Minnesota Lawsuit Loans

Pre-Settlement Funding For Minnesota Residents

Minnesota lawsuit loans and pre-settlement funding can help plaintiffs get the money they need to pay bills while their lawsuit is still pending or even after it has settled.

Legal Funding is NO LONGER AVAILABLE in Minnesota

Minnesota Lawsuit Loans and Pre-Settlement Funding

Even though pre-settlement funding, post-settlement funding, and Minnesota workers comp loans are no longer available to residents of The North Star State, we still offer law firm financing options and post-settlement funding for attorneys throughout MN.

In addition, individuals can still sell structured settlement payments in Minnesota and heirs can also still apply for inheritance loans, including small inheritance advances.

But I Still Need Money!

Even in a perfect world, we know that not every applicant who applies for funding from TriMark will be approved.

The “TriMark difference” – which is what differentiates us from every other legal funding company in the US – is that TriMark does not consider a denial to be the end of the relationship, or even the end of the conversation, for that matter. Far from it, in fact.

If your funding request was denied or your case is ineligible for legal funding, for whatever reason, it’s a foregone conclusion that you still need money.

And you can rest assured that TriMark is still committed to helping you get it. We know where and how to get money fast; even with a plaintiff’s unique circumstances taken into account.

Since 2003, TriMark has developed an array of strategic partnerships with a broad range of little-known secondary-market lenders and financiers.

These special relationships allow us to serve an exceptionally diverse clientele, including residents of states where legal funding is prohibited, those with uncooperative attorneys, severe credit issues, ineligible case types, income and employment issues, tax liens, legal issues, child support liens, unsuitable collateral, and much more.

For Individuals

We offer a variety of personal finance solutions including personal loans, medical loans, and unsecured loans. We also offer emergency cash advances and, for those whose credit has taken a severe beating due to their injuries or unemployment, we offer bad credit car loans and other personal loans for bad credit.

Not surprisingly, some of the most invaluable services we provide are for people who are in the financial recovery stage of their lives. That means they have already received their lawsuit settlements, or they are about to. Either way, they are ready to start digging themselves out of the gigantic hole their accident or injuries put them in.

Debt relief, debt consolidation, credit restoration, and investment consulting are among the services that can help you get back on your feet quickly and get your financial life back on track permanently.

For Businesses

Our most popular business finance solutions do not rely on credit scores or personal assets for approval. Instead, they require a minimum number of months or years in business and minimum annual revenue requirements.

Our options include business loans, bad credit business loans, loans for law firms, loans for lawyers, and business lines of credit. We also offer SBA loans, business startup loans, working capital loans, payroll services, invoice factoring, and more.

Minnesota Pre-Settlement Funding FAQ

Is legal funding still available in Minnesota?

No. Due to recently-enacted legislation, non-recourse legal funding is no longer available in Minnesota.

However, we have a wide range of alternative funding options that are still available to Minnesotans; even for borrowers with credit problems, employment issues, and much more.

If I can’t get lawsuit loans in Minnesota anymore, can you help me get a different loan, even if I have bad credit?

We make no guarantees, but in all likelihood, yes.

We have a variety of funding options for Minnesota residents with good credit, bad credit, and just about everything in between.

Lawsuit Funding In Minnesota By City

TriMark Legal Funding can no longer offer lawsuit loans in any part of Minnesota including 

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