Apply: North Carolina

North Carolina Legal Funding Application

North Carolina Legal Funding Application

This application is for North Carolina residents ONLY.

✴️ If you are a resident of any other state, please use this application

Please complete and submit your information below and we will begin processing your funding request immediately.

Help Us Help You:

Over 90% of all processing delays and unnecessarily denied funding requests are attributable to two things:
1. Applicant fails to answer their phone or return our phone calls, emails, or text messages
2. Failure to provide complete, correct, and correctly spelled full name, phone number, and email address of the attorney assigned to your case

To approve your funding request, we will need to speak to you AND your attorney. Therefore, please answer your phone when we call, or respond promptly to phone messages, emails, or text messages.
Also, if you don’t know all of your attorney’s correct contact info, please take a moment right now, call your law firm, and ask them for it, and then complete your application.

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The minimum funding requirement for North Carolina is $25,000 per funding request.
Is this case still pending or has it been settled and your award amount is known?
Failure to disclose prior funding will cause automatic cancellation of your funding request
If 'yes' to prior funding, provide company name and approximate balance owed


If legal funding is unavailable or my case is ineligible, please email me info about other funding options that may provide immediate assistance.
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