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Legal Funding on Tractor Trailer Accidents

TriMark is one of America’s foremost semi-truck accident lawsuit loan companies. We provide low-cost cash advances on tractor trailer accidents nationwide.

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If you’ve been involved in a truck accident and filed a claim but have encountered a financial setback in the middle of it all, semi truck accident lawsuit loans may be your best chance at getting cash relief.

Handling a large vehicle, such as a semi truck, entails a huge responsibility. Despite the driver’s training and experience, accidents do happen.

Truckers often deal with several things at once on the road. They’re forced to follow unrealistic schedules just to meet the deadline. This results in fatigue and even causes them to fall asleep while driving, which can lead to mishaps.

Some truck drivers also resort to drinking alcohol and taking drugs to keep themselves awake while on duty. Speeding and overtaking to reach their destination quickly pose problems as well. Such practices make them highway hazards.

But for the victims of truck wrecks and car crashes, the consequences are beyond bearable. Injuries sustained usually involve your back, neck, spinal cord, and even brain. These temporarily or sometimes permanently disable you from working and performing daily activities.

Your normal life may have been put on hold. But your day-to-day expenses still pile up. Monthly rents, phone bills, utility bills, and of course, your medical bills can accumulate if you settle them late.

Someone’s negligence should not put your life and dreams to ruins. Pre settlement funding can help you change course if you need cash now. At TriMark, we can advance 20%-50% of your future settlement as you recover from your injuries and wait for your case to settle.

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Semi Truck Accident Settlement Loans

When you’re facing a financial setback after sorting through the chaos, filing a claim for damages, and waiting for your case to resolve, you can rely on TriMark to be at your service.

We offer pre-settlement and post-settlement loans to plaintiffs who have been affected by a semi truck accident. Get a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance, with a “no win, no pay” setup, to help you cover mounting bills and expenses.

A pre settlement loan is not your typical payday loan. It does not require good credit, real estate collateral, or co-signors. The sole basis of qualification is the strength of your case.

To receive legal funding, you must be represented by a contingent fee attorney and have sustained significant injuries.You must also be expecting to receive a minimum net of $ 60,000 after all deductions are applied.

Do not be disheartened by an unforeseen road accident. TriMark is ready to help you with your medical bills and monthly bills while you wait for your due compensation to come.

Get Settlement Loans for Semi Truck Accidents

Receive an instant cash advance in three simple steps. Fill out our online form, or call us at (877) 932-2628, submit the necessary documents, and receive a confirmation from us within 24 to 72 hours.

Don’t settle for loans that take advantage of you. With TriMark’s non-recourse cash advances, there are no hidden and surprise fees. 

No background checks are implemented and no upfront fees are required. Just make sure to submit all supporting documentation for your case to be processed quickly.

TriMark is always here to take care of your financial concerns while you bounce back from the stress your accident may have caused you.

How to Qualify for Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit Loans

Pending Cases

These are the criteria for eligibility for plaintiffs with pending cases:

  • You are represented by a contingent-fee attorney.
  • You must have sustained significant injuries from the semi-truck accident.
  • Your anticipated value should net at least $150,000 (gross award less attorney fees, case costs, medical liens, etc.).
  • Your settlement check must be deposited to, and be distributed out of, your attorney’s trust account.

Settled Cases 

Your application will be assessed based on the actual value of your compensation or settlement. You must provide documentation showing that you will net a minimum of $60,000 after all deductions.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

1. Driver Fatigue

Truckers deal with pressure brought about by unrealistic schedules. They are used to sleeping shortly or not at all. Just so they can make their deadlines, they stick to this routine even if it means running on little to no fuel (no pun intended).

Without quality rest, semi-truck drivers can feel fatigued on the job. They can have trouble concentrating or responding quickly to road circumstances. In worst cases, they can fall asleep at the wheel. Such conditions can lead to the driver making mistakes on the road, even causing a devastating accident.

2. Alcohol and Drugs

Drinking and driving don’t and shouldn’t mix. But some truck drivers admittedly take alcohol, as well as drugs, while on duty. A group of researchers compiled studies across countries with large trucking industries and found that 50% of the respondents drank and drove. 

