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Inheriting Money Creates Questions

TriMark Legal Funding provides answers to all of the most common and most frequently asked inheritance advance questions we get from heirs and beneficiaries.

Frequently Asked Inheritance Funding Questions

After learning they are heir to an estate, a lot of people don’t quite know what to do; sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Legal Funding Faq

Inheriting money can create excitement, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

And it creates questions; lots and lots of questions.

It can also usher in a whole new financial reality that many people are simply unprepared for.

Here we have compiled all of the most common, and most frequently asked questions TriMark Legal Funding has received over the last two decades of helping heirs and beneficiaries.

Immediate Inheritance Funding FAQ

❓ Q: How Fast Is “Immediate Inheritance Funding”?

A: We can review and fund an inheritance advance the same day or the next business day, depending on what time of day we receive the request.

In a perfect world, we can retrieve documents electronically and then review, approve, and fund inheritance loans as quickly as 2-3 hours from start to finish. Actual times will vary based on document availability, attorney response time, and other factors.

Also, Fed Wire is used for bank wire transfers and their cutoff time is 3 pm EST, Monday to Friday. All wire transfers after that time will be processed the following business day.

❓ Q: How Much Does An Inheritance Advance Cost?

A: If you’re considering an heir advance to get your inheritance money faster, you are undoubtedly interested in what it will cost.

The fact is, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all inheritance advance rate that applies to every heir, every time. Each inheritance funding company has different rates for inheritance cash advances, and most of them are determined by the amount of the inheritance advance and several other factors.

All inheritance funding companies differ with regard to how much money they will fund and what they will charge for it. Generally speaking though, inheritance lenders will charge a fixed fee which is deducted from your inheritance after the estate is settled.

We avoid doing “ballpark” estimates or other speculative estimates because that doesn’t help anyone. To get an exact quote and the absolute best rates for your inheritance advance, request a free quote or call us at (877) 932-2628.

Once we understand what you’re inheriting and what you need, we will provide you will an exact quote with the lowest rates for your inheritance advance.

❓ Q: What Is Inheritance Funding?

A: An inheritance advance, or heir advance, gives heirs early access to their inherited money. Inheritance loans allow heirs to use, enjoy, or invest the money they will inherit immediately, rather than waiting months or years for probate to close.

❓ Q: Can I Get An Advance On My Inheritance?

A: Inheritance loans allow you to borrow against your future inheritance money, using the inheritance itself as both collateral and the source of repayment.

When you apply for an heir advance, the inheritance funding company will review the estate documents and determine how much you are due to inherit. The inheritance advance they create will be based on how much you will be inheriting.

❓ Q: How Do I Get Some of My Inheritance Money Early?

A: Our process is quick and easy. To get a portion of your inheritance money before probate closes, simply complete our 30-second inheritance cash advance application.

We will call you to discuss the details and gather documentation that shows you are a legitimate heir to the estate. Then we will send you a funding agreement and as soon as it’s signed and returned, we will wire funds directly into your bank account.

❓ Q: How Does Inheritance Funding Work?

A: An inheritance funding company will review the heir’s estate documents to determine how much cash they will receive.

The lender will give the heir a cash advance based on the share of the estate they will be inheriting. They are free to use the money however they please.

After probate closes and the estate is distributed, the lender will be repaid out of the heir’s share of the estate and the heir will receive everything that is left.

❓ Q: What If I Only Need A Small Inheritance Advance?

A: Many inheritance lenders don’t offer small inheritance loans but they are not a problem for us. The minimum small inheritance advance we offer is $5,000 and you must be inheriting at least $17,000 to qualify.

Q: Are There Advantages To Getting An Inheritance Advance?

A: Yes, there are a number of them.
❇️ 100% risk-free
❇️ Immediate access to your inheritance money
❇️ No credit check and no monthly credit reporting
❇️ No co-signor required
❇️ No monthly payments
❇️ No out-of-pocket repayment

❓ Q: Is Inheritance Funding The Same As A Bank Loan?

A: Not at all. When borrowing against an inheritance with an heir advance, the inheritance funding company assumes all of the risks. The heir risks nothing.

With bank loans, on the other hand, the borrower incurs most or all of the risk and potential penalties. The bank is well-protected and risks very little to nothing.

☑️ = BAD ✅ =GOOD

Bank Loans:
☑️ Application is often lengthy and invasive
☑️ Good credit required (or a co-signor)
☑️ Verifiable income required
☑️ Verifiable employment history required
☑️ Collateral – usually real estate
☑️ Monthly payments
☑️ Pre-payment penalties
☑️ Late or missed payments incur fees
☑️ Can cause bad credit for 7 years after the loan is repaid
☑️ Collateral is forfeit if you cannot make all payments

Inheritance Funding:
✅ Application is quick, painless, and only takes 30 seconds
✅ No credit check
✅ No co-signor
✅ No income verification
✅ No employment requirements
✅ No real estate collateral
✅ No monthly payments
✅ No late or missed payments
✅ No credit reporting
✅ No impact on credit scores
✅ Repayment happens automatically

❓ Q: I’m In A Rural Area. Who Offers Inheritance Loans Near Me?

A: TriMark offers inheritance funding throughout the United States.

Our entire application, review, and funding process is electronic so as long as you’ve got internet access, you can get an inheritance advance.

There is no need for you to visit your bank or a notary.

❓ Q: How Are Your Inheritance Advance Rates?

A: We boast some of the lowest inheritance advance rates in the entire industry. And we will match or beat any competitor’s contract rate.

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