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Multiple dead and injured in bridge collapse at Florida International University

OPINION: I think this incident will become known as the “negligence lawsuit for the colossally stupid”.

Civil engineers build a bridge over a highway in Florida and designed it to withstand Category 5 hurricanes and last for 100 years. So, once it was done they decided to test it to make sure it was good to go, and sadly, here is where all those expensive engineering degrees (and every vestige of common sense) abandoned them.

I’m not an engineer, but even I know that tests only have 2 outcomes: pass or fail, right? So these idiots decided it would be a good idea to run a stress test which, as the name implies, applies extreme additional stress to the bridge to see if it can withstand it. Simple enough idea, right? Only problem is that none of the degreed civil engineers running the test thought to consider the obvious: in a 50/50, pass/fail scenario, there is only a 50% chance of passing the test.

So they completely ignored that truth and ran the test anyway, with 6 lanes of traffic, vehicles and people clogging the area under the bridge.

Short story; the test failed, the bridge collapsed and all of the people and vehicles under the bridge were crushed.

Gross negligence/wrongful death lawsuits all around? And hopefully none of the jagoffs who ran the test will ever work in civil engineering again. 

4 dead, several injured in bridge collapse at Florida International University


At least four people have been found dead in the rubble of a pedestrian bridge that collapsed at Florida International University Thursday, injuring several others and crushing several vehicles under massive slabs.

Fire Chief Dave …

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‘Multiple’ fatalities when Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapses on vehicles


A pedestrian bridge that was under construction collapsed onto a busy Miami highway Thursday, crushing at least eight vehicles under massive slabs of concrete and steel and killing multiple people, authorities said.

Search-and-rescue crews …

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Rescuers look for more victims in deadly bridge collapse at FIU


At least one person has died as rescue teams search for victims among the rubble of a collapsed pedestrian bridge at Florida International University in Miami, officials said Thursday afternoon.

At least eight cars were crushed …

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Special Report: NTSB Holds Preliminary News Conference On FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

Special Report: NTSB Holds Preliminary News Conference On FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse FOX News 4:51

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Florida university used time-saving technology to build its collapsed bridge

(CNN)The pedestrian bridge that collapsed at Florida International University in Miami on Thursday was built using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) technology, according to a statement from the university.

Unlike traditional methods of construction …

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Pedestrian Bridge Collapses at Florida International University in Miami, Crushing Vehicles

MIAMI—A new pedestrian bridge at Florida International University that was at the vanguard of innovative construction techniques collapsed Thursday afternoon, smashing cars under its wrecked concrete and causing multiple casualties.

Eight cars were …

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UPDATE: Wrongful Death Lawsuits Around The Country This Week

Mentally ill Bronx man killed by police Taser ignites wrongful death lawsuit against cop and NYPD family of a mentally ill Bronx man who died after a cop subdued him with a stun gun will file a wrongful death suit against the NYPD and the officer who used the device.

The state attorney general’s office has already indicated that it would not …

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Timeline in murder case against ex St. Louis police officer

A St. Louis judge ruled Friday that former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley is not guilty in the 2011 death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

A timeline of events leading up to the ruling…

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against The Boy Scouts of America many parents, the thought of losing a child is almost too much to bear.

Unfortunately for two parents in Texas, John and Copper Comita, they’ve had to face every parent’s worst nightmare and filed a wrongful death lawsuit as a result.

Their lawsuit …

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Trial Begins In Wrongful Death Lawsuit Of U Of O Student, Oregon
Trial has begun in the civil lawsuit filed by the mother of Lauren Jones, a University of Oregon student who died during a meningococcal outbreak in 2015.

During opening statements Wednesday, attorney Dave Miller told jurors that …

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Widow claims aircraft upgrades played a role in husband’s death, ALASKA
The widow of a Pennsylvania dentist has sued Rainbow King Lodge and the provider of popular aircraft modifications, claiming they are responsible for killing her husband in a 2015 plane crash.

The wrongful death suit targets the …

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Family of Sachem East Football Player Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit to the claim, Ancharski-Mileto said the school district and football club’s “negligence and carelessness” were the reason behind the accident that claimed her son’s life.

