Month: February 2022

Tips to making estate planning straightforward

“You’ve worked long and hard to acquire assets and build your financial portfolio while providing for your family at the same time,” says Willed.

“Estate or inheritance planning is crucial so you can be assured that your assets will be transferred to proper beneficiaries after your death.

“Your estate includes all the assets and properties you own, such as your home, car, clothes, and even debts. It also includes all the people who depend on you, like your spouse, children, or pets.

“Without a detailed inheritance plan, there’s a chance for your state’s legal system to handle your assets on your behalf after you die. This is something you want to avoid as it can potentially cost time and money to your bereaved family.


Crime or terrible accident? Trial begins in deadly 2015 Amtrak derailment

Was a tragic derailment a “terrible accident” or did the train engineer recklessly fail to do his job at a dangerous point in his route?

On Friday morning, prosecutors and defense attorneys laid out opposing perspectives on the line between an accident and a crime in the case of Brandon Bostian, the train engineer onboard when Amtrak train No. 188 derailed in Philadelphia in 2015.

Both sides agree on the facts of the derailment itself. Bostian’s train departed 30th Street Station shortly after 9 p.m on May 12. It picked up speed as it headed into a tight curve near Frankford Junction, reaching 106 mph when the speed limit was 50 mph. Bostian braked, but the train derailed seconds later, killing 8 people and sending

What Is a Trust? How They Work & Who Needs One

A trust ensures your assets go to the right beneficiaries. Trusts offer tax benefits for those subject to estate taxes, which helps maximize wealth for future generations.

What is a trust?
A trust is a legal arrangement intended to ensure a person’s assets eventually go to specific beneficiaries. The person creating the trust puts assets in the name of the trust and authorizes a third party to administer those assets for the trust creator and the beneficiaries. A well-designed trust can help save time, paperwork and other headaches when settling an estate. In some cases, trusts can also help reduce the amount of estate taxes beneficiaries have to pay when they inherit assets.

Who needs a trust?
Trusts are often wrongly associated with folks who

What Do Workers Comp Investigators Look For?

If you have filed a claim for worker’s compensation or if you are an employer who has had an employee file for worker’s comp, you may be aware that investigators will check out the facts surrounding the claim.

Workers’ compensation investigators ensure that the claims paid out by the insurance company are valid. There are certain techniques they use to ensure the integrity of the victim’s report, including in-person, video, and social media surveillance.

Video Surveillance
One of the most common techniques that worker’s compensation investigators use is video surveillance. They use this to ensure that your injuries are as severe as you claim.

Suppose you claim that you have fallen and suffered a herniated disk, making walking difficult. If the investigator films you lifting

Groundbreaking legal battle seeks to show toxic metals in baby food can cause autism

As the number of children diagnosed with autism hits staggering highs, a groundbreaking lawsuit seeks to hold some of America’s most trusted baby food companies at least partially responsible.

The first of its kind lawsuit is on the cusp of a monumental step forward. This month, a judge heard early arguments about the presence of toxic heavy metals in baby food, and how they may harm a child’s developing brain. It’s an issue Spotlight on America has been investigating for years. If the judge rules that the science is valid, major brands like Gerber and Beech-Nut could soon be in the hot seat in a court of law and millions of families could have potential recourse.

Spotlight on America was first to speak with the California mom who is taking on an army of industry giants on behalf of her son, claiming his autism diagnosis can be traced back to heavy metals in the food he ate as an infant.

The discovery of toxic heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium in baby food is not new.

For more than a year, Spotlight on America has investigated the issue.

We tracked down the original scientists who conducted the first major testing of baby food for heavy metals in 2016. Those scientists, we discovered, tried to warn both the baby food companies and the Food and Drug Administration about what they found.

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