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TriMark Legal Funding provides pre-settlement loans to plaintiffs nationwide who are waiting for the Boy Scout lawsuit to be resolved.

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Boy Scout Lawsuit Loans

Boy Scout Lawsuit Loans

TriMark Legal Funding has been providing Boy Scout lawsuit loans since 2011.

In the past, we offered post-settlement funding on settled individual Boy Scout sexual abuse cases. Most recently we provided pre-settlement cash advances on the pending BSA mass tort multidistrict litigation.

However, when the BSA filed for bankruptcy on February 18, 2020, TriMark temporarily suspended its Boy Scout lawsuit loan program. We fully expect to resume BSA settlement funding after the following has occurred:

  1. The bankruptcy is resolved
  2. Settlement discussions have concluded
  3. Payout amounts have been finalized

In the meantime, however, a lot of plaintiffs have told us they can’t wait any longer and need money immediately.

In response, TriMark has made available its network of alternative lenders who offer a range of personal loans and other financial options to borrowers with almost all types of credit.

You are welcome to utilize any of the lenders in our network if you need money before the Boy Scout lawsuit is fully resolved and your settlement check arrives.

Boy Scout Lawsuit Loans FAQ

❓ Q: Are Boy Scout Lawsuit Loans Available?

A: Yes! We provide Boy Scout lawsuit loans nationwide, and funds are often available the same day or the next day after approval.

❓ Q: Do You Have Other Funding Available If I Can’t Get A Boy Scout Lawsuit Loan?

A: Yes! We have a network of alternative lenders standing by to help if BSA lawsuit loans aren’t available for your case. You can learn more here.

❓ Q: How Much Money Can I Get With A Boy Scout Lawsuit Loan?

A: Boy Scout lawsuit loans range from $500 to $100,000+, so you can request however much you need.

The amount you are approved for will depend on several factors, including how much money you request and how much your exact net settlement or net recovery will be*.

Under most circumstances, we can fund up to 20% of the estimated net settlement amount on pending cases, and up to 50% of the net settlement amount on settled cases.

* Net settlement or net recovery = gross award minus attorney fees, case costs, medical holdbacks, liens, etc.

❓ Q: What Is A Boy Scout Settlement Loan?

A: Boy Scout settlement loans, as they are often called, aren’t really “loans” at all. Instead, they are a non-recourse cash advance against a portion of the future proceeds of a pending or settled legal claim.

BSA lawsuit loans are only repaid after the case has been settled successfully and the settlement check has been deposited into the plaintiff’s attorney’s trust account.

❓ Q: What If I Only Need A Small Cash Advance?

A: It’s not a problem. Our Boy Scout lawsuit loans start at just $500, so you can request as much, or as little, as you need.

Q: Are There Advantages To Boy Scout Settlement Funding?

A: Yes, there are a number of them.

❇️ 100% risk-free
❇️ Immediate access to some of your future settlement money
❇️ No credit check; Bad credit is OK
❇️ No co-signor required
❇️ No income verification
❇️ No employment requirements
❇️ No monthly payments
❇️ ONLY repay after you win your case

How Could So Much Abuse “Fly Under The Radar”?

From a corporate perspective, the Boy Scouts of America have known as far back as the 1920s that it had a serious problem with sexual predators within its ranks.

Apparently, some genius at BSA Corporate decided early on that it would be bad for business if everyone knew that the Boy Scouts of America was both a hotbed and a safe haven for sexual predators.

So instead of doing the right thing and putting a stop to it, the BSA simply kept quiet and covered it up. It even colluded with the Mormon Church to cover up the sexual abuse, rather than alerting authorities, informing parents, warning the children, or identifying and removing the predators. In the end, they kept everything under wraps for almost a century.

Enough Is Enough

And then one day, a guy named Kerry Lewis decided that enough was enough.

So he called an attorney and filed a lawsuit that would eventually pull back the curtain on the BSA and expose their terrible secrets to the entire world.

Lewis’ lawsuit marked the beginning of the end for the BSA. Within a few short years, the multi-billion dollar financial empire would be brought to its knees and forced into bankruptcy.

Ending Sexual Abuse In The Boy Scouts

Everything started falling apart for the BSA in April 2010, when a Portland, Oregon jury awarded Kerry Lewis, a 38-year-old former Boy Scout, an $18.5 million verdict for sexual abuse.

Still stinging from that verdict, the BSA, in September of that same year, wised up and settled a sexual abuse lawsuit brought by six other men against the Boy Scouts. They, and Lewis, as it happens, were all abused by one Timur Dykes; a convicted pedophile who also just happened to be an assistant Scoutmaster.

Incredulously, the BSA knew Dykes was a convicted child sex offender, but it still allowed him to continue participating in and leading troop activities. This included sleepovers at his home with the scouts, even after he confessed in 1983 to having abused as many as 17 scouts!

“Dykes was convicted three times of sexually abusing boys between 1983 and 1994, most of them Scouts. The suit alleges the Boy Scouts knew it had child molesters among its troop leaders, but didn’t tell parents or authorities. The Scouts say they kept confidential files on suspected molesters to protect children.” ~ CBS News

Attorney Kelly Clark, one of the attorneys representing the men, said he hoped the settlement would make the Boy Scouts safer for children, just as widespread sexual-abuse litigation against the Catholic Church made the church safer. “That’s not primarily because the bishops got the Holy Spirit; that’s because the bishops got sued,” Clark said.