But what happened?

Well, the accident took place at a summer football …

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Abuse allegations, arrests mount at state mental hospital, Connecticut
At Connecticut’s only maximum-security psychiatric hospital, staff members put a diaper on a patient’s head, threw food at him, poured water over him, put salt in his coffee, kicked him and placed a mop on his head after cleaning a floor, according to a state report.

Thirty-one staff members at the Whiting Forensic Division hospital in Middletown have been suspended, and nine have been arrested.

More arrests are expected, police say, and calls are pouring in with more allegations of misconduct and abuse, according to a state lawmaker who is calling for legislative hearings.

Current and former staff members, as well as patients’ relatives, are alleging abuse of other patients and staff wrongdoing, she said.

“It’s really incomprehensible that this could happen in this day and age,” said Sen…

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Adrian Jones’ family files wrongful death lawsuit new $25 million lawsuit has been filed in the death of Adrian Jones, a 7-year-old boy who was horribly abused.

His body was fed to pigs to cover up the crime.

His father and stepmother are both in prison for his abuse and death.

When Adrian’s …

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Hernandez estate loses bid to move wrongful death suits to Bristol County estate of Aaron Hernandez has suffered a setback in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the families of two alleged victims of the former New England Patriots star.

In a recent ruling, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Douglas H. Wilkins denied a motion …

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Jail’s health care providers’ wrongful death lawsuits on the rise…AGAIN

Concerns Growing Over Inmates’ Medical Care; 25 Cases Flagged, Including Eight Deaths lawsuit said doctors and nurses never gave him a proper initial exam, “never addressed his signs and symptoms” and “failed to refer him immediately for medical care.”

The Manforte case is set for trial in …

After inmate Peter Fraioli died of …

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El Paso County jail health care provider blamed in 6 inmate deaths Scott Lillis, 37, died of pneumonia and sepsis at the Arapaho County jail in December 2014.

In a lawsuit filed over his death two years later, attorneys argue both conditions are “easily treatable” with timely medical care; something they claim Lillis never received.

Correct Care …

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Critics: El Paso County “ping-pongs” from one troubled jail health care provider to another Miami-based correctional health care provider found a fresh start in El Paso County, winning a jail contract potentially worth up to $40 million.

But that was just eight months after it was banned from jails and prisons in New York state following a string of inmate deaths …

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New documents filed in lawsuit against Tuscaloosa Co. Jail staff federal lawsuit claims the Tuscaloosa County Jail staff ignored an inmate’s ulcer, which allegedly led to his death.

The family for 49-year-old Phillip Anderson …

“And had he received care from an emergency room physician then he would still be …

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Jury Clears Doctor, Administrator of Liability in Inmate’s Death’s family sued more than a dozen defendants, including Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren, the Cobb County Health Department and several nurses employed at the infirmary in 2008.

Also sued were jail health care contractor Wellstar; Dr. Clarence …

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A doctor prescribed so many painkillers, she’s been charged with murdering her patients is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Bartels and four other patients, some of whom died just days after receiving large prescriptions from the doctor.

She was arrested Friday.

Jail officials didn’t know whether she had hired …

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Family Of Woman Who Died In Fatal Crash File Lawsuit Against CPD

Family Of Woman Who Died In Fatal Crash File Lawsuit Against CPD and the City of Chicago family is asking police to release radio dispatch tapes, GPS mapping of location and speed, and videos that caught views of the high-speed chase of an off-duty police officer that led to the horrific crash that killed 27-year-old Chequita Adams …

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Family of woman killed in crash with off-duty cop files lawsuit against city family of Chequita Adams, the woman killed in a West Side crash Monday that also killed an off-duty police officer, is seeking legal action to find out what happened before the fatal accident.

Adams’ family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit …

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Lawsuit: Bars responsible for man’s death in DUI crash after pub crawl according to a lawsuit filed in McHenry County, a crawl that happened on a Saturday night in February ended in tragedy.

