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Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Lawsuit funding is a highly-specialized type of non-credit-based financing that is only available to plaintiffs who have been injured and are involved in either a pending or settled lawsuit or legal claim.

Here we explore what a lawsuit settlement advance is, how it works, why it’s such a powerful tool for injury victims and how to put legal advance funding to work for you, starting right now.

2 Types of Lawsuit Cash Advance

Getting a pre settlement cash advance on a pending lawsuit can be a real lifesaver for the days you never saw coming.

There are actually 2 different kinds of settlement advances. There is pre-settlement funding, which is for all case types that are still pending. There is also post-settlement funding, which is for cases where settlement has been reached and the plaintiff is just waiting for paperwork to be processed and/or the settlement check to arrive.

Our non-recourse cash advance on lawsuit settlements is ‘last resort financing’ that you can rely on after your savings are depleted, credit cards are maxed out, credit scores have taken a nose-dive and you need money before your case settles.

A Lawsuit Settlement Advance Restores Stability

You were living your life, working a job, hanging out with friends, paying the bills, minding your own business and just doing what you do to build a life. And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, WHAM! Wrong place, wrong time.

Through no fault of your own, because of someone else’s negligence, recklessness – or just flat-out stupidity – you or a loved one got injured. Maybe severely injured. Maybe even fatally injured.

Maybe it was an automobile accident, or maybe you slipped and fell on a slippery or hazardous condition on someone else’s propertyMaybe your doctor did something wrong or failed to do something, or misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose something. Maybe it happened in a store, a restaurant or you got injured at work. Maybe workers comp is even giving you a hard time.

However it happened, while your injuries might all be physical problems, they tend to create significant financial problems too; very quickly.

Why? Because several things happen after an accident, usually in rapid succession.

First, if someone can’t return to work, their income typically either goes down dramatically or goes away altogether.

Second, on top of that, all the regular bills still need to be paid on time. This usually means that whatever savings they had probably evaporated within a few months of the accident.

Third, when people fall behind financially, credit card payments are usually one of the first things that gets skipped, so they tend to get cancelled pretty quickly. Once they do, credit scores tank. And as they do, the ability to borrow money or obtain more credit plummets.

And forth, to add insult to injury, the accident ushered in a parade of new expenses like medical procedures, insurance deductibles, never-ending co-pays, counseling, physical therapy, prescription meds, etc.

For most people, things start going from bad to worse. Rapidly.

By a few months in, most people are financially desperate. And then their attorney drops ‘the bomb’. He says it’ll be 18 to 24 months (or longer) before you can expect to receive any settlement money.

Actually Assessing The Damage

After your accident you went to the doctor or were rushed to the ER and they patched you up as best as they could. Maybe you needed surgery(s), or chiropractic care, or physical therapy, or counseling, or long-term pain management, or some combination of those.

Maybe you required a lengthy hospital stay, or maybe you were in and out within just a few hours.

Maybe you’ll need a lifetime of medical care, additional surgeries or medications, or maybe you won’t.

Maybe your doctors told you it could be years before they know the full extent of your injuries.

Maybe the doctors fixed everything, or maybe they didn’t. Maybe there were things they couldn’t fix. Maybe there are things that can never be fixed.

Maybe you lost your job, or maybe – because of your injuries – you can’t perform your old job anymore and will need to be re-trained in a whole new line of work. Maybe you can’t ever return to work again.

That’s a whole lot of “maybe’s” but by the time you reach this point, you know 4 things for sure:

  1. You were seriously injured
  2. It was someone else’s fault
  3. Somebody is going to pay
  4. It isn’t going to be you

The Long Road Back

If you’re like most plaintiffs, at some point it dawned on you that the person who injured you, or more specifically their insurance company, couldn’t care less about you, your feelings, your injuries, your family, you bills, your needs, how inconvenienced you were because of this accident and they especially don’t care about any concept of what you happen to believe the word “fair” means.

To them, you are the enemy, you are the problem, you are the loss to be mitigated.

They care about only one thing; their company’s money.

They are committed to just one mission; seeing to it that you walk away with as little of their company’s money as humanly possible.

Maybe they denied responsibility. Maybe they refused to compensate you at all. Maybe they refused to compensate you with an amount that you consider to be adequate or fair.

So you hired an attorney. They filed a legal claim and thus began the long and agonizing process of making the other guy’s insurance company pony up fair compensation for your loss.

It is your lawyer’s job to negotiate the maximum appropriate financial settlement to compensate you for your injuries. If that fails, they will go to trial and fight relentlessly for the compensation you deserve.

The upside, if there is one, is that as long as there was strong liability against a sufficiently insured defendant, you should eventually receive a sizeable financial settlement. Eventually.

The downside is that “eventually” can take a long time; sometimes a very long time. In the meantime, you still need money for bills, expenses and life. It doesn’t matter why you need the money or what you intend to spend it on; it’s your money.

Here’s how simple and easy it is to access your money:

1: You Contact Us

We will need to understand your case, your injuries and how much money you need for your settlement advance. You can apply online or simply call (877) 932-2628 and speak with one of our friendly legal funding experts. 

2: We Review Your Case

We will reach out to your lawyer to request some details about your pending or settled lawsuit. After receipt, our review is usually completed within 1 to 24 hours and a funding agreement is sent to you and your attorney for signatures. 

3: Receive Your Funds

If we receive the executed agreement prior to 2pm EST (Monday thru Friday), funds can be wired into your bank account the same day. We can also send your check FedEx Overnight, or in many cases, Western Union or MoneyGram.

Lawsuit Cash Advance Loans Are Safe

Because there are no credit checks or income verification, a settlement advance can be the perfect solution. Pre-settlement advances rely on the strength and merits of your case and can provide the extra money you need to get caught up quickly and then stay on top of your finances until your case finally settles.

When you get fast lawsuit cash advance settlement funding from TriMark Legal Funding, you are protected. In addition to providing world-class customer care that is second to none, our rates are among the lowest in the industry and are capped for your safety.

Your settlement cash advance only needs to be repaid if your case is settled successfully or you win a court verdict. There is no obligation to repay unless, and until, your case is resolved successfully.

Apply For A Lawsuit Cash Advance Now

We make getting a lawsuit settlement advance from TriMark Legal Funding fast, easy and hassle-free. Apply now and you could have the money you need as quickly as tomorrow.

You can apply online in about 1 minute, or call (877) 932-2628 and speak with one of our friendly lawsuit funding experts.


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