BSA Colluded To Hide The Truth

The BSA began compiling reports, which would eventually be dubbed “Perversion Files”, as far back as the 1920s of volunteers who were considered ineligible to serve in the Boy Scouts due to claims of child sexual abuse. But they just kept it a secret and never did anything to stop it.

In 1971, BSA executives admitted to destroying thousands of “Perversion Files” i.e. files that named sexual abusers in the Scouts. Their actions effectively concealed the identities, for all time, of untold thousands of sexual abusers within the ranks of the BSA.

See the BSA abuse timeline here

The Boy Scout Lawsuit

After the Lewis verdict, attorneys defending the BSA sexual abuse cases admitted to the existence of what has notoriously been dubbed the “Perversion Files”. The perversion files database sprung into public awareness when Multnomah County Judge John Wittmayer ordered the BSA to turn over more than 1,000 such files in their possession.

The Boy Scouts of America released files for 1,247 cases in response to the court order. The files, it turns out, meticulously documented rampant sexual abuse from 1965 to 1985. That, of course, opened the floodgates.

After a nearly 10-year onslaught of litigation and confidential settlements, the BSA filed for bankruptcy protection on February 18, 2020. That was the day TriMark stopped offering Boy Scout lawsuit loans.

In all, more than 92,000 Boy Scout sexual abuse claims were filed with the bankruptcy court before November 16, 2020.

When the Boy Scouts reorganization plan was approved, TriMark Legal Funding once again began receiving hundreds of calls a day from plaintiffs requesting Boy Scout pre-settlement loans.

TriMark is committed to helping injured plaintiffs nationwide with pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding, and the Boy Scouts lawsuit is no exception.

Boy Scout Lawsuit Update

On September 8, 2022, the Boy Scouts of America secured approval of a $2.46 billion reorganization plan from U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein in Wilmington, Delaware. This should allow the organization to exit Chapter 11 and settle decades of claims by more than 80,000 men who say they suffered sexual abuse as children by troop leaders.

As with all settlement agreements of this magnitude, we expect creditor disputes, legal challenges, and possibly even appeals. Once the dust settles and the settlement begins to take shape, the attorneys will create a payment matrix.

After that happens, TriMark will, in all likelihood, begin offering Boy Scout settlement loans again. But until that happens and the payout details become clear, TriMark will be unable to offer settlement funding on the Boy Scout lawsuit.

Personal Loans For People With A BSA Lawsuit

If you need money immediately and are ineligible for legal funding (as every plaintiff in the Boy Scouts lawsuit currently is) you will need to look beyond lawsuit funding for the financial help you need. And chances are, if you have credit challenges like many plaintiffs do, banks and other traditional lenders won’t give you the time of day.

One of the benefits of legal funding is that good credit is unnecessary and bad credit won’t disqualify you. And the reason for that is that a lot of injured plaintiffs have “less-than-stellar” credit. But TriMark is committed to helping you get the money you need, right when you need it most, so we created a solution.

It is for this exact reason that TriMark built a large, nationwide network of alternative lenders and financial service providers. It includes many different types of lenders and even some important personal financial services as well.

And most importantly, it is comprised of lenders that can help borrowers with nearly all types of credit – from very good to very bad. If you have good credit, you will find excellent rates and terms. And if you have bad credit, you will find lenders who would love to work with you.

And here’s the thing. Almost all of the lenders in our network have no prepayment penalties. This is an important benefit for plaintiffs because it means that once your Boy Scout lawsuit finally settles and you get your BSA settlement check, you can use some of the proceeds to simply pay off the loan and be done with it.

Show Me The Lenders

Important Notice

All of the lenders and financial service providers herein are neither owned by nor affiliated with TriMark Legal Funding. As such, use them at your own risk and perform your own due diligence. All inquiries, questions, or concerns should be directed to specific lenders or service providers. TriMark personnel are unable to answer inquiries or provide specific information including rates, terms, application status, the likelihood of approval, etc., pertaining to any lender or service provider.

Personal Loans

Personal Finance

Personal Loans
A personal loan can be used for any purpose you choose. TriMark maintains relationships with various lenders for personal loans in amounts from $1,000 up to $100,000. This category is for borrowers with fair, good, or excellent credit.

Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit
We have one of the nation’s largest subprime lender networks. Bad credit loans are available from $500 up to $10,000.

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You can check your rate for free and it won’t impact your credit score. Borrowers with all types of credit profiles are encouraged to check rates. It’s free and checking rates will not affect your credit score.

Debt Consolidation Loans
A debt consolidation loan is a powerful tool that can really help you take control of your debt. It can simplify your finances by consolidating all your high-interest debt into a single loan with a single monthly payment and a lower interest rate. You can consolidate up to $100,000 of debt with this loan.

Borrowers with all types of credit are strongly encouraged to see how much they could save. It’s free to check rates, there is no obligation, and best of all, it doesn’t hurt your credit score.

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