Tyler Stewart, a 28-year-old Crystal Lake man, allegedly crashed his truck into a sedan after the final stop of a Metra pub …

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Rikers beating victim who killed wife wins $165G settlement, but cash will go to kids man accused of shooting his estranged wife to death at a Brooklyn family reunion has settled an unrelated federal lawsuit with the city for $165,000 — but he won’t see a dime of it, city officials said Wednesday.

Lawyers for Gabino Genao, 30, who …

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Lawsuits: Guardrail systems flawed, to blame in TN deaths families of three people who died last year after crashing into Tennessee interstate guardrails allege the guardrails were improperly made, tested, installed and maintained.

The sweeping lawsuits have been filed in Cumberland County and in Hamilton …

Original post widow of fallen Dallas Police Officer Lorne Ahrens is suing the “Assist The Officer” Foundation, claiming her family hasn’t received any donations. (

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Family of Crystal Lake man killed in February suspected DUI crash sues driver’s estate, bars T. Madigan’s wife, Karaline Madigan, and his three children filed a lawsuit in McHenry County Court against the estate of Tyler Stewart, as well as the businesses Peggy Kinnane’s in Arlington Heights, Durty Nellie’s in Palatine and Finn McCool …

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Woman killed in Hoboken train crash didn’t have to die, lawsuit says Pascack Valley line train entered Hoboken Terminal on track 5 at least 10 mph higher than the posted speed limit and crashed into the platform, killing 34-year-old Fabiola Bittar de Kroon.

Moments before the crash, de Kroon had dropped her daughter …

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Family Sues Nursing Home After Grandma Killed by Alligator

Un-friggin’-believable; sadly, you just can’t make this stuff up…

Granddaughter of 90-year-old woman killed by alligator sues West Ashley nursing home, S.C.
A woman is suing the parent company and employees of a West Ashley nursing home, after her 90-year-old grandmother wandered off and was killed and “dismembered” by an alligator.

Stephanie Walker Weaver, granddaughter of Bonnie Walker, …

Original ABC News report

Family Goes After Nursing Home After Grandma’s Killed by Gator 90-year-old grandmother was “dismembered” by an alligator after wandering out of her senior home last July, and now her family is suing for “more than $10,000”.

The Post and Courier reports that on July 27, 2016, Brookdale Senior Living center couldn’t find …

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Family sues nursing home after gator kills grandma 90-year-old grandma in South Carolina was “dismembered” by an alligator after wandering out of her senior living home — and now her family is suing the facility for more than $10,000.

Staff at the Brookdale Senior Living center in Charleston somehow …

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UPDATE: Wrongful Death Lawsuits Around the US

Missouri trooper charged with drowning death of handcuffed suspect pleads guilty to minor boating offense Missouri state trooper — charged with the 2014 drowning death of a handcuffed man — has pleaded guilty to a lesser penalty as he faced a drawn-out trial.

Ellingson’s family won a $9 million wrongful death lawsuit last …

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Family sues over fatal police shooting of Louisiana black man family of a black man killed last year by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and police on Tuesday, alleging a history of excessive-force incidents and racism toward African-Americans.

The …

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Family of Hoboken Derailment Victim Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit family of a woman killed when a New Jersey Transit commuter train slammed into a station last year filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Tuesday against the agency.

Fabiola Bittar de Kroon’s family is seeking unspecified compensatory damages in the …

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Family Of Alton Sterling Sues His Killers & City Of Baton Rouge five children of Alton Sterling, a black man who was shot to death past year by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, filed a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday against the city, the police chief and the officers, alleging a history of excessive force and …

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Philando Castile’s family reaches $3M settlement in his death settlement to be paid to Valerie Castile will avoid a federal wrongful death lawsuit stemming from Philando Castile’s death.

The 32-year-old elementary school cafeteria worker was killed by St. Anthony officer Jeronimo Yanez during a traffic stop …

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Ex-Knick Marcus Camby sued over autistic nephew’s drowning
Former NBA player Marcus Camby has been named defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit over the drowning of his 9-year-old autistic nephew in a pond on Camby’s Houston-area property last Thanksgiving.

The federal lawsuit, filed Thursday by the …

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Ferguson attorney: Brown family settlement $1.5 million LOUIS, MISSOURI
The insurance company for the city of Ferguson, Missouri, paid $1.5 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Michael Brown’s parents, the city attorney said Friday.

