Post-Settlement Funding

But your injuries weren’t your fault, so why should you have to suffer from stress or anxiety or go without the things you need?

TriMark Legal Funding is here to give you a hand up, right when you need it the most.

Legal Funding Options

Non-recourse accident loans, both post-settlement and pre-settlement, are available for hundreds of different types of lawsuits including car accident loans, employment litigation, slip and fall accident funding, legal funding for workers compensation, and settlement funding for medical malpractice, just to name a few.

You can also check out a more comprehensive list of cases we fund.

Most attorneys agree that legal funding, when used responsibly, can be a game-changer that can help plaintiffs maintain positive financial control while they wait for their settlement.

How Lawsuit Loans Work

Plaintiff legal funding goes by many different names including lawsuit loans, settlement loans, and settlement funding. Whatever you choose to call it, it is actually not a loan*. Instead, it is an outcome-contingent lawsuit cash advance against a portion of your future anticipated settlement award.

Legal funding cash advances are approved based on the strengths and merits of your lawsuit rather than your credit score, so it’s easy to qualify. Plus there are no employment or income requirements like bank loans have, and there are no monthly payments to deal with either.

The advance is only repaid after your case is resolved successfully; either by settlement or jury verdict. And if you lose your case, you keep the money we advanced and owe nothing.

That’s what we mean by 100% risk-free.

Pre-Qualify For Legal Funding Now

Get the money you need now to keep your head above water and then relax while your attorney finishes negotiating the maximum compensation you deserve.

✔️ Were you injured but it was someone else’s fault?

✔️ Are you represented by a contingent fee attorney?

✔️ Do you need money before your case settles?

If you answered yes to all three questions, there’s a good chance you’re already qualified for a lawsuit cash advance from TriMark Legal Funding.

And after you’re approved, you could receive cash in as quickly as 4 hours!

Legal Funding FAQ

❓ Q: What Is Legal Funding?

A: Legal funding is a no-risk cash advance to plaintiffs on a portion of their future anticipated settlements, either while the case is still pending or after it has settled. The money can be used to pay day-to-day living expenses until the plaintiff’s attorney has finished negotiating the lawsuit settlement.

Legal funding is not a loan. Instead, cash advances must only be repaid after the underlying lawsuit is resolved successfully; either by negotiated settlement or jury verdict. If the plaintiff loses, they are under no obligation to repay the advanced funds.

All plaintiff funding provided by TriMark Legal Funding is non-recourse.

❓ Q: How Much Does Lawsuit Funding Cost?

A: TriMark Legal Funding’s rates start as low as 2% simple interest – capped at 2x for your safety – but not every case will qualify for that rate.

The quickest and most accurate way to find out how much a lawsuit loan will cost on your case is to give us a call at (877) 932-2628.

❓ Q: What Is The Maximum Lawsuit Cash Advance I Can Get?

A: Litigation funding ranges from $1,000 to $10,000,000+.

❇️ Pending Cases: Up to 20% of the anticipated net settlement amount.
Settled Cases: Up to 50% of the actual net settlement amount.

❓ Q: How Does Legal Funding (Lawsuit Loans) Help Plaintiffs?

A: Lawsuit loans (pre settlement funding or post settlement funding) can help plaintiffs in several ways.

First, legal funding can provide immediate financial relief in as little as 12 to 24 hours. It’s money that can be used to catch up on bills, stop evictions, foreclosures, repossessions, etc., and pay day-to-day essential living expenses like rent or mortgage, car and insurance payments, utilities, groceries, and medical expenses.

Second, eliminating financial pressure means plaintiffs are no longer forced to accept the first lowball settlement offer they get. They can afford to hold out for a potentially larger settlement payout. At the same time, settlement funding can give attorneys extra time to negotiate the maximum compensation their clients deserve.

Even insurance industry insiders agree that litigation funding helps plaintiffs win bigger payouts.

Learn more about lawsuit settlement loans.

❓ Q: How Are Legal Funding Rates Determined?

A: Among other things, legal funding rates are determined by the degree of relative risk and uncertainty associated with a given case.

