I Got Denied! Now What?

Sometimes A Denial Isn’t Really A Denial, It’s Only A Delay

If your legal funding request was denied, follow this checklist to see what you can do about it.

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There can be any number of reasons why your legal funding request was denied or you were told that your case is ineligible for funding.

Legal funding companies process a lot of funding requests on a daily basis. And while we use automated processes to make things go as quickly and smoothly as possible, imperfect humans are part of the equation.

The upside is fast processing and approval times. The downside is that sometimes an otherwise-fundable case gets denied.

Be Proactive

If you received a denial, the first thing you need to understand is that seeing if it can be fixed is 100% on you. You have to take action and call us.

We’re here to help and if it is fixable, we want to get the issue resolved and get you funded as quickly as possible.

Whether the denial came from us or another funding company, ask why. Another company may or may not tell you, but we definitely will.

You just might be surprised at how simple the problem is and how easy it is to fix it and then get funded successfully.

IMPORTANT: This is not the time to try and conceal any pertinent facts about your case, or the fact that you were turned down.

We will ask you a few questions and can quickly determine if the denial is fatal or if there’s a chance we can get your case approved.

Missing Information

The most common reason for denials, by far, is when applicants decide it’s not their job to furnish the correct name, phone, fax, and email address for their attorney.

  • First and last name of the attorney assigned to the case
  • Attorney’s phone
  • Attorney’s fax
  • Attorney’s email
  • Assistant’s name
  • Assistant’s email

When we receive an application, we don’t call your attorney and chat them up. Instead, our system automatically generates a customized document request and emails it to your attorney and their assistant. Because many emails get trapped by spam filters, an identical request is sent by fax.

It is then emailed to each of them and a identical copy is sent by fax as a backup, just in case the emails end up in somebody’s junk folder.  If the attorney assistant information is not provided, the process still works flawlessly.

Problems and slowdowns arise when people decide that providing the requested information just isn’t what they feel like doing.

Common examples are when, instead of taking a moment to gather the correct information from the attorney or their website, they decide to “wing it” and provide things like:

  • an incorrect attorney name
  • the first or last name of the attorney only
  • the name of the law firm instead of the attorney name
  • the name partners instead of the actual attorney handling their case

Other common examples are when they provide things like:

  • a guessed, incorrect attorney email address
  • a website URL for the email address
  • a blank for all or any of the attorney information
  • “don’t know” or “call them” for the email address
  • “don’t know” or “call them” for the fax number
  • any combination of these things in the assistant fields


Any of these will cause the funding request to be kicked out of the system. A person is then required to stop what they’re doing and try to contact either the client or the attorney’s office to get the correct information.

You guessed it; call screening or phone tag with clients and gatekeepers at the attorney’s office who refuse to provide names, email addresses or fax numbers for the attorney.


After one or more failed attempts to get the correct information that should have been supplied by the client in the first place, the funding request is denied.

lack of attorney cooperation.

This can be caused by a number of things, but generally speaking, lack of attorney cooperation can be broken down into 4 categories:

  1. We don’t know who your attorney is
  2. We don’t have sufficient any, or the correct, information to reach your attorney
  3. Your attorney is not receiving our communications
  4. Your attorney is not responding to our communications

The good news is that all 4 are relatively easy to fix.

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