Attorney Apollo Carey disclosed the amount in an email in …

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Expert troubled by claims of wrongful deaths at Syracuse nursing home

Four families have filed lawsuits over the past five years claiming a loved one died because of poor care at a Syracuse nursing home that’s under state criminal investigation.

The four wrongful death lawsuits filed against James …

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Family of Ohio teen killed by brain-eating amoeba files wrongful death suit against whitewater rafting facility family of an Ohio 18-year-old killed after contracting a brain-eating amoeba during a whitewater rafting trip has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against an outdoor North Carolina recreation facility.

Lauren Seitz died in June 2016 from …

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Eye-Raising Wrongful Death Lawsuits in the News

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against American Flight Academy“As far as I’m concerned, either personally and or as the owner of the American Flight Academy,” attorney Michael Peck told.

Prevalla is not personally named in the wrongful death suit against AFA, which alleges carelessness and negligence.

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Settlement Reached in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Rockland Bar

A lawsuit filed by the family of a man who died after falling from a balcony at a Rockland bar has been settled for an undisclosed amount of money.

The estate of 25-year-old Mark Boynton, represented by his mother, sued Get Out Incorporated last year.

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Wrongful death lawsuit filed in crash that killed toddler Montgomery-based Beasley Allen Law Firm filed a lawsuit on May 31 in Macon County against Wooden Products Transportation Corp., a Montgomery-based freight shipping and trucking company, and Ryder Truck Rental.

Angel Zaragoza, 16 months of …

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Derek Boogaard family’s wrongful death lawsuit vs NHL dismissed federal judge has dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NHL that was filed by the parents of former Minnesota Wild player Derek Boogaard.

Boogaard was found dead in a Minneapolis condo in 2011 from an accidental overdose after a …

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Father of man killed in jail files wrongful death suit against Pima County father of a man killed in the Pima County jail has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the county, claiming his son died as a result of negligence by the corrections chief and jail staff.

Branden Roth was found dead in his cell the morning of …

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Henry Green’s mother files wrongful-death lawsuit against city lawsuit said the officers’ actions are commonly known as the “the Jumpout Boys” who “target citizens for unreasonable encounters in order to seek out criminal activity.”

“The tactics and strategy of the CSI/Summer Strike Force authorized Columbus …

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High-Profile Wrongful Death Lawsuits Happening Now

Lloyd family attorney says lawsuit will proceed attorney for the family of Odin L. Lloyd said Tuesday that their wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of Aaron Hernandez will not be derailed by a judge’s decision Tuesday to vacate his criminal conviction.

Douglas K. Sheff, an attorney for …

Original Boston Globe story

Daughter awarded $300K in wrongful death lawsuit against Colonial Manor daughter of a woman who died after a serious fall at Colonial Manor Senior Living in Williamsburg has been awarded $300,000 in damages in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Following expert testimony from a neurological surgeon and a registered nurse, …

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Mount Pleasant settles Danroy Henry wrongful death lawsuit family of Danroy “DJ” Henry Jr., a Pace University student shot and killed by police outside a Thornwood bar in 2010, have settled their final civil lawsuit in …

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Wrongful-death suit filed in Blue Springs drowning family of a 16-year-old who drowned at Blue Springs Park while swimming at night last summer has sued the operators of the park in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawsuit contends that the park’s owners didn’t do enough to ensure swimmer safety, …

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Wrongful death lawsuit filed in Codi Joyce case father, John Joyce said the family decided to file the lawsuit against the people he says are responsible for his son’s death.

“We hope the civil case exposes the truth and brings justice for my son,” Joyce said.

“He was basically gang-beaten and …

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Wrongful death lawsuit against city of Billings moved to federal court wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city of Billings by the family of a man shot in 2014 by a Billings police officer during a traffic stop has been moved into federal court.

The city, along with defendants Police Chief Rich St. John, Officer …

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Family files wrongful death lawsuit after CDA boating accident, Washington
Unsafe boating has caused multiple deaths in the Inland Northwest in recent years.

