New Jersey Lawsuit Loans

New Jersey Lawsuit Loans

TriMark Legal Funding offers a non-recourse cash advance in New Jersey from $500 – $500,000 on different types of personal injury, civil rights claims, and employment litigation. We offer pre settlement funding with no credit check and upfront fees, often in as fast as 12-24hrs.

During this unprecedented time and together with your unending legal fight, New Jersey lawsuit loans can provide help with your pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding concerns.

A lengthy lawsuit might have taken a toll on your finances for months or even years. It might have put a pause on your usual living activities, and yet, you’re still regularly racking up payables such as rent or mortgage, medical bills, utility bills, and other expenses.

With bills continuously tapping at your door post, it might be frustrating to think about where to get financial aid to pay all of them. Aside from your own personal concerns, you might have a family depending on you.

These frustrations should not stop you from moving forward. Life must go on and it can be easier with a hassle-free settlement loan.

Worry no more! TriMark can help you by providing immediate cash loans so you can continue living your life with less stress and worries while you wait for your case to resolve.

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New Jersey Settlement Loans

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Legal funding is designed to help plaintiffs with their financial concerns while waiting for their case to settle. It offers a fast and reliable source of funds without creating additional debt.

Unlike bank or payday loans, “settlement loans” and “lawsuit loans” are non-recourse cash advances. You don’t need to worry about paying us if your case does not settle or you lose a jury verdict. It means no monthly interests and fees as well. 

Think of it as a win-win situation. You can have access to a portion of your future settlement now and continue living your life normally. 

With $500 to $500,000+, you can continue paying for your day-to-day expenses, medical expenses, and new expenses caused by the extended settlement situation.

Trimark can fund almost all types of civil lawsuits, including personal injuries, car accidents, workplace injuries, and FELA railroad settlements. However, we do not handle workers’ comp in New Jersey.

Get Settlement Loans Now in New Jersey

The solution to your money problem is within your reach. For immediate financial help, you can apply online, or call us at (877) 932-2628. We cater to your concerns in a minute.

TriMark will help you overcome your financial concerns by providing cash advances with no upfront fees and no background checks. There will be no monthly payments, no monthly interests/fees, and no surprise charges, too.

We’ll review your funding request based on the merits of your case. Plaintiffs with pending or settled civil lawsuits, severe injuries, clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant, and a minimum threshold of $75,000 have a high chance of getting approved. 

We take things seriously and act fast. It only takes 24 hours for you to receive your cash advance upon approval.

As you fight to get the compensation you deserve, you can count on TriMark to stand by your side.

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