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Pre-Settlement Funding on Personal Injury Lawsuits

TriMark is one of America’s foremost personal injury loan companies. We provide fast, low-cost lawsuit settlement cash advances to injured plaintiffs nationwide.

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Legal Funding Can Eliminate Stress &Amp; Anxiety.
Legal funding eliminates worry, stress & anxiety.

Aside from facing legal challenges, you may also be battling financial issues. If you’re a plaintiff with a personal injury claim, you may even be dealing with a job loss or unemployment. Personal injury lawsuit loans can help tide you over throughout the long wait for your settlement.

These setbacks can be overwhelming. But there’s that saying about the proper way to eat a whole elephant: one bite at a time.

It may do you well to tackle the most critical aspect now, which is probably getting cash in your hands to pay your bills and expenses. That way, you can afford to wait for your case to settle without sacrificing your quality of life today.

Pre-settlement funding is probably the way to make this happen. This fast, risk-free, and affordable cash advance can provide you money as you need it.

Lawsuit financing is safe because it does not involve monthly repayments. If you win, your lawyer will pay the advance on your behalf. If you lose, you owe us nothing.

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What Are Personal Injury Loans?

Claims related to personal injury made up 60% of 2005 civil cases throughout the United States, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Settlement negotiations and trials of this kind can last for years. The longer it takes, the harder it can be for the plaintiff to thrive. What with all the medical bills, mortgage payments, daily expenses, and other costs they’re facing now. Add the loss of wages or the ability to earn them.

You’re dealing left and right with the consequences of your injury. And they’re affecting not just your physical health but also your mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing. 

In fact, the other areas can get worse when you’re having money issues. Unemployment or the loss of a job can lead to a lack of stability, which can then bring about discontentment and even depression.

It’s an unfortunate loop that, hopefully, your future compensation will undo. 

What if you break free from the vicious cycle now?

The solution comes in the form of a pre-settlement cash advance, also known as “lawsuit loans” or “settlement loans”.

While having cash right away doesn’t necessarily bring happiness, it can help solve problems. A cash grant can restore stability to you and your family. Imagine having immediate cash to pay for your car loan or mortgage. You won’t have to worry about losing your car or house. And that’s one thorn off your shoulder.

This is basically, what a lawsuit cash advance extends to plaintiffs with pending personal injury cases.

The Difference Between a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan and Regular Loans

Bank loans, payday loans, and other traditional loans have been around for long. They have helped individuals finance urgent needs. Yet, they’re also notoriously difficult to obtain, not to mention expensive.

Personal injury lawsuit loans are also a form of financial relief. But apart from that, they are different from conventional loans in many ways.

Consumer lawsuit loans are targeted to plaintiffs, as well as solo practitioners and law firms. These are non-recourse cash advances made on your anticipated settlement money.

At TriMark, we determine the value of your due compensation based on the details of your claim. Because of this approach, looking into your credit score, income history, and employment status is irrelevant.

The loan is actually a misnomer. Our offering is 100% risk-free. As in you apply, get approved, and then receive your funds. And that’s it. Your lawyer will disburse the payment to us once your case settles. You are not responsible for the repayment. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about monthly fees and interests.

You can advance as much as 20% of your case value. Say your case is worth $100,000, you can get as much as $20,000 through personal injury settlement funding.

What’s more: we have the lowest rates in the industry, capped at 2x or double the amount of your advance.

Who Qualifies for Personal Injury Settlement Loans

You can file a personal injury claim if someone else is liable for your condition. It can be another person on the road, an employer, a healthcare professional, or a property owner.

Those with pending or settled cases involving this may qualify for personal injury lawsuit loans. Also, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You have a contingent-fee attorney;
  • You have sustained serious physical injuries and financial losses.
  • You have established a clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant.
  • Your settlement check will pass through your attorney’s trust account.

As the plaintiff, you will have to prove that the defendant’s negligent action was the proximate cause of your injury. 

Negligence is often not intentional. So a personal injury suit is filed to seek monetary compensation for damages. Sometimes, punitive damages may be awarded if the jury or judge finds the conduct willful or intentional.

In establishing that a deed was unintentional but reckless, you may have to grasp the duty of reasonable care. Let’s say a store owner noticed that the second-floor handrail was defective. He thought nothing of the loose screw on one post. The following week, a customer leans on the handrail, falls, and gets injured when the structure gives in. 

