Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans for Plaintiffs

TriMark Legal Funding has been one of America’s top rated pre settlement funding companies since 2003. We provide lawsuit cash advances to people with pending or settled legal claims. A lawsuit advance from TriMark can provide the money you need before your case settles.

Settlement loans from TriMark Legal Funding are risk-free because you only repay lawsuit loans after your case settles or you win in court. If you lose, you keep the money and owe nothing.

TriMark works hard to deliver fast, low-cost lawsuit settlement funding to people all across the country who have been seriously injured and have a pending or settled lawsuit. While many of the cases we fund involve car accidents, slip and fall accidents and dozens or other personal injury claims, we also provide lawsuit loans on most employment and workplace injury cases too.

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No Credit Check * 100% Risk-Free

Approval is based on the case, not your credit and only repay if you win. Isn't it time to finally stop worrying about money? Click for more info.

Does Your Case Qualify?

If injured by an insured defendant, the short answer is "probably, but maybe not." WHY GUESS? Take 30 seconds & find out for sure.

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2 decades of expertise, 1000's of satisfied clients, 100's of eligible cases, BBB A+ Rated and some of the lowest rates in America. Why wait?

Can Pre-Settlement Funding Help Me?

Pre-settlement funding, while frequently referred to by misnomers such as ‘settlement loan‘, ‘lawsuit loan‘ or ‘legal loan’,  is not actually a loan at all.

Instead, it is a cash advance on your future expected settlement award designed specifically for plaintiffs who are involved in a lawsuit or other legal claim.

Unlike traditional credit-based bank loans, good or bad credit isn’t a factor. Approval is based on the strength of your case, not your credit score.

There are no monthly payments and lawsuit loans are 100% risk-free because repayment of the settlement advance depends on the successful outcome of your case.

That means if you settle the case or win a court verdict, you repay the advance. If you lose or your case doesn’t settle, you keep the money and owe nothing.

How It Works

1. Apply

Apply online or call and speak with a friendly funding expert

2. Review

We’ll contact your attorney, gather some details and review your case

3. Fund

Funds can be deposited in your account within 1-24 hours of approval

Cases We Fund

TriMark will consider funding on nearly any kind of lawsuit with good liability and an insured defendant.

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It is a non-credit-based financial transaction wherein an injured person receives an immediate lump sum of cash in exchange for a small portion of the future settlement award they expect to receive. For injury victims who need money right away, pre-settlement funding can provide the cash they need very quickly.

A small portion of a future settlement award is purchased in exchange for an immediate lump sum of cash. Unlike traditional loans that rely on credit scores, approval is instead based on the strength and merits of the case. No monthly payments are required and the advance is repaid directly from the settlement proceeds after the case is resolved successfully. If the case is lost, the plaintiff can keep the money and owe nothing.

In most cases the answer is "YES", provided these 3 conditions are met: 1). You must have received significant injuries. 2). You must be represented by a contingent fee attorney. 3). There must be clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant.

It can happen very quickly. In a perfect world we can fund in as little as 2 hours. For the majority of cases however, 1 to 2 business days is typical. Approval usually takes 2 to 6 hours after all required information has been received from the plaintiff's attorney. After approval, a contract is sent out. If the executed contract is returned prior to 2pm EST, funds are sent the same day. After 2pm EST, funds are sent the next business day.

TriMark Legal Funding can provide cash advances from $500 to $5,000,000+. As a general rule of thumb, we can fund up to 20% of the anticipated net value on most pending cases. On settled cases we can fund up to 50% of the net value. Under all circumstances however, we recommend you take the minimum amount necessary to resolve your financial issues.

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No. State Bar Associations have consistently held that it is unethical for an attorney to loan money to their clients due to a potential conflict of interest. Attorneys have a fiduciary duty to their clients. In other words, they have to act in the best interests of their clients, not their own. That duty could be compromised if the client owed the attorney money.

