My Case Is Ineligible; Now What?

Powerful Legal Funding Alternatives When Your Case Is Ineligible

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Cases can be ineligible for legal funding for any number of reasons. That’s why TriMark maintains a network of private lenders offering an array of legal funding alternatives that are fast, easy, affordable, and almost everyone can apply for them.

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When Cases Are Ineligible For Legal Funding

Ineligible Case Types

TriMark Legal Funding has provided fast, innovative pre settlement and post settlement legal funding options to injured plaintiffs, and some pretty powerful litigation financing solutions to attorneys and law firms since 2003.

Qualifying for legal funding is a snap. IF you have the right kind of case, that is. Not everyone does, however. The truth is a LOT of people don’t.

In fact, millions of would-be clients over the last two decades have found that qualifying for a cash advance against their pending can be tricky at best, and at worst, downright impossible.

I’m Ineligible; But I Still Need Money

If you have been told that your case is ineligible for legal funding, that’s it; it’s done. You can debate the reasons forever, but at this point, the reasons don’t really matter, do they?

What DOES matter is the fact that you still need money ASAP. And since lawsuit funding is off the table, you need to find another way.

But don’t worry, because TriMark has you covered.

TriMark has an entire network of lenders that provide “non-legal-funding-related” financial alternatives to help people just like you, in circumstances just like yours.

For almost two decades, TriMark Legal Funding has maintained a large network of private lenders that can provide fast, effective financial solutions to clients and would-be clients who, similar to you, are ineligible for legal funding because they reside in a state where legal funding is prohibited, restricted, or workers comp lawsuit loans are not available, or any number of other reasons.

Whatever the individual circumstances, they all still need money. And we still want to help.

And here’s the best part: Our lender network works fast, likes to say ‘yes’ a lot, and can work with all kinds of borrowers and all types of credit

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Ineligible Case Types

Listed below are some of the types of cases that routinely get denied for legal funding or are ineligible for funding consideration. The list is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have questions about any of them, feel free to give us a call at (877) 932-2628.

Plaintiffs Only

  • Legal funding is only available to plaintiffs; defendants are ineligible

Civil Cases Only

Attorney or Law Firm Won’t Cooperate

  • Attorney involvement is mandatory. If your attorney will not participate, you are ineligible.

Damage Award Payments Must Pass Through Attorney’s Trust Account

  • To be eligible for legal funding, all damage awards must:
    • Be paid by an insurance company
    • Be a single lump sum payment; tiered or incremental payments are ineligible
    • Pass through, and be disbursed from, the plaintiff attorney’s trust account
  • Cases where award is disbursed directly to claimant, such as class action lawsuits, are ineligible.
  • Cases where award is paid by the defendant directly, rather than by the defendant’s insurance company, are ineligible.

Default Judgments

Excessive Prior Funding

  • If you have received prior funding on your case from another company, we must arrange a pre settlement funding buyout as part of your new funding. If the amount owed exceeds a certain percentage of the anticipated net amount, it is considered excessive prior funding and your case may be deemed ineligible at that time.
  • NOTE: The percentage referenced above is subject to change throughout the course of a case. For example, attorneys may add additional damages and additional surgeries and other factors can increase a case’s initial estimated value. Also, the allowable percentage increases dramatically once a case’s status changes from pending to settled. While a case may have excessive prior funding for a pre settlement advance, it may qualify for a post settlement advance once a settlement agreement has been reached.

Insufficient Insurance | No Insurance

  • Cases where the defendant has no insurance, or insufficient total coverage for the magnitude of loss, are ineligible. Example: car accidents with serious injuries where the defendant only carried state-minimum coverage amounts.
  • Cases where plaintiff attorney intends to recover damages from defendant’s personal assets rather than, or in addition to an insurance policy, or a policy with insufficient coverage limits, are ineligible.

Insufficient Injuries

  • Cases where the most serious injuries are minor cuts, scrapes, scratches, minor “road rash”, any type of bruising, lacerations, whiplash, concussion, memory loss, hairline fractures, nerve pain, nerve damage, generalized pain, muscle pain, immobility, bleeding, sprains, headaches, head pain, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and non-specific, unspecified or undiagnosed “brain injuries”, “spinal injuries”, “neck injuries”, “head injuries”, “back injuries”, etc., are ineligible.
  • Cases where the only medical treatment sought or received was accident-scene-only treatment by EMT, ambulance ride or a single trip to the ER without hospital admission or follow-up, chiropractic care, injections, joint manipulation, pain meds only, etc., are ineligible.
  • Cases where the plaintiff skips, misses, cancels, opts-out of, or chooses not to undergo any physician-recommended surgery or course of treatment are generally ineligible.

Mass Tort Litigation (On Hold)

Mass Tort Litigation (Settled Cases Only)

Mass Tort Litigation (Not Funding Yet)


  • Any case where the injured party is currently under the age of 18 is ineligible.

Ineligible Cases FAQ

u003cstrongu003e❓ Do You Have Alternative Options Available For People Who Are Ineligible For Legal Funding?u003c/strongu003e

Yes. We have a large network of lenders that can provide a wide selection of u0022non-legal-funding-relatedu0022 financial solutions. They can work with nearly all kinds of buyers with almost all types of credit.

u003cstrongu003e❓ Will I Qualify For Help If I Have Fair, Poor, or Bad Credit?u003c/strongu003e

We make no guarantees, but in all likelihood, yes. Our lender network works with almost all kinds of borrowers, in all sorts of different situations, and with nearly all types of credit.

u003cstrongu003e❓ Do I Need My Attorney’s Consent To Get Alternative Financing?u003c/strongu003e

No. Our network of lenders do not use your lawsuit as collateral the way legal funding does, so this type of funding will have no bearing on your lawsuit. In fact, even people without a lawsuit can apply.

Not Represented By A Contingent Fee Attorney

Simply stated, if you are not represented by a contingent fee attorney, you are ineligible for legal funding. There are no exceptions.

Plaintiff Has Significant Legal Problems

Plaintiff Negligence

  • Cases where plaintiff negligence was fully or partly responsible for causing the accident or injuries are ineligible.

Prohibited States

There are currently 8+ states where legal funding is just outright prohibited by law. The states where legal funding is prohibited are:

Restricted States

A few states have state-imposed restrictions on legal funding. Most notable are:

  • Depending on the specific restriction, legal funding may, or may not, be available in a particular state.

Workers Comp Claims

The 40+ states where workers comp loans are not available are:

For nearly two decades, TriMark has maintained a large network of private lenders to provide an array of financial solutions to our clients and other people who can’t get legal funding. They work fast, they like to say ‘yes’ a lot, and they work with all types of borrowers and all types of credit.

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