Financially speaking, “lawsuit settlement loans” are the new kid on the block. They are a relatively new form of specialized financing that has only come into mainstream awareness within about the last 15 years or so.


Settlement loans are only available to plaintiffs who have suffered an injury, retained a contingent-fee attorney and are currently involved in either a pending or settled legal claim.

Lawsuit loans by any other name

Pre-settlement lawsuit loans, as they’re often called, are referred to by dozens of different names like “pre settlement loans”, “legal funding”, “lawsuit funding”, “lawsuit advance”, “settlement advance” or “lawsuit cash advance” just to name a few. Regardless of what people call them, the important thing to understand is that they are not technically loans at all.

The word “loan” is really just a marketing thing. When we need money, most people are conditioned to automatically think “loan” and so that’s what they Google.
That’s it. That’s where all the misnomers came from.

Semantics aside, if it is not actually a loan, what is it?

Pre-settlement funding is a non-recourse, outcome-contingent cash advance on the anticipated future settlement award or court verdict of a pending lawsuit or legal claim. We say “outcome-contingent” because it only gets repaid if the case is resolved successfully. If it isn’t, the plaintiff gets to keep the money and owe nothing. Try that with a traditional loan.

Settlement funding is available on a wide variety of legal claims like personal injury including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death just to name a few. Employment cases like sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, workplace injuries and workers compensation claims are eligible, as are many commercial lawsuits and a number of civil rights claims.

A lawsuit funding company will review and evaluate the details of a pending lawsuit and determine a range of what they feel the case should settled for. The settlement funding company will then advance money to the plaintiff, up to a certain percentage of the expected settlement amount. After that, they simply wait until the case is settled or a court verdict is rendered in favor of the plaintiff, at which point the company is repaid.

If you’ve been seriously injured, are currently involved in a drawn-out legal fight, have retained a contingent-fee attorney, have strong liability against a sufficiently insured defendant and you’re in a financial bind because it’s taking forever to settle your case but you could really use some of your future settlement money now, we can help you.

TriMark Legal Funding LLC, The Settlement Funding Company, provides fast, affordable, non-recourse lawsuit cash advances from $500 to $300,000+ on hundreds of different types of personal injury, civil rights and employment claims, often in as little as 12-24 hours, with no credit check, no up-front fees and no hassles. Best of all, you only repay the cash advance if you win your case.

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Settlement Loans: How Do They Work

Legal funding uses a pending lawsuit’s potential settlement proceeds as collateral and is repaid only when the case is settled successfully. They are 100% risk-free because if you lose or the case doesn’t settle, you keep the money and owe nothing.

Settlement loans do not require good credit, co-signers or the type of real estate collateral that is required by banks and other lending institutions. Instead, lawsuit funding companies will simply place a lien (like the lien your attorney used to secure their fees, and our lien is subordinate to theirs) on the pending case’s future potential settlement proceeds. This can be a real life saver because personal injury litigation usually takes months or even years to finally compensate victims for injuries and damages.

During lengthy legal proceedings, many plaintiffs find themselves unable to generate income due to their injuries. As a result, many cannot pay their bills or even cover daily living expenses. Pre settlement funding was created to address this very problem by advancing cash to plaintiffs so that they and their attorneys can continue working towards a settlement, without having to worry about current financial woes.

Lawsuit Funding: Debunking The Myths

Myth #1: Pre Settlement Funding is a Loan

NOT TRUE. A lawsuit advance is NOT a loan. Many people tend to confuse legal funding with traditional bank loans. At a quick glance, pre settlement funding may appear similar to an unsecured loan. In reality, lawsuit settlement funding is very different from traditional loans. The biggest difference is that conventional loans must always be paid back. They also will normally require a monthly payment and have a specific due date for both monthly payments and when the loan is due to be paid off.

Settlement advances, on the other hand, do not require monthly payments, do not have a set payoff date and are ONLY paid back if you settle your case successfully. If you lose the case, you keep the money and owe nothing.

Myth #2: Legal Loans Rely on Your Personal Credit Score

NOT TRUE. Approval of a lawsuit loan is determined by the merits of your lawsuit such as your level of injury and strong liability against a sufficiently insured defendant. Your personal credit score and credit history is irrelevant. So rest assured that if your credit score is less than stellar, TriMark Legal Funding LLC has you covered.

How Settlement Loans Differ From Bank Loans

Lawsuit settlement advances incorporate some unique and powerful features and benefits that regular bank loans, personal loans, home equity loans and credit card cash advances are simply unable to compete with.

6 Important Facts About Legal Funding:

1). Bank loans are credit-based
Lawsuit funding approval is based on the strength and merits of your case

2). Bank loans require collateral, usually real estate, that is forfeited if you can’t pay
We use the future value of your potential lawsuit settlement proceeds as collateral so your home, real estate and other personal property remains safe and unaffected

3). Bank loans usually charge up-front fees, points and closing costs
We charge no up-front fees or out-of-pocket costs

4). Bank loans require income verification AND proof of employment history
We require neither

5). Bank loans require monthly payments and a set, cast-in-stone payoff date
We require neither

6). Bank loans have to be repaid no matter what
We only get paid back if your case settles successfully

Pre settlement funding is an excellent financial tool for individuals who have exhausted all other options. Think of it as “financing of last resort”. We maintain relationships with a wide variety of private and institutional lawsuit funding companies across the country.

Each provider has their own specific preferences with regard to the types of cases that they prefer to invest in. Intimate knowledge of those preferences, combined with our high volume, is why TriMark Legal Funding LLC can offer the most competitively priced cash advance loans in the business.

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