About 30% took amphetamines, while 20% and 3% used marijuana and cocaine. These psychoactive drugs keep drivers awake. However, they can also lead to risky maneuvers and, in turn, accidents. Once their effect wears off, they can make a person feel more sleepy. This situation can also result in road mishaps.

3. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is responsible for nine deaths and 1,000 injuries every day. Texting is one of the most common activities to be reported. But the risk of checking a mobile device or taking one’s attention off the road, for that matter, does not end with texting. 

If you’re a trucker coasting along a long highway or navigating a local road, it can get pretty boring quickly. Some, then, may reach for the phone to play music. Others may eat while controlling the wheel — anything to multitask and prevent themselves from falling asleep. 

Instead of driving with undivided attention, these diversions can occupy their minds and cause them to commit errors behind the wheel.

4. Poor Vehicle and Cargo Maintenance

Poorly maintained trucks are often the cause of truck accidents. Tires blow out, brakes fail. Such things could have been avoided, though. Many accidents could have been prevented.

But the reality is that many truckers do not have the time to maintain their vehicles properly. They’re often running out of time, so they go out without fully ensuring their trucks are in tip-top shape. 

The law requires them to care for their vehicle and cargo. Drivers also need to keep the weight of their shipment according to shipping standards. 

5. Speeding and Overtaking

When catching a deadline, drivers may risk going faster than what’s allowed for commercial trucks or semi-trucks. They can speed right behind smaller cars or even overtake them. Heavy vehicles may pose a hazard if their drivers insist on speeding or overtaking, especially when stuck in slow-moving traffic.

Meanwhile, other motorists may want to get as far away from the cargo-laden trucks and attempt to overtake. Or they may swerve and change lanes, which can usually cause accidents. 

Either party must be patient in an already-challenging road situation to prevent the creation of even more significant dangers.

What to Do After a Semi-Truck Accident?

Your safety is the top priority. Call 911 if you can safely assess and relay the condition of your companions and other people (and vehicles) involved. The dispatcher will call the police and send an ambulance/ambulances based on the details you provide.

Once you’ve called the accident in, there’s nothing left to do but wait for help to arrive. The next steps are also crucial:

1. File a Police Report

No matter how minor the accident seems, file a police report. It will serve as quick documentation of the incident and the records of the vehicles involved.

2. Seek Medical Attention

It may not always be apparent that you didn’t sustain injuries or harm. Even if you’re feeling okay, you need to get checked for any internal damage you may have suffered from the accident. A full medical evaluation can help you see the big picture and address immediate dangers.

3. Document Evidence of the Crash

Your safety is important, so do this step only if you can safely go outside the vehicle. Take photos, contact details of involved parties and eyewitnesses, and road and weather conditions.

If a semi-truck driver is involved, you can ask for their name, home address, phone number, email address, license number, insurance company and policy number, employer and trucking company, and other identification details.

You may also approach witnesses who might provide you with different perspectives on how the crash happened. However, it is not your job to get their statement. Ask for their contact details alone. But if the police are quite busy, you may get into questioning them yourself if they’re willing to share information.

4. Get Your Vehicle Appraised

Don’t rush to get your car repaired. Take photos of each outer side, assess for actual damages (some may not be obvious to you right away), and then wait for clearance from the insurance company. The appraisal is vital for you to recover repair costs.

Before taking it back on the road, make sure to bring it to the mechanic for thorough inspection and repair.

5. Watch What You Say

If you happen to be at fault or share responsibility for the accident, we’re not saying you should lie. But leave the details for when you’re alone with your lawyer. If a truck driver is liable, avoid unpleasantly speaking to them. Don’t do anything that can eventually hurt your case.

6. Don’t Post on Social Media

This part is related to the previous tip. Avoid sharing details on social media, especially what can be considered a revelation of your physical or emotional condition during the accident. Share updates only with your family members and close contacts.

7. Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Seek professional help from someone who knows the ins and outs of a personal injury case, especially one that involves trucks and truck drivers. The legal process tends to be complicated. Your attorney will be the best person to advise you on what to say or do while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

You’ll also need a lawyer who can navigate the tricky realms of negotiations and trials.

