Texas Lawsuit Loans

Texas Lawsuit Loans

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Since 2003, TriMark Legal Funding has provided low-cost, non-recourse lawsuit cash advances in Texas and across America. We help plaintiffs with pending personal injury lawsuits or employment litigation get money on their settlement even before their case settles.

If you or a family member sustained an injury or illness due to another person’s negligence and is in the middle of a prolonged lawsuit, you may be struggling financially. Texas lawsuit loans can put money into your hands right when you need it most.

The Lone Star State boasts cities with low violent and property crime rates. But it still has some instances of civil rights violations. Texans with a pending personal injury claim or employment litigation may also suffer from the same slow trajectory of justice in the country.

The thing is, the longer your lawsuit lasts, the more likely you are to find yourself in a financial bind. Shouldering the costs of your medical care and treatment at first can wipe out your savings. And this is happening while you’re out of a job or making do with reduced hours at work after your accident.

While your medical bills pile up, you’re still expected to pay your mortgage or rent, car loan utilities, and credit card bills on time. 

To make matters worse, insurers are known to strike when you’re at your most vulnerable. They love to dangle a lowball settlement offer when you’re already overwhelmed by debt and expenses.

It’s no surprise that plaintiffs can get stressed out by the lawsuit process and surrounding circumstances. But you’re not alone, and help is available. If you want to fix your money troubles, TirMark’s got your back.

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Pre Settlement Funding in Texas

Legal funding can help you ride out your claim without creating an additional burden on your pocket or bank account.

Sometimes referred to as “lawsuit loans” and “settlement loans,” pre settlement funding is a fast, low-cost, and risk-free way to help Texan plaintiffs get their finances back on track.

Unlike bank loans or payday loans, it is a non-recourse cash advance on a portion of your future settlement money. There are no upfront costs and monthly payments. And you only return the advance if you win or your case settles.

It is your money, made available to you when you need it most. With funding from TriMark worth $500 to $500,000+, you can finally take care of your medical bills, rent or mortgage, late-due bills, co-pays, and even food.

TriMark can provide funding on hundreds of different personal injury, civil rights claims, and employment litigation in Texas, except for workers’ compensation.

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