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TriMark Legal Funding is America’s smart choice for lawsuit loans and pre-settlement funding. Since 2003, TriMark has delivered lightning-fast approvals, industry-leading rates, next-day funding, and world-class customer care. Legal funding can provide the money you need to cover living expenses until your lawsuit settles.

TriMark Legal Funding specializes in providing fast, discreet, low-cost pre-settlement loans and settled case funding to plaintiffs and attorneys nationwide. TriMark is pro-plaintiff; we only work with plaintiffs.

Maybe you got injured in a motor vehicle accident or you slipped and fell on something or you were injured on the job.  However it happened, you’re not alone. Accidents and injuries are practically an epidemic in the United States.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 43.2 million people per year receive injuries that are bad enough to visit an ER. That is one-eighth of the US population! The National Safety Council reported that in 2019, car accidents caused 38,800 deaths and 4.4 million injuries serious enough to require medical care.

The Centers for Disease Control published a study establishing the lifetime medical and work loss cost of injuries at a staggering $671 billion.

TriMark Legal Funding Can Help

Waiting for your lawsuit settlement used to take a long time. COVID-19 has ushered in a whole new financial reality. If it involves an attorney, a judge, or a courtroom, you can easily tack on an extra 6 to 12 months for the backlog of cases.

Many plaintiffs are simply unprepared for the avalanche of financial problems a personal injury accident can create. Job loss or a reduction in hours is common. So are a host of new expenses like out-of-pocket medical procedures, prescriptions, doctor visits, and co-pays. Between those and regular monthly expenses, many people experience a gap between how much they have and how much they owe.

TriMark is here to help you bridge that gap.

Lawsuit Loans Designed Just For You

Pre-settlement funding is designed specifically to provide immediate help to plaintiffs who are struggling financially. Unlike traditional financing, there are no credit score requirements, no fixed repayment date, and no monthly payments. It’s just pure financial help, right when you need it most.

Lawsuit funding can help you catch up on bills and stay caught up. And it can happen fast. In fact, if you apply now, you could receive cash as quickly as tomorrow.

If you’re struggling, let TriMark help you.

Call (877) 932-2628 now or apply online:

Fast * Easy * 100% Risk-Free

$500 to $500,000+ in as little as 2 to 24 hours after approval. DocuSign documents for speed and security. No upfront costs, no hidden fees, no credit checks, and no monthly payments. Apply and then relax while we work directly with your attorney to get you approved.

Lowest Non-Compounding Rates * Capped at 2X

Less than 3% monthly non-compounding rates so they cost you much less in the end. Capped at 2X guarantees you will keep more of your settlement award; no matter how long it takes to settle.

Decades of Experience

TriMark Legal Funding was founded in 2003. Our staff and world-class team of seasoned, veteran underwriting attorneys have more than 100 years of combined legal and financial experience and expertise.

Legal Funding on Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve been seriously injured, pre-settlement funding is a fast, risk-free way to overcome the unexpected financial hardships that come along with getting injured. A lawsuit loan from TriMark can help you regain positive control of your finances so you can get your life back on track.

You can use your cash advance to pay rent, utilities, insurance, medical expenses, car repairs, or anything else you need until your attorney finalizes your lawsuit settlement.

While lawsuit settlement funding is commonly referred to by names like “lawsuit loans” or “settlement loans“, the legal funding you receive through TriMark is not a loan.

Instead, it is a non-recourse cash advance, and approval is based on the strengths and merits of your case. It is unlike traditional bank financing that is based on good credit, verifiable income, and employment history.

Legal funding only has to be repaid after you settle your case or win a jury verdict. If you lose or your case does not settle, there is no obligation for you to repay the advance.

Lawsuit Loans Can Prevent Debt

Lawsuit loans are completely unique because, while they can help you pay bills and gain control over your finances, they do it without creating any additional debt. This is an important distinction. It’s also an exceptionally powerful benefit.

Think about it. Each time you use a credit card or take on any type of traditional bank loan or financing, you are creating debt. Debt that you will eventually have to repay on a monthly basis, with interest, starting immediately.

But if you’re struggling financially, the last thing you need is another monthly payment to make.

That’s how pre-settlement funding from TriMark Legal Funding is different.

You get the money you need now, but there are no monthly payments to make. Then, after your attorney has settled your case, you still get your settlement money like normal, minus the advanced funds.

You are then free to move confidently into the next chapter of your life, unencumbered by a lingering mountain of debt.

