Mississippi Lawsuit Loans

How Lawsuit Loans Work

TriMark specializes in helping personal injury victims. Our pre settlement funding is a simple 3-step process:



Apply online or by phone; it’s fast, free, and easy. We’ll answer all your questions, and there is no obligation.



Your dedicated TriMark representative will work with your attorney to review your case. No hassle. Guaranteed.


Receive Cash

Receive $500 to $500K+ within 24 hours of approval by wire transfer or FedEx Overnight. It’s that simple.

If you are facing financial setbacks due to a prolonged civil lawsuit coupled with a painful physical recovery, Mississippi lawsuit loans may be an option worth considering.

Filing personal injury, employment-related, or civil rights violation claims can usually take six months. This can feel like forever if you’re unable to work, earn for yourself and your family, and yet accumulating hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Throw in the fact that you’re also supposed to pay your rent or mortgage, car loan, utility bills, and other obligations on time.

It is a double whammy of increasing debt and losses. And some plaintiffs experience stress or burnout.

Fixing your money troubles as soon as possible can help alleviate your burden. If you need cash now, legal funding may be the right option.

Apply now or call and speak with one of our friendly funding experts.

Pre-Settlement Loans in Mississippi

Legal funding is a type of financing designed for plaintiffs with pending civil claims. It is fast, affordable, and risk-free.

While it is sometimes referred to as “lawsuit loans” or “settlement loans,” pre settlement funding is not a loan at all. Instead, it is a non-recourse cash advance on your future settlement award. Think about “non-recourse” as No Win/No Pay.

It is your money, only made accessible to you sooner rather than later. And because it’s yours, you can decide how to use it.

With $500 to $500,000+  from TriMark, you’ll have more than enough catch up on medical bills, mortgage or rent, late-due bills, co-pays, and even your household’s daily expenses like food, gas, and school allowances for the kids.

TriMark can fund almost any type of personal injury cases, employment litigation, and other civil rights claims. Post-settlement funding is also available for plaintiffs whose cases are already settled. Unfortunately, though, settlement loans are unavailable for workers’ comp in Mississippi.

But if your case is included in this list, you’re likely eligible for funding as long as you have a pending or settled civil lawsuit, severe injuries, clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant, and a minimum threshold of $75,000.

Get Pre Settlement Funding in Mississippi Now

Applying for lawsuit funding in Mississippi is fast and easy. With TriMark, it only takes a minute.

If you’re a plaintiff in the Magnolia State with an ongoing case and fast-cash needs, apply online, or call us at (877) 932-2628.

Forget about out-of-pocket costs, credit checks, monthly payments, and income or employment confirmation. And best of all, you only pay back the advance after you win your case.

If you have a strong case, the single biggest reason for getting approved, you’re good to go.

TriMark does not waste time in delivering the help you need. Receive your cash in less than 24 hours after approval. 

TriMark can consider funding as long as there are pending or settled civil lawsuits in Mississippi.

Still have questions?

Call (877) 932-2628 and speak with one of our legal funding experts.

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