South Carolina Lawsuit Loans

South Carolina Lawsuit Loans

TriMark Legal Funding provides fast and affordable non-recourse lawsuit cash advances on different types of personal injury claims and employment litigation. Within 24 to 72 hours, you can receive $500 to $250,000+ in settlement funding if your case qualifies.

It is not easy to get trapped in a personal injury lawsuit that takes up to two years or more to settle. If you’re going through this situation, TriMark offers South Carolina lawsuit loans that can help.

A lawsuit involving an injury-causing accident can affect you not just physically but also financially. Recovering alone takes time and energy. But with expensive medical bills piling up day by day, you may be subjected to additional stress that prolongs the healing period.

What makes it more frustrating is that you have just lost your job, and it’s becoming increasingly hard or impossible to look for a new one with a medical condition and a civil lawsuit to prioritize.

Come to think of it, you still have your monthly rent or mortgage, phone bills, and other expenses to take care of. Car loans and co-pays are on the brink of being forfeited if you continue missing your monthly payments.

With your lawsuit taking longer, worries and expenses accumulate along the way.

But you don’t have to carry these burdens alone. With financing from TriMark, you can overcome your money problems. We offer fast and easy settlement funding solutions that you can choose from as you wait for your case to settle.

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    * Word-Use Disclaimer

    Legal funding is not a loan. It is the non-recourse purchase of an equitable lien in a plaintiffs’ legal claim. Words such as ‘loans,’ ‘lending,’ ‘borrow,’ etc., are used for search and marketing purposes only.
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