Why Do People Choose TriMark?

Lawsuit Loans and Pre Settlement Funding

We could give you all the “standard reasons” like we have the lowest rates in the industry, or we offer lawsuit funding on more case types than anyone else or how we’ve been in this business since 2003. We could even give you compelling testimonials from real-world clients.

And while that’s all true, there’s actually a bigger, better reason why people choose us.

The REAL REASON People Consistently Choose TriMark

In all likelihood, you’ve probably called around and spoken with some of the other pre settlement funding companies you found online. If you did, you might have been shocked at how some of them treated you. “Rude”, “pushy”, “high-pressure”, “just in it for the commission”, “deceitful”, “dishonest”, “unethical” and “totally unprofessional” are just a few of the words our clients use everyday to describe their various interactions with some of ‘the other guys’ in this industry.

Instead of telling you why you SHOULD choose TriMark, we’ll simply tell you the founding principle our company has been built around for the last 13 years so you’ll know why people DO choose TriMark:

#1: Give value, respect and world-class customer care to every client, every day, period.

There is one basic, fundamental difference between TriMark Legal Funding LLC and ‘the other guys’. We DO NOT employ a staff of pushy, high-pressure, commission-only salespeople like ‘the other guys’ do, and THAT makes all the difference. Instead, we only employ lawsuit funding professionals who are dedicated to serving our clients with professionalism, compassion, courtesy, empathy and excellence.

Of course we have great low rates, tons of experience and more than a decade-long track record with thousands of satisfied clients. We wouldn’t still be around if we didn’t have those things. But what really sets us apart is that we care about our clients and they know it. They know they’re not just some commission in the monthly sales quota to us and we go the extra mile every day to prove it.

We care about helping them pay their bills, or buy food, or fix their car, or pay for medication or medical treatments, or stop a repossession, eviction or foreclosure. We care about those and a million other things because they’re important to our clients…and they’re probably important to you too.

THAT is what separates TriMark Legal Funding LLC from the rest of the herd. Always has; always will.

It’s a difference our clients can feel too. It’s about respect, compassion, empathy and never forgetting what our clients are going through. It’s constantly reminding ourselves that “if roles were reversed, how would I want to be treated?” and then acting that way.

So Why Choose TriMark Legal Funding LLC?

When you think about it, isn’t getting “value, respect and world-class customer care” really what you want more of in your life? Isn’t that what everybody wants more of? And isn’t that exactly what you deserve? If you agree then your choice is clear.

We look forward to serving you.

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