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TriMark maintains a large network of lenders and financial service providers to help our clients get the money or the financing they need, right when they need it.

What Kind of Financing Do You Need?

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Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for funding through our alternative finance network. To keep things simple, our finance network is broken down into 2 sections; business finance and personal finance.

Every legal funding client may apply who doesn’t qualify for a personal injury loan or car accident loan due to an ineligible case, their case was denied for funding, has excessive prior funding, or they live in one of the states where legal funding is prohibited or restricted, or one of the states where workers comp funding is prohibited, or their funding request was denied for any other reason.

Of course, everyone else, legal funding client or not, may apply too.

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TriMark provides accident loans, slip and fall accident funding, and all other types of personal injury lawsuit loans, plus legal funding for workers compensation claims. We can also assists borrowers who may be ineligible for legal funding. We can also help borrowers who are not injured and don’t have a lawsuit to begin with.

We maintain a very large network of lenders and financiers that offer an array of different personal loans and lines of credit including auto loans, home loans and home loan refinancing, bad credit loans, short-term loan, loan refinancing, credit card and debt consolidation loans, medical loans, and student loan refinancing are just a few of the personal finance options we offer nationwide.

Business Finance 350A


The corporate litigation finance options TriMark provides is limited to post-settlement lawyer funding and law firm portfolio funding.

Our business financing network, however, can assist attorneys, law firms, and virtually any other type of company in almost any industry, as long as they satisfy the minimum funding requirements.

Business loans and lines of credit, loans for borrowers with bad credit, business startup loans, working capital loans, construction loans, hard money loans, commercial mortgage financing or refinancing, equipment financing, and invoice factoring to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Any Personal Loan Options For People With Bad Credit?

Absolutely. We have a large pool of lenders that will happily work with poor credit (500-579) and subprime (580-619) borrowers throughout the US. We also have a number of lenders who don’t use credit scores in the approval process at all.

Do All Your Business Financing Options Require Excellent Credit For Approval?

No, in fact, hardly any of them require excellent credit (800-850). We have a powerful array of business lenders who work with bad credit borrowers, and almost all of the lenders in our network will work with borrowers who have fair (580-669).

The fact is, a person’s personal credit score is oftentimes a poor risk indicator when it comes to business financing. That’s why many of our business lenders don’t rely on credit scores at all.

Instead, they tend to rely on alternative risk indicators such as minimum annual revenue thresholds, minimum time in business, and whether a business checking account exists, to determine eligibility. Depending on the lender, type of funding requested, and the amount sought, borrowers can be approved with as little as 6-12 months in business and consistent, verifiable minimum monthly revenue of at least $10,000.

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