Legal Funding Helps You Harness the Future

A lawsuit advance leverages the power of a future asset; your lawsuit settlement money. You can then use that future asset to solve problems here in the present. And because it’s your money, you are free to use it however you choose.

With TriMark Legal Funding, there are no credit checks required, no upfront or hidden fees, and no monthly payments. The best part is that you don’t pay it back unless, and until, you win your lawsuit.

If you lose or your case doesn’t settle, you keep the money and pay $0.

How Legal Funding Loans Work

TriMark Legal Funding specializes in helping personal injury victims.
Our pre-settlement funding is a simple 3-step process.

1. Apply

You can easily apply online or by phone. It’s quick and easy, we’ll answer all your questions, and there is no obligation.

2. Approval

Your dedicated TriMark representative will work with your attorney to review your case. No hassle. Guaranteed.

3. Receive Cash

Receive $500 to over $1,000,000 within 24 hours of approval by wire transfer or FedEx Overnight. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Litigation funding provides access to a small portion of a future asset - your settlement money - so you can pay bills and eliminate debt in the present. It is unlike credit cards, bank loans, payday loans, title loans, or home equity loans. Lawsuit loans are unique because they do not create additional debt or monthly payments when you use it.

Typical uses include catching up on bills and reducing monthly expenditures by paying off credit card balances, car loans, etc.

Most types of civil litigation may be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance against the future value of an anticipated lawsuit settlement. The case must meet the following three conditions: 1). The plaintiff must have received significant injuries. 2). A contingent fee attorney must represent the plaintiff. 3). Clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant.

The company you choose will have a significant impact on the amount of money you ultimately receive from your settlement. The four most important factors to consider when you are researching pre-settlement funding companies are experience, integrity, rates, and caps.

1. Above All Else, Choose Experience and Integrity. ANYONE can work a "side hustle" from their basement, buy a flashy website, say they're "the best," and pay Google a few hundred dollars to appear at the top of a search results page. But that does not translate into experience, integrity, a non-criminal background, or even safety for your money. Be careful about who you choose. Reputable, trustworthy pre-settlement funding companies take many years to build. You should protect yourself and your money by doing a bit of research. Check the Better Business Bureau website for each company you are considering. Here are several things to watch out for:
  • All legitimate companies have a BBB file. If a company you're researching doesn't have a BBB file, find another company.
  • Check the business start date and BBB rating. If a company is less than 10-15 years old or if their rating is anything other than "A+," find another company.
  • THIS STEP IS CRITICAL: The most important data the BBB provides is the name of owners, partners, etc. You will avoid white-collar criminals working in this or any other industry by searching each name on Google with the "consumer financial protection bureau," "scam," or "fraud" added to each search. If the owners have a history of fraud, deception, or other illegal behavior, you'll find out about it on Google. Founded in 2003, TriMark has a spotless owner profile, and proudly bears the BBB's highest A+ rating.
2. Rates. Non-compounding rates are the least expensive option and will consume far less of your settlement over time. That means more money in your pocket once your case is over. Monthly compounding rates, especially uncapped rates, can get very expensive because they charge interest on top of interest, month after month, until you pay it off. They can skyrocket your payback to 3, 4, or even 5+ times the amount you received. The longer it takes to settle a case, the more expensive compounding rates will become. 3. Capped Rates (Caps). A rate cap is a built-in safety feature, and only established, trustworthy funding companies have them. If the company you're considering does not have capped rates, preferably 2X capped rates, walk away. A rate cap establishes, upfront, and in writing, the maximum amount you could ever be required to pay back. That is critical information to have. You will know, starting Day 1, the most your advance could cost. It can always cost less, but it can never cost even a penny more, no matter how long it takes. Here's how capped rates work: If the funded amount of an advance were $2,000 and had a 2X rate cap, the maximum possible repayment would be $4,000. With a 3X rate cap, it would be $6,000. Capped rates are there to protect you, regardless of how long it takes your case to settle. Without a rate cap, there is no way to know upfront how much you will eventually have to pay back until your case settles. And by then it's too late. You wouldn't agree to an open-ended payback on a car loan or home loan, so don't agree to it with a lawsuit loan either. Uncapped rates could consume most, or even all, of your settlement proceeds, and you would be powerless to stop it. TriMark has a standard rate cap of 2X. For high-risk cases, it is 3X.

