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Still Waiting on Your Lawsuit Settlement Check To Arrive? TriMark Can Help.

Lawsuit Loans on Settled Cases

Post Settlement Funding

After years of dealing with your physical and emotional injuries, the financial challenges, the adjustments at work, the disputed facts of the case, an endless procession of motions and filings, depositions, demurrs, expert testimony, negotiations and constant legal jockeying, your personal injury lawsuit has finally reached a successful conclusion.

Lawsuit loans can eliminate stress

Maybe you had your day in court and won a jury verdict, or maybe the defendant agreed to settle your case before it ever went to trial. Either way, the battle is finally over, they have decided there isn’t going to be an appeal and  now its time to pick up the pieces of your life and try to move on.

There’s just one problem … you haven’t gotten paid yet!

The Waiting Game

It’s not unusual for it to take anywhere between several weeks and five or six months for a plaintiff to receive their actual settlement money, depending on what type of case they have, the number of plaintiffs, the size of the settlement and the terms of the settlement payout. And when they finally do get paid, lawsuit settlements are frequently paid out through a structured settlement annuity as opposed to a single, large lump sum of cash.

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