At least minimally, yes. In addition to providing the information necessary to review your case, your attorney must sign an 'acknowledgment of lien'. That is the document that ensures the funding company will be repaid if and when your case has been resolved successfully.

No. To qualify for pre-settlement funding, plaintiffs must be represented by a contingent fee attorney.  Pro bono and pro se representation are also ineligible.

The majority of TriMark’s rates fall in the 1% to 3% range with non-compounding rates and capped limits for your safety. TriMark has provided some of the lowest, most attractive rates in the legal funding industry since 2003. Although it is almost never necessary, TriMark will match or beat any competitor’s rate.

Rates are determined by relative risk, strength of liability, extent of your injuries, amount of total insurance coverage available and a number of other factors.

Most legal funding companies charge a single, one-size-fits-all rate for everything, regardless of risk. That may be a good deal for high-risk cases, but can be expensive for medium and low risk cases. In contrast, TriMark has a variety of rates, terms and funding options so we are able to match the lowest, most competitive rates with each particular case. This is how we provide the highest value and lowest cost to our clients.

It's your choice. We can send your money by wire transfer, FedEx Overnight, Western Union, MoneyGram and checks delivered by USPS.

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Settlement Loans: Turning the Tables on Big Insurance

Pre-settlement loans are bad news for big insurance. They just are.

Lawsuits and settlements take a long time to be resolved. Recovering from major injuries and surgery can too. Insurance companies know this and have developed a reputation for capitalizing on it.

Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators. They are trained to be friendly and helpful at first in order to compel a quick settlement. Don’t be fooled; they work for the defendant’s insurance company and are looking out for the defendant’s best interests; not yours.

They are not obligated to treat you fairly or promptly and are not above fudging the truth or making implied threats. And when you don’t settle right away they will begin to ignore you. This is a delay tactic. It’s but one of many at their disposal.

Insurance companies know that it’s nearly impossible to be patient when you’re out of money and can’t pay your bills or support your family. This is especially true if your injuries prevent you from returning to work.

Frustration, fear and uncertainty are powerful motivators; so is financial desperation. In fact, it is one of the most powerful motivators of all. Expect the defendant’s insurance carrier to try and use all 4 to compel you into accepting a premature, pennies-on-the-dollar settlement offer.

Lawsuit loans are popular because plaintiffs can use them to help “level the playing field” in a big way. Settlement loans can help change the tempo of negotiations in your favor because you no longer need to rush just because you need money.

Gone are the days when seriously injured plaintiffs must choose between either staying in the fight OR getting evicted. Staying in the fight OR paying bills. Staying in the fight OR buying groceries.

Injury victims should not have to make choices like that, and with pre-settlement funding, they no longer have to.

Pre-settlement lawsuit loans can provide extra time, and the peace of mind to go along with it, so your attorney can negotiate the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Qualifying for a pre-settlement loan is fast and easy

Lawsuit settlement loans are unique in the world of finance.

For starters, your credit score and credit history are irrelevant. So is your income, employment history and ability to make monthly payments. You don’t need real estate collateral or a co-signer either.

The strength and merits of your case determine eligibility. We look at factors such as:

  • Is there strong proof of liability against a sufficiently insured defendant?
  • Is there video, audio, photos, witnesses or other strong evidence?
  • How serious were your injuries?
    • Are they permanent?
  • Any surgeries?
    • If so, how many and what kind?
  •  Is the defendant accepting or contesting liability?
  • Have they already made a settlement offer?

You can see if your case qualifies in less than 30 seconds.

Pre-Settlement Loans: Apply Now

Getting a pre-settlement advance from TriMark Legal Funding is fast, easy and hassle-free and you could have the money you need in-hand as quickly as tomorrow.

It’s free to apply and there is no obligation. You can apply online in about 1 minute, or if you prefer, call (877) 932-2628 and speak with one of our friendly representatives.

Either way, it just doesn’t get any easier than with TriMark Legal Funding.

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