Civil Rights Lawsuit Funding

Involved In A Civil Rights Lawsuit? Need Cash Now?

TriMark Legal Funding provides low-cost civil rights case funding nationwide.

TriMark Legal Funding is one of America’s top-rated civil rights litigation funding companies. We deliver lightning-fast approvals and guaranteed low rates to plaintiffs nationwide.

Risk-Free Civil Rights Litigation Funding

Have you suffered a serious violation of your civil rights?

Civil Rights Lawsuit Loans

Are you involved in a protracted legal fight because of it?

Are you in a financial bind because it’s taking forever to settle your case and you could really use some of your future settlement money now?

Legal Funding Eligibility

In order to qualify for legal funding on a civil rights lawsuit, there are three absolute, non-negotiable requirements:

✔️ You must be represented by a contingent-fee attorney

✔️ Your claim must be a civil complaint; not a criminal complaint

✔️ There must be strong liability against a sufficiently insured defendant

Pre-Qualify For Legal Funding Now

Get the money you need now to keep your head above water and then relax while your attorney finishes negotiating the maximum compensation you deserve.

✔️ Were you injured but it was someone else’s fault?

✔️ Are you represented by a contingent fee attorney?

✔️ Do you need money before your case settles?

If you answered yes to all three questions, there’s a good chance you’re already qualified for a lawsuit cash advance from TriMark Legal Funding.

And after you’re approved, you could receive cash in as quickly as 4 hours!

Call (877) 932-2628 and speak with one of our funding experts today.

Here are some examples of the civil rights violations we can offer legal funding on:

Civil Rights Litigation

  • Assault & Battery
  • COVID-Related Lawsuits
  • Discrimination
  • Fair Employment & Housing Act
    • Retaliation
    • Sexual Harassment
  • Police Misconduct
  • Prison Misconduct
    • Crimes Against Inmates While Incarcerated
    • Medical Negligence By Prison Staff
      • Failure to Diagnose Medical Condition
      • Failure to Treat Medical Condition
      • Medical Misdiagnosis
    • Prison Staff Sexual Misconduct
  • Sexual Misconduct
    • Catholic Church Abuse Settlement
    • Sexual Abuse
      • Institutional Abuse
        • Abuse by an Authority Figure
        • Camp Abuse
        • Coach Abuse
        • School Abuse
        • Teacher Abuse
    • Sexual Assault
  • Wrongful Conviction
    • Death Penalty Wrongful Conviction
    • Wrongful Imprisonment

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Civil Rights Litigation Funding FAQ

❓ Q: Is Legal Funding Available on Civil Rights Lawsuits?

A: TriMark Legal Funding provides civil rights case funding on virtually all types of serious civil rights violation.

❓ Q: Why Does It Matter Whether I Have A Civil Or Criminal Civil Rights Case?

A: Only civil litigation is eligible for legal funding.

When a plaintiff sues a defendant in civil court, the case is either settled out of court or is decided by a jury.

Either way, the settlement or verdict is a monetary award. When the defendant loses, their insurance company pays the plaintiff money to settle the case and some of that money is used to repay the lawsuit funding company.

In criminal court, the state files charges, and when the defendant loses, they face penalties such as jail time or fines, which they must pay out of pocket. No insurance companies are involved.

❓ Q: Can I Get Civil Rights Litigation Funding If My Case Is Being Handled By The EEOC?

Unfortunately not.

To qualify for civil rights lawsuit funding, a contingent fee attorney or law firm must be representing you. EEOC representation, hourly, pro bono, and pro se representation are all ineligible.

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