Risk is determined by the degree of case development i.e. how long the case has been open, how much work has been done on it, and whether the case is settled, pending, or on appeal. And if pending, whether liability has been accepted or is being contested by the defendant.

For example, a settled case where an agreement has been reached, the claim release has been signed and the plaintiff is just waiting for the settlement check to arrive has very little risk.

On the other hand, a case with accepted liability in the midst of active settlement negotiations still has inherent risks. But it is far less risk than a case where the defendant has denied liability and is dead-set on having his day in court before a jury.

Likewise, regarding case development, a case that was only opened a week ago has far more unknowns i.e. risk, than say, a case that has been open for 2 years and has depositions, expert reports, and a plaintiff who has had 2 surgeries and fully recovered from her injuries.

❓ Q: Does Settlement Funding Interfere with Attorney-Client Confidentiality?

A: Absolutely not. As investors, our involvement does not affect attorney-client privilege in any way.

Neither plaintiffs nor their attorneys waive confidentiality or any other legal rights by working with a lawsuit advance company.

❓ Q: What Are Your Rates Like?

A: The lowest rates TriMark offers are simple interest, non-compounding, and are capped at 2x for your safety.

TriMark Legal Funding prides itself on offering some of the lowest cost pre-settlement funding in the industry and our “Lowest Rate Guarantee” leaves no room for doubt.

❓ Q: Can You Get Lawsuit Loans Without Attorney Representation?

A: No. To qualify for lawsuit funding, you must be represented by a contingent fee attorney.

❓ Q: What Happens If I Lose My Lawsuit or My Case Doesn’t Settle?

A: You keep the money we advanced and owe nothing.

❓ Q: What Types of Lawsuits Qualify For Legal Funding?

A: Lawsuit funding is available on virtually all types of pending and settled contingent fee legal claims.

To see a more comprehensive list of the cases we cover, visit Cases We Fund.

❓ Q: Can I Get More Than One Round of Legal Funding on My Case?

A: It is common for injured plaintiffs to need more than one lawsuit cash advance as their case progresses through the settlement process. Read more

❓ Q: Is There a Maximum Amount of Legal Funding I Can Get?

A: To ensure you still have a significant amount of money payable to you after your settlement advance is repaid, TriMark Legal Funding can fund up to the following limits:

❇️ Pending Cases: Up to 20% of the anticipated net settlement amount.
Settled Cases: Up to 50% of the actual net settlement amount.

❓ Q: How Is Legal Funding Not a Loan?

A: Traditional loans are “recourse funding” and the obligation to repay is absolute. Read more

❓ Q: Are Lawsuit Loans Available In My State?

A: Legal funding is available in most, but not all states in the US. Some states prohibit it altogether, while others have special funding qualifications or requirements.

To check availability in your state, visit States We Serve.

❓ Q: What If I Took A Lawsuit Cash Advance From Another Legal Funding Company?

A: That is a common scenario and it is not a problem. Read more

❓ Q: Can I Pay Off The Advance Before My Case Settles?

A: Absolutely. Although not required, you may pay down or pay off the advance early using a tax refund for example. And if you choose to do so, there is no pre-payment penalty.

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How Legal Funding Works

TriMark Legal Funding specializes in helping personal injury victims.
Our non-recourse legal funding is a simple 3-step process:

1. Apply for Funding

You can either apply online or by phone. We’ll answer your questions and gather some basic info about you and your case.

2. Review & Approval

Our underwriting team will work with your attorney to review your case and approve your request.

3. Receive Cash

Assuming everything looks good, we send your cash within 24 hours by wire transfer or FedEx Overnight.

Are you ready to move your life in a more positive direction?

TriMark Legal Funding is excited to help you through this difficult time. We’ve helped thousands of people in similar circumstances, and we appreciate the opportunity to help you too.

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It’s free to apply, and it only takes a minute. Best of all, you could receive the money you need as quickly as tomorrow. You can apply online or call (877) 932-2628, and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to take your application right over the phone.

Legal funding from TriMark is just pure financial help, right when you need it most. And approvals can happen so fast that if you apply today, you could receive cash tomorrow.

When you choose TriMark Legal Funding, you’re in excellent hands, and we’ve always got your back.