Right now there are three different lawsuits underway involving accidents on local waterways where the skippers are accused of negligent or unsafe …

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Wrongful death lawsuit filed against suspect in Lake Coeur d’Alene boat crash Point overlooking Lake Coeur d’Alene on Nov. 27, 2016.

A boat allegedly operated by Dennis Magner crashed into a second boat in July of last year, killing its operator and two passengers.

Families of the victims have filed a wrongful death …

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Family of drowned teen files wrongful death lawsuit – KXLY Spokane COUNTY, Idaho
The family of a Coeur d’Alene teenager who died in a boating accident in 2015 has filed a lawsuit, claiming others were responsible for their child’s death.

16-year old Reggie Nault fell from a boat while out with friends on …

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3 elements of successful wrongful death lawsuits

Could a wrongful death lawsuit help ease your financial burden and, thus, some of the stress stemming from your loved one’s passing?


Looking to judge your case’s potential viability?

Here are three elements of successful wrongful death litigation …

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Family of woman killed in wrong-way crash files wrongful death lawsuit JOHNS COUNTY, Florida
A Jacksonville attorney has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family a St. Augustine woman who died in wrong-way crash on Interstate 95.

In December, troopers said, Jennifer Levin was driving an Audi Q5 north in …

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Saratoga: Wrongful death suit filed in sergeant’s shooting of 86-year-old vet lawsuit cites nine complaints for damages, including wrongful death by negligence and battery, inadequate training, lack of due process, violation of the Fourth Amendment and bystander emotional distress.

“The incident itself still troubles her to …

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Parents of Slain Missouri Girl Settle Wrongful-Death Lawsuit has yet to stand trial, but the News-Leader has reported he’s willing to spend the rest of his life in prison if, in exchange, the Greene County prosecutor drops his pursuit of the death penalty.

Last week, Barfield said she wants prosecutors to …

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Third wrongful death lawsuit alleges nursing home abandoned patient Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center and its owning company Brius Healthcare Services is named as a defendant in a March wrongful death lawsuit.

The complaint alleges the facility abandoned a 65-year-old blind patient with mental illness at a Eureka hotel …

Original Times-Standard report

UPDATE: High Profile Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Parents of slain Missouri girl settle wrongful death lawsuit parents of a 10-year-old homicide victim have settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the man charged with kidnapping, raping and killing the girl in southwest Missouri.

The Springfield News-Leader reports that court …

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Polaris Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against a major ATV manufacturer after two Arizona women died last year in Utah when their ATV rolled over and caught fire.

The families of the women have brought a wrongful death lawsuit against Polaris Industries, the makers …

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Hailey Owens’ parents settle wrongful death lawsuit with Craig Wood, Missouri
The mother and father of Hailey Owens settled a wrongful death lawsuit for an undisclosed amount.

The parents, Stacey Barfield and Ryan Owens, who are not married to each other, reached the settlement with Hailey’s accused …

The original KY3 report is here

Third wrongful death lawsuit alleges Brius nursing home abandoned patient Eureka Rehabilitation and Wellness Center is named as a defendant in a March wrongful death lawsuit alleging the facility abandoned a 65-year-old blind patient with mental illness at a Eureka hotel where he died in October 2016.

The Times-Standard …

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Yorkville police sued over teenager’s death in crash during pursuit south suburban family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Yorkville Police Department, saying they are at fault in the January death of a teenage girl who crashed her car while fleeing a Yorkville police officer in a residential …

Chicago Tribune report

Father of worker killed in La. containerboard mill blast files wrongful death suit TEXAS
A blast at a Louisiana containerboard mill earlier this year has resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit, according to recent Harris County District Court records.

In a lawsuit filed on Apr. 25 against Packaging Corp. of America in the Harris …

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Hagg Lake wrongful death lawsuit headed to Oregon Court of Appeals Washington County Judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Washington County after a A Washington County Circuit Court judge threw out a wrongful death lawsuit this week which sought $4 million after the 2014 drowning of four people in …

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Attorney wants out of wrongful death lawsuit against Easton police attorney who accused an Easton police sergeant of allowing the man he shot to bleed to death and who accused the city police department of condoning the excessive use of force now wants permission to withdraw from the case.