How to Apply for Truck Accident Settlement Funding

Get a semi truck accident lawsuit loan  in three convenient steps, only with TriMark:

  1. Fill out an application form online or call us to have one of our friendly legal funding experts assist you.
  2. We will evaluate the merits of your case based on the documents you submitted. Applications with complete documents have more chances of getting approved.
  3. In 24 to 72 hours, we’ll let you know of your application result. If your lawsuit funding request is approved, you’ll just have to wait for your funds in one to 24 hours.

Latest Developments in Truck Accident Law…

A Texas attorney who specializes in trucking safety says he’s worried about the uptick in 18-wheeler accidents, claiming that the pandemic is only making matters worse. Over the past year, the number of trucking accidents has been steadily increasing nationwide, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of serious injuries. Although winter weather conditions can be blamed for a portion of these incidents, some legal experts point the finger elsewhere. Fort Worth attorney Seth D. McCloskey of the Law Offices of Steven Laird PC attributes the surge in commercial truck accidents across the country on supply chain pressures created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the way, he claims, that the major trucking companies have “mishandled the worker shortage.” The number of fatalities from truck crashes… Read more
Five people were transported to the hospital after the collision. A dramatic video captured the moment an Amtrak train slammed into a semi-truck hauling several cars in Oklahoma, sending vehicles and debris flying and injuring several people on board. The incident occurred Friday around 7 p.m. local time in Thackerville, near the Oklahoma-Texas border. Minutes before Amtrak Train 822, which operates daily between Fort Worth, Texas, and Oklahoma City, was scheduled to pass through, the car hauler tractor trailer got stuck on the train tracks, Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham told ABC News. "The tracks are built up a little bit higher" at that crossing, Grisham said. "He had a lot of cars on the trailer. When he tried to cross over the tracks, the trailer high-centered on the tracks, causing him to be stuck and not able to move his tractor-trailer rig any further off the track." "Everything was… Read more
His billion-dollar judgment in hand, Curry Pajcic is speaking out about what happened in the series of truck wrecks in 2017 that took the life of Connor Dzion and led to the enormous jury award. The arguments aren’t new; Pajcic, attorney for the Dzion family in Florida’s Nassau County court, presented them during the five-day trial. But since few people heard those in person, Pajcic appears to be on a quest to get his view of what happened out to a broader audience. He held a press conference after the verdict, and a Pajcic & Pajcic associate reached out to FreightWaves to offer up a longer review of the events of that night. Pajcic has the advantage of the “other side” being quiet or nonexistent. One of the two trucking companies involved, Canada-based Kahkashan, has proved impossible to contact — for both FreightWaves and other media, based on reports. Kahkashan… Read more
Connor Dzion had only attended two weeks of classes at the University of North Florida in 2017 when a distracted semi-truck driver slammed into a line of cars on Sept. 4. Dzion had been in standstill traffic for over an hour on Interstate 95 near Yulee because another semi-truck driver had flipped his vehicle ahead of him, blocking movement on the highway.  His mother, Melissa Dzion, realized her son was late returning home from visiting his girlfriend and used the Find My iPhone feature to look for him. She rushed to the site. But the crash had ultimately killed her 18-year-old son.  On Aug. 20 after just five days of testimony and four hours of deliberation, the Nassau County jury handed down a verdict of over $100 million to the Jacksonville teenager's parents for pain and suffering for the loss of their son and $900 million in punitive damages against AJD Business Services Inc., the… Read more
Big rig truck accidents are common now; this is because there are many rules and regulations that the truck drivers neglect and ignore the common practices that a responsible and sensible truck driver should follow. Following are stated some of the rules they neglect which cause these devastating accidents: Speeding Trucks need to maintain a large gap between them and the other vehicle. When a truck needs to slow down or stop, they need sufficient distance and period because the inertial forces, in this case, are quite powerful, and the truck can collide with another vehicle easily. Distracted Big Rig Driver It's already a risk for a car driver to text or talk on the phone while driving, but this is a big NO-NO! Operating such a big vehicle is already a hard enough job; why make it even harder with your phone usage? Drunk Driving No explanation is required… Read more