We can send your money to you by your choice of wire transfer, FedEx Overnight, MoneyGram, or VISA Debit Card. Funding can occur in as little as 1 to 24 hours after approval. After a case is approved, we send a DocuSign (E-signature) funding agreement to the plaintiff and their attorney. If the contract is executed and returned before 2 pm EST Monday through Friday (holidays excluded), funds go the same day. If it is received after 2 pm EST Monday through Friday, funds will go the next business day.

On most pending cases, TriMark charges less than 3% non-compounding per month, with a 2X rate cap for your safety. On settled cases, we charge a little over 2% non-compounding per month. On workers comp, higher-risk, and minimal injury cases, we charge 2.99%, compounded monthly, w3X. The American Legal Finance Association (ALFA) is the trade association that represents the leading consumer litigation funding companies across the country. ALFA has provided a detailed explanation of rates here: "Consumer Legal Funding Rates, Explained."

If you have 30 seconds, you can check here to see if your case qualifies. We offer funding on virtually all types of civil litigation, including personal injury loans, car accident settlement loans, medical malpractice lawsuit funding, sex abuse, police misconduct, slip and fall accidents, dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, and many more. We also offer to fund employment lawsuits like discrimination and sexual harassment and workplace accidents such as Jones Act maritime cases, FELA railroad worker injuries, and state workers comp lawsuit claims. You can visit Cases We Fund for a more comprehensive list of eligible case types. TriMark also handles commercial litigation, cases on appeal, inheritances in probate, structured settlement annuities, and more. And finally, TriMark is a leading provider of attorney funding, law firm loans, and law firm lines of credit. If you still are not sure if your case qualifies, give us a call toll-free at (877) 932-2628, and we will be happy to discuss your options.

TriMark offers lawsuit cash advances from $500 to $5,000,000+ depending on the value of a case. We can advance up to 20% of the anticipated net value of a case. Net value = underwriter's estimate of gross settlement minus attorney fees, case costs, medical liens, etc. You do not have to take the full 20% if you don't need it, but as a general rule, we will not usually exceed 20%.

No. Representation by a contingent fee attorney is mandatory. Pro bono and pro se representation are also ineligible.

Call us at (877) 932-2628

Legal Funding and Big Insurance

Big insurance doesn’t like litigation funding

Lawsuits can take a long time to settle. Over time, the insurance industry has earned a reputation for exploiting that fact; for their financial gain.

The industry’s “art of delay” has become so prevalent that to shed some light on it, the American Association for Justice released a report called “Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse.”

The Irony of Settlement Loans

The irony of litigation funding is that big insurance did it to themselves.

Pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding have exploded in popularity in recent years due primarily to two factors. Ironically, both of them are entirely within an insurance company’s ability to control. They are:

  1. Length of time it takes to settle personal injury claims.
  2. Most insurers refuse to offer full, fair compensation up-front.

Low-ball offers and corporate foot-dragging leave many plaintiffs with only two options; sign their rights away for a pennies-on-the-dollar offer, or “lawyer-up” and pick a fight with a multi-million dollar insurance corporation. The latter can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years or more.

From Obscurity to Main Street

Ten years ago, litigation finance was a virtual unknown. According to Verisk, a corporate risk management company, litigation finance grew 414 percent in the US between 2013 and 2017. When they announced: “litigation funding could be another obstacle for profitability,” it captured the insurance industry’s full attention.

The predominant fear of big insurance seems to be that if a third-party investor believes a case is strong enough to invest in, then evidently they think it could win. That could act as an endorsement of sorts, and give the lawsuit greater legitimacy and give the plaintiffs greater resolve.

Legitimacy and resolve, they fear, could translate into significantly more leverage for plaintiffs and substantially less wiggle room for insurance companies.

Verisk’s announcement also got people thinking that what’s bad for insurers might just be excellent for plaintiffs if it helped “level the playing field.”

As it turns out, “leveling the playing field” is precisely what pre-settlement funding does best.

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So how about it? Are you ready to take action, get your finances back under control, and start moving your life in a more positive direction?

We are excited to help you through this difficult time. We’ve helped thousands of people in similar circumstances, and we appreciate the opportunity to help you too.

It’s free to apply and it only takes a minute. Best of all, you could have the money you need as quickly as tomorrow. You can apply online, or call (877) 932-2628 and speak with one of our friendly representatives.

When you choose TriMark, just know that you’re in excellent hands, and we’ve got your back.

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