Testimonials; Take It From Our Clients


In Their Own Words…

Want to see how we take care of our clients BEFORE you apply for funding?

Here are a few of the comments we’ve received from real-life clients:

~ Pamela H. said: “I wish to thank TriMark for helping us save our home. My husband’s accident really put us behind on everything, we were days away from losing our home [to foreclosure] when Tom came through for us. Thanks ever so much for your help. We would recommend TriMark for cash advances to a friend in need. Thanks again.”

~ Amanda R. said: “I was very impressed with how helpful and caring everyone at TriMark is that I have dealt with. Any questions or concerns that I had were answered and made me understand the whole process better. The TriMark staff impressed me with how fast they were at getting the funding that I requested. I appreciate everything TriMark has done and just want to say thanks so much for helping me in a time of need. I will definitely recommend you all to others.”

~ David K. said: “We asked for 30K but [our case only supported an advance of] 20K. If we have a few dollars left, I will take my kids to Disneyland down the road here. You did help. We do thank you.”

~ Alena C. said: “Getting my full settlement would’ve been better, but since I have no control of how fast the lawsuit takes, you were a blessing in a time of need.”

~ Isabel O. said: “I was very pleased at the professional manner that my funding was handled as well as the quick reply and wiring of funds. On a scale of 1 to 10, a definite 10…..”

~ Keith W. said: “First, let me say what a pleasure it is to deal with a true professional in this day of smoke, mirrors & double-speak in the business world. [TriMark’s] complete disclosure & total transparency was especially appreciated. Your compassion along with the speed & efficiency that you were able to meet my needs was truly refreshing after dealing with callous attorneys & employers. I definitely give TriMark my highest recommendation.”

~ Willie & Nadine O. said: “As a Marketing Director & a Mortgage Lender, my wife and I know how important customer service is. You and your team have shown beyond measure how to succeed in this matter.

Where other companies seemed to fail, TriMark stood out not only in providing funding, but in giving us a sense of relief knowing that we will be OK and have more time to think clearly about what’s ahead of us.

Once again Tom, you and your team have done an awesome job and I will market this service for you by the best way (word of mouth) and know that my lawyer’s firm has an advantage to use your service as well to their other clients. As the saying goes, provide better customer service and reap the benefits of the out-come.

Thank you my friend. We will be in contact as this matter progresses into maturity.”

~ Brenda C. said: “I would like to take this time to thank TriMark Legal Funding. For two months another funding company promised on a daily basis that my loan would go thru that day, only to be let down. Then I contacted Tom at TriMark and I had my money within 3 days! My car payment had bounced that morning and then Tom called up to ld me my advance was approved. Not only did Tom help me quick, without his help I would have lost my car. Thank you so much TriMark.”

~ Bob J. said: “The transaction was very helpful and enabled me to catch up on past due bills. The whole transaction was fairly simple, but would have been quicker if everyone involved could have kept the time zone differences in mind. Thank you; it was very much appreciated. “

~ Will Q. said: “I had a very tough discrimination case that was being fought for over five years. Needless to say, I was left pretty strapped for cash. I began wondering if I’m going to be able to see this thing through or take the pennies on the dollar the other side was offering. I decided to start looking into trying to get my case funded by a lawsuit loan company only to find out that most of the places I applied thought my case was too risky.

Right before I threw in the towel I decided to apply with TriMark and boy am I glad I did! The staff at TriMark treated me like I was their company’s only client and worked feverishly on my case in order to get me funded. After a few weeks which I’m sure is a little longer than most other cases because mine was so complex, I got the call that I was approved for a great deal of money & just like that my problems were solved.

If it wasn’t for the hard work of the TriMark staff I probably would have been kicking myself for having taken a very low settlement just to be able to maintain. TriMark is the company to go with; TRUST ME, I tried many of the other big name lenders & got nowhere!!!”

~ Cindy D. said: “TriMark has been wonderful, they are very professional and understanding to our needs. In a time that has been very devastating, they came through with flying colors.”

~ Marshall S. said: “I received $3,000 in less than 24 hours. The money came in, at great timing. When you need money, there is no doubt TriMark is the way to go. Thanks TriMark.”

~ Attorney Scott F. said: “We are close to settling a major case, but required capital to make it through some tough financial times. We contacted TriMark after exhausting several conventional sources. Always professional and accessible, TriMark worked very hard and got us the capital we needed.”

~ Steve & Jane M. said: “First I would like to thank Tom Colwell for his patience as this took us longer than we expected it to, even though it was no fault of TriMark’s (our attorney took forever to return documents). Mr. Colwell was very helpful and informative with everything we asked of him. It has been a pleasure to do business with him.”

~ Yusef A. said: “I would highly recommend TriMark Legal Funding LLC and Mr. Tom Colwell for all of your lawsuit related funding needs. Mr. Colwell and his associates were up front, honest, fast and efficient in how they handled my recent Vioxx lawsuit funding. I express my sincere thanks and gratitude for their fine assistance to me and my family.”

~ Attorney Pablo A. said: “I’ve used two other funding services and you guys were by far the quickest to respond and offered the best rate. Once we get this case done and funded we’ll talk about a line-of-credit for the office. Many thanks.”

All testimonials are on file at TriMark Legal Funding LLC. Some testimonials have been edited for brevity, spelling and/or grammar.