A motorist captured disturbing video of a deadly two truck crash that occurred in El Paso on Wednesday. The crash happened shortly before 9 a.m. at the intersection of North Desert and Transmountain in west El Paso, Texas. In video captured by motorist Jonathan Nava Galvan, you can see that the cement mixer truck fails to stop for a red light before crashing through the truck’s trailer, slicing the trailer in half. Police have confirmed that one person died in the crash, but they have not indicated which vehicle that the person was in or the person’s identity…. Read more
At least 13 people were killed on Tuesday when a tractor-trailer slammed into a Ford Expedition crammed with 25 adults and children in the dusty farming community of Holtville near the U.S.-Mexico border, officials said. Handmade wooden crosses stretched in a line across a patch of dry grass and dirt next to the highway, and a seat covered in what appeared to be blood lay near the SUV, as the desolate highway remained closed Tuesday afternoon. The white tractor trailer cab with yellow trim was still smashed into the wrecked side of the maroon SUV. The entire driver’s side of the smaller vehicle was caved in, and the passenger side was flung wide open…. Read more
Travel on Florida’s Interstate 10 came to a standstill in 2018 after a 45-car pile up. Severe weather caused visibility issues for motorist and tractor trailer alike. One truck in particular, a semi from Top Auto Trucking Company, tried to avoid an accident, but instead jacknifed across the road and created the pile up. Described as “total chaos” by local news, the heavy downpour soon gave way to 18 crashes, with eight people injured and in need of hospitalization. A single motorcyclist, Duane Washington, was in critical condition. Washington was an eight-year Army veteran and father of three. In his attempt to avoid the accident as it occurred, Washington swerved his motorcycle toward the median, but before he could pass, Washington collided with a stopped truck that had no lights on in the emergency lane. He hit with such force that his body was thrown into the median, leaving him… Read more
Crashes involving commercial trucks can cause severe and long-term injuries to drivers and occupants. The cost of lost wages, hospital stays, surgeries, physiotherapy, and various other necessary past and future medical care can easily exceed $1,000,000. Commercial truck insurance minimums need to provide adequate liability coverage for these crashes, but the current minimum liability insurance only requires $750,000. This amount has shown disparity between the needs of victims and what companies have to have for coverage given that this amount has not changed in nearly 40 years. But pursuant to the INVEST in America Act, an amendment to the bill which was passed by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in June would raise the minimum liability insurance of commercial motor vehicles to $2,000,000, something that is past due for many reasons…. Read more
On a quiet September afternoon in 2013, a minor fender bender between a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck barely disrupted life in the tiny East Texas town of Ore City. Joshua Patterson was driving his pickup to a church luncheon when the vehicle was sideswiped by an FTS International Services tractor-trailer driven by Bill Acker. Both drivers pulled over and, during a friendly exchange, reported no injuries. Over a handshake, Acker offered an apology and accepted blame for the mishap. After local police visited the scene, the drivers went on their way. Later that evening, Patterson’s neck felt sore. The next day, his father advised him to visit a doctor. And retain an attorney. Nearly five years later in a Texas courtroom, that seemingly uneventful drive-away accident resulted in a $101 million jury award against FTS. The award was reduced to $32 million by the trial judge. While now in… Read more
Prosecutors have added four more indictments to the dozens already issued in a growing investigation into massive fraud scheme involving staged truck crashes in New Orleans. On October 16, federal prosecutors in New Orleans indicted four individuals — Anthony Robinson, 66, Audrey Harris, 53, Jerry Schaffer, 65, and Keishira Robinson, 25 — on charges of mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. The four people named in the October 16 indictment have been accused of intentionally causing a crash that resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement against a trucking company. Quick Application Quick Application Take the fastest route to a new job. Our application is really that easy. Apply Now That crash occurred on October 13, 2015, in the area of Alvar Street and France Road in New Orleans involving a C.R. England truck and a Michigan-based semi truck driver. The U.S. Attorney’s Office describes the scheme: …Co-Conspirator A,… Read more
