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Legal funding for workers’ compensation is only available in 10 states. That means 40+ states and over 90% of the population are ineligible! For them, TriMark has a network of innovative lenders offering an array of legal funding alternatives that are fast, affordable, easy to qualify for, and almost everyone is eligible to apply for them.

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States Where Workers Comp Loans Are, And Are Not, Not Available

States Where Workers Comp Funding Is And Is Not Available

Workers comp settlement loans can be a great option for injured workers, if you qualify. The trouble is, most people don’t.

The fact is, there are 40+ states, comprising over 90% of the population of the US, that are ineligible for workers comp funding.

This includes people who reside in states where legal funding is prohibited or restricted, as well as those residing in eligible states who received prior on their workers comp claim because they are ineligible for a pre settlement funding buyout.

In addition, injured railroad workers covered by FELA, anyone injured while working on boats, ships, and offshore oil platforms who is covered by the Jones Act, Federal workers compensation claims, and anyone covered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act are also ineligible to apply for workers comp funding.

Workers Comp Loans ARE ONLY AVAILABLE In These 10 States:

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Workers Comp Loans ARE NOT AVAILABLE In These 40+ States

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Why Are Workers Comp Loans Not Allowed In Some States?

One would think that, surely, there must some goods reasons why workers comp settlement loans are only available in 10 states, and not in the other 40+ states, right?

At this point, however, the reasons doesn’t really matter.

What DOES matter is that you still need money ASAP, and workers comp funding isn’t going to get it done.

But don’t worry, because TriMark has your back.

TriMark has an entire network of private lenders that provide “non-legal-funding-related” financial options to help people just like you, who are in circumstances just like yours.

For almost two decades, TriMark Legal Funding has maintained a large network of private lenders to provide a wide variety of financial solutions to clients and would-be clients.

We strive to help people who, similar to you, reside in a state where workers comp funding is not available, or in a state that prohibits legal funding altogether, restricts it, or who are otherwise ineligible for lawsuit settlement funding.

Whatever the individual circumstances, they all still need money. And we still want to help.

And here’s the best part: Our lender network works fast, likes to say ‘yes’ a lot, and can work with all kinds of borrowers and all types of credit

Want to learn how the lenders in our network can help you?

Unlocking the Benefits of Legal Funding for Workers’ Compensation

When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, individuals often face enormous financial strain due to medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

Legal funding offers a viable solution in states where it is available. It can provide immediate financial relief while also allowing sufficient time for the worker’s attorney to negotiate fair compensation for their injuries.

Legal funding for workers’ compensation can provide numerous benefits, among them:

Access to Timely Funds

  • Legal funding allows injured workers to access immediate financial support, enabling them to cover essential expenses without delay. This funding can be used to pay for medical treatments, household bills, and everyday living costs.

    By bridging the gap between filing a claim and receiving a settlement, legal funding relieves the financial burden on workers and their families during these challenging times.

No Repayment if You Lose

  • One of the significant advantages of legal funding is that it operates on a non-recourse basis. If your workers’ compensation claim is unsuccessful, you are not obligated to repay the funding you received.

    Essentially, legal funding carries no personal financial risk for the injured worker. This structure encourages injured workers to seek justice and pursue their claims without worrying about additional financial burdens.

Leveling the Playing Field

  • Workers’ compensation cases can be complex and time-consuming, involving negotiations with insurance companies and legal procedures. Legal funding empowers injured workers by providing them with the resources needed to hire experienced attorneys.

    By leveling the playing field, legal funding ensures that individuals have the same access to quality legal representation as large corporations and insurance companies.

Reduced Financial Pressure

  • Injured workers often face mounting financial pressure while waiting for their workers’ compensation claim to be resolved. Medical bills and everyday expenses can quickly become overwhelming, leading to stress and anxiety.

    Legal funding alleviates this strain by offering immediate financial assistance, allowing workers to focus on their recovery without worrying about their financial situation. By eliminating the financial burden, injured workers can make informed decisions and pursue fair compensation without compromising their well-being.

Increased Chances of Fair Compensation

  • Legal funding plays a crucial role in ensuring injured workers receive fair compensation for their injuries and losses. By providing financial stability during the claims process, legal funding prevents individuals from accepting low settlement offers out of desperation.

    With the support of legal funding, workers and their attorneys can negotiate from a position of strength, increasing the likelihood of obtaining an equitable outcome.

Legal funding for workers’ compensation cases is an essential resource that provides immediate financial relief and levels the playing field for injured workers.

By accessing timely funds, workers can cover their expenses while awaiting a settlement, reducing financial pressure and enabling them to focus on their recovery. Furthermore, legal funding increases the chances of securing fair compensation and ensures that individuals have access to quality legal representation.

Embracing legal funding empowers workers to seek justice, secure their rights, and navigate the complexities of the workers’ compensation process.

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