Attorney Patrick Geckle …

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Crawford County Memorial Hospital Facing Three More Wrongful Death Lawsuits year after reaching a $500,000 settlement in a lawsuit for the wrongful death of Carole Christiansen, who died in November 2014 after a “botched” colonoscopy, Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) in Denison has now been named in three more …

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Small Iowa hospital hit with four wrongful death suits in two years small western Iowa hospital that tried last year to keep the public from learning the amount of a wrongful-death lawsuit settlement is now facing three more such suits.

Two of the lawsuits against the Crawford County Memorial Hospital in Denison were …

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UPDATE: Wrongful Death Lawsuits in the News

2013 search warrant death suit settles for $156,250 and the sheriff’s office were named in the wrongful death suit along with Sheriff George Lavender and the County Risk Sharing Authority of Ohio.

According to the settlement, all parties maintained denial of any liability for Barrows’ death …

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Family of Canadian filmmaker who died during dive files wrongful-death lawsuit GABLES, FLORIDA
The family of a Canadian filmmaker who died while diving in the Florida Keys earlier this year is suing the dive company and its owner for negligence.

An attorney for the family of Rob Stewart held a news conference Tuesday morning …

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Fiancée of man killed by Smyrna Police sues for wrongful death fiancee of a man killed by Smyrna Police is suing the department for wrongful death and the subsequent cover up of the facts leading to his death.

The federal lawsuit names the City of Smyrna, Smyrna Police Officer Kenneth Owens, Cobb District …

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Apple Named in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

FaceTime was cited in a lawsuit as a factor in the death of a 5-year-old girl in a car accident on I-35 in Texas.

A California couple has filed a wrongful lawsuit against Apple alleging that the company’s …

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Wrongful death lawsuit filed against city of Torrance, police chief ANGELES
A lawsuit was filed against Torrance today on behalf of the only child of a 39-year-old woman who was…

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Marquise Jones wrongful death trial underway family says he did not, and they continue to seek justice by suing both the city of San Antonio and the San Antonio Police Department for wrongful death.

Our cameras are not allowed in the federal courthouse, but we learned during opening …

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Settlement reached in wrongful death lawsuit of Franks in Kandiyohi County wrongful death civil lawsuit was filed in February 2016, seeking $100,000 in damages and alleging Gingery operated his vehicle in a negligent manner.

Gingery had been on his way to a job as an electrician at an oil refinery.

He told authorities he …

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Cottage Pays $600,000 in Flesh-Eating Bacteria Wrongful-Death Suit three teenage children of a 43-year-old woman who suddenly died from a flesh-eating-bacteria infection settled a wrongful death case last month with Cottage hospital for $600,000.

The plaintiffs claimed Emergency Room doctors acted negligently when …

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Wrongful Death Suit Targets Drug Prescribing Practices wrongful death suit was filed Thursday in Middlesex County Superior Court against a drug company linked to a scheme to pay kickbacks to doctors who prescribed its powerful opioid drug.

Insys Therapeutics of Chandler, Arizona, is a defendant in the …

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Four MPD officers sued in wrongful death case, Tenn.
Four Memphis police officers are being sued by the family of Alexio Allen, shot and killed by a Memphis cop one year ago on March 23, 2016.

Allen’s family told 911 operators he was having a mental health issue at the time and needed …

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Case Western Reserve University fraternity settles Willoughby Hills plane crash wrongful death case Reserve University fraternity settles Willoughby Hills plane crash wrongful death case.

An airplane crashed shortly after takeoff late Aug. 25, 2014, from Cuyahoga County Airport, killing all four occupants.

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Loudoun Settles $3.35M Wrongful Death Lawsuit for $10K county has settled a $3.35 million wrongful death suit against Fire-Rescue Chief W. Keith Brower for $10,000, bringing to a close a nearly four-year court battle.

The case stems from a conflict between professional crew and the now-defunct …

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Family files wrongful death claim against city of Lemoore after man dies in police custody stood beside her attorneys during a press conference Thursday, announcing they have filed a claim against the city for wrongful death.

“We think the conduct of the officers is what led up to and caused Mr. Hills death,” said Neil Gehlawat, attorney

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