A jury for a state court in Florida has ordered trucking company Top Auto Express to pay a man hundreds of millions of dollars for a nonfatal crash, shattering nuclear verdict records against trucking companies. On Oct. 2, a jury in Florida’s Second Circuit Court awarded Duane Washington nearly $412 million for damages from a July 2018 crash. Although several defendants were initially named in the lawsuit, Pembroke Pines, Fla.-based Top Auto Express was the only defendant left by the time the jury reached a decision. According to a news release from Washington’s attorney, Ben Crump, Washington was partially paralyzed in the crash that involved a 45-vehicle pileup on Interstate 10. The crash was the result of wet road conditions and a Top Auto Express truck speeding. At the time of the crash, Washington, a former career Army sergeant, was riding his motorcycle on the interstate near Tallahassee. In an… Read more
A landmark court case could change the way the trucking industry protects your family on the road. WUSA9’s series of reports on deadly crashes known as “underride accidents” began in 2017. Now, the largest ever verdict against a trucking company for one of those underride accidents is exposing how the industry secretly fought new safety features for more than a decade — despite knowing the risks. A side underride accident killed 16-year-old Riley Hein on a New Mexico interstate in 2015. Riley’s car careened off an embankment and ended up lodged underneath the side of a trailer manufactured by Utility Manufacturing Company. "The truck driver drug his car for a half a mile until it caught on fire and Riley burned to death," Riley’s father, Eric, said…. Read more
Deaths from large truck crashes reached their highest level in 29 years in 2017, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data. Fatalities from big truck crashes rose even though the overall traffic fatality rate declined, the agency reported. In 2017, 37,133 people died in motor vehicle crashes, a 2 percent decline from the prior year. The dip reversed two consecutive years of increases. Preliminary estimates indicate the downward trend is continuing through the first half of this year, according to NHTSA. Large truck fatalities rose 9 percent to 4,761, an increase of 392 lives lost over the prior year. About 1,300 of the deaths were truckers. The remaining 72 percent occurred in the other vehicle involved in the collision. About 40 percent of truck occupants killed were not wearing seat belts…. Read more
The Southern California woman that hung perilously in a crumpled vehicle — her two young daughters in the backseat — from a bridge's edge near Buellton has settled a civil lawsuit for $1 million against the Arroyo Grande trucking company whose driver caused the wreck. Kelli and Jason Groves, of San Juan Capistrano, filed the complaint last year against R and R Auto Wrecking Inc. and the estate of Charles Allison Jr. The couple's daughters, Sage and Mylo, also were named in the litigation. Allison, a Grover Beach resident, was the driver of the empty 18-wheeler gravel truck that caused the collision. He died in the Jan. 12, 2012, fiery crash…. Read more
A Dallas County jury has awarded a $6 million verdict to two North Texas men who suffered severe injuries when a tractor-trailer slammed into several vehicles that had slowed on the interstate in order to navigate around a minor car accident. The plaintiffs were carpooling to work just before sunrise on June 13, 2014, when they came upon an accident on Interstate 35 north of Waxahachie, Texas. As traffic began to slow and come to a stop, an 18-wheeler barreled into seven cars, violently slamming the plaintiffs' pickup into a commercial delivery truck. The plaintiffs endured multiple surgeries and lengthy hospital stays as a result of the accident. "This was a horrific accident and my clients were lucky to survive, but it was an accident … Read more
The National Transportation Safety Board has sided with comedian Tracy Morgan in placing the blame for a deadly highway crash squarely on a sleep-deprived Wal-Mart truck driver. The 2014 accident left comic James “Jimmy Mack” McNair dead and Morgan severely injured after the semi truck smashed into the comics’ limo after cruising up to 20 mph over the speed limit. Kevin Roper, the Georgia truck driver, who’d been awake for 28 hours, might have prevented the accident by slowing his vehicle to 45 mph, the posted limit along the stretch of New Jersey Turnpike then undergoing construction work. The truck had been traveling at 65 mph, but is thought to have hit Morgan’s limo at 47-53 mph. In today’s report, the NTSB also noted that Morgan and the other passengers in the limo-van, were not wearing seat belts and had adjusted the vehicle’s headrests, contributing to the severity of injuries…. Read more
It was almost midnight when Walter Price eased his 18-wheeler into the right lane on Interstate 75 near Atlanta. As he began to bank onto the exit ramp he’d been taking for the past 10 years, Price had no idea he was entering America’s most dangerous hot zone for truck drivers. As Price rounded the curve onto Exit 238-B that cold night in February 2012, a small black car darted in front of him on an otherwise deserted highway. The car’s driver slammed on the brakes to negotiate the exit’s sharp curve. Price had to veer left and hit his brakes to avoid a collision. But the curve was too sharp and Price’s 36-ton rig carrying car parts began to roll. “Once you hear the … Read more

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