Washington Lawsuit Loans

Washington Lawsuit Loans

Since 2003, TriMark Legal Funding has been an excellent source of pre settlement cash advances in Washington State. We offer topnotch financial assistance to plaintiffs with pending or settled personal injury claims or employment litigation. 

The cost of medical care and treatment and the prolonged lawsuit process may drown out your anticipation of a just and fair settlement. Your finances can take a hit, and there’s no fun in that. If you’re an injured plaintiff in the Evergreen state, you may want to check out Washington lawsuit loans.

Riding out your claim while recovering physically can be stressful. This kind of situation may even lead to financial shortfalls because you heal longer and your needs become more demanding while your compensation remains out of reach.

If you’re earning less because you’ve lost your job or have your hours at work reduced, how are you supposed to pay your medical bills, rent or mortgage, car loans, and other financial responsibilities on time?

TriMark may just have the answer for you.

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Get Pre Settlement Funding in Washington Now

It’s not too late to obtain lawsuit financing in Washington State. At TriMark, we assist those who are waiting for their case to settle, and even those who are just waiting for their check to arrive. 

We know you don’t want any more delays, so we made our application process fast and easy. Get started today by filling in your details here or calling us at (877) 932-2628.

That’s it! There are no out-of-pocket costs and hidden charges, as well as credit, employment, and income checks. Our expert underwriters will immediately yet carefully review your funding request based on the information related to your case.

Once you’re approved, expect the cash to be in your account in as little as 24 hours.

TriMark will provide Washington lawsuit loans as long as there pending and settled suits in the state.

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