The store owner could have prevented the accident had he repaired the handrail or warned guests about the problem.

The customer can file a personal injury claim. It can get tricky, though. In some cases, she must also prove to the judge or jury that the store owner had prior knowledge of the danger.

How Do I Apply for a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan?

In dedicating 17 years and counting to the industry, we have made our application process as direct as possible. After all, plaintiff funding should be fast, free, simple, and easy.

  1. There are two ways to apply. You can fill out a form or call us. Also, make sure the following documents are available. Alternatively, let your attorney know we’ll contact them to confirm these details about your case:
  • Police reports
  • A theory of liability
  • The extent of your injuries
  • X-Ray and MRI reports
  • Medical and surgical procedures performed.
  • Insurance coverage limits for the defendant
  • Photo, video, or audio evidence
  • Witness statements

Please prepare complete information to help us process your application faster. We will use this to determine the amount of money we would expect you to receive after a settlement or a trial verdict.

Depending on the type of your case and extent of your injury, we can advance up to 20% of your estimated net settlement. 

  1. Give us 24 to 72 hours to review your case.
  2. Wait for our call or email about the result of your application. 

If your case is approved, we’ll send you and your attorney a funding agreement via DocuSign. Once this step is completed, you can get funds through your chosen channel:

a). Wire transfer, or ACH

b). FedEx Overnight

c). Western Union or MoneyGram

d). US Mail

Now what? You’re free to disburse your money however you want.

What about repayment? As we said, there are no monthly fees, no strings attached. 

We handle 100% of the risk.

In the unlikely event that your case doesn’t settle or you lose, the money you advanced remains yours. You have no responsibility to repay it. Meaning, you’re free to walk away and owe us nothing.

Benefits of Getting Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan Through TriMark Legal Funding

Litigation financing can yield huge benefits to plaintiffs. Here are the most anticipated gains from taking this option:

Financial Stability

The main objective of extending funding options to plaintiffs is to help them get back on their feet. This requires looking at what usually trips people over when an injury interferes with their household, vocation, health, and finances –

Bills, debt, expenses are the usual suspects.

If only settlement checks, offered fair and square, came on time, it would be a relief in times like this.

In reality, you’re pressed to find an alternative. In this case, legal financing fits the bill. It is one of the best paths out of present financial struggles.

With TriMark, you won’t be buried in more debt while trying to get out of it. We have the lowest rates to secure your future recovery.

Fast & Easy Access

Our decision relies on the merits of your case. By this fact alone, we guarantee your funding will come through faster than a traditional bank loan can. You won’t be bogged down by a tedious background check. 

We’ve been at it for more than a decade. So our process is pretty streamlined. 

We work closely with plaintiff attorneys to ensure this is the best route for your settlement claim. Once validation is done, we give you access to your cash advance ASAP. 

Reach the Finish Line

Protracted cases can be discouraging to the personal injury victims. While we do not claim to influence your case’s results, we can throw you a lifeline when money issues start threatening your resolve to recoup losses.

You can use a personal injury lawsuit loan to cover litigation expenses as well. It’s totally up to you how you want to spend your money.

We Provide Pre-settlement and Post-settlement Loans for All Types of Injuries

We fund personal injury claims that run the gamut from bicycle accidents to wrongful death. 

For instance, you are covered if you filed an action against a party whom you hold liable for your automobile accident injury. You can pursue damages based on their negligence in a “fault” state. Negligence occurs when a driver – who has a duty to exercise reasonable care – breached their duty and caused your injury. You can recover losses incurred due to this result. 

The case may still be pending as we speak. According to the merits of your case alone, we can provide you with a pre-settlement lawsuit loan while you wait for it to settle.

If it’s settled or you already won a verdict, but your check is on hold, you may also be eligible for our post-settlement offering.

Confirm if your claim falls under one of these categories:

Apply For Lawsuit Funding Now

TriMark Legal Funding has extensive experience in personal injury settlement funding. 

Apply for a lawsuit loan with us and get $500 to $250,000 by tomorrow. 

It’s quick and easy. Fill out our form to start the ball rolling. Or call us at (877) 932-2628, and one of our friendly legal funding experts will take you through the application process.

Your life doesn’t have to reach a full stop while dealing with a lawsuit. With the help of a longtime financing partner to plaintiffs, you can move along with your plans and goals.

So why wait?

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