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Estate Planning Tips To Keep Your Money With Your Loved Ones

In managing your estate and keeping wealth in the family, it’s easy for things to go wrong. This is especially the case if the correct documentation is not in place or your desires are not clearly outlined in these documents. Luckily, this is avoidable so long as you give your estate plan proper attention.

By applying these estate planning tips to your unique situation you can remove worry, gain confidence, and keep your money with your loved ones long after your death.

Know the Difference Between a

Unusual inheritances can be found in old family wills

I’ve been working on some wills this week, attempting to sort out one of those family lines is which the same given names appear over and over and over.

In this case, only four generations of my direct line there are four Johns, three Thomases and three Anns — and that doesn’t count any of the nieces and nephews. And dates don’t help much; at any given time there could be two or even three Jacobs in the same county.

So wills, even if they don’t actually mention names of widows and daughters, can be of assistance. Sometimes the probate files of intestate estates are even more helpful. If a person dies without having written a will, the estate must be inventoried and divided, with

Is A Trust Necessary?

Question: Some friends, who I’m sure are far wealthier than I, suggested creating a trust document for my assets. How do I know if this is appropriate for me?

Answer: Many high-net-worth people create trusts to help with estate and tax planning, yet there are other reasons for a trust. Trusts can be used to help retain control and management of assets in the event of disability, protect estate assets from creditors, maximize philanthropic giving, and avoid probate.

The 2017 Tax and Job Acts increased the exemption amounts for estate, gift and generation skipping for tax purposes from $5 million to $11.8 million; in 2022 this increased to $12.06 million. With proper planning, the bill allows couples to have a combined gift and estate tax

Is My Ex-Spouse Entitled to My Inheritance?

If you are divorced, recently separated, or are considering divorce proceedings, you may be wondering if your ex-spouse is entitled to make a claim for any of your inheritance. In this article, we help to put you in the picture as to what you can expect in a number of instances related to divorce and inheritance. Read on to see how things could affect you.

When inheritance is received during or before the marriage

If you received inheritance before you were married and your ex-husband or wife benefitted from it, then it’s possible that your ex can make a claim on it. In cases where your inheritance was received during the marriage, inheritance can often be classed as ‘joint property’ or as a benefit to

What Happens To Cryptocurrency When You Die, And Can You Inherit It?

Over 106 million people worldwide hold cryptocurrency, as of 2021, and that figure is only set to boom further as digital assets become increasingly nestled into the mainstream.

With crypto’s growing popularity, a rising number of people will no doubt be wondering what happens to your cryptocurrency stash after they die. For the living, there may also be some curiosity about whether it’s possible to inherit cryptocurrency from a deceased relative.

If you’re looking to inherit crypto held in a deceased person’s wallet, whether it’s an offline (cold) or online (hot) wallet, it’s important to know the private key.

In short, the private key is like a password; a cryptographically generated code that grants access to

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