Maine Lawsuit Loans

Maine Lawsuit Loans

TriMark Legal Funding is one of the leading pre-settlement financing companies in America. Maine residents with ongoing personal injury or employment-related cases can get cash immediately from us, with no credit check, no up-front fees, and no hassles. 

At TriMark Legal Funding, we provide pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuit funding advances to plaintiffs involved in pending and settled legal claims, often in 24 hours or less.

A drawn-out lawsuit can take a toll on the life of an accident victim and their family. Often, their finances are the first to take a hit. This is why many plaintiffs rely on Maine lawsuit loans.

The Pine Tree State has a higher car accident fatality rate than the national average at 11.7% against 10.9%. This is costly for the state in general and plaintiffs in particular. 

Lawsuits involving car and other motor vehicle accidents usually take six months to two years. That is just one example. Accidents can also happen in workplaces, medical clinics, supermarket premises, and homes where defective products are used, among others.

If any of these happens because of someone else’s negligence, the injured can recover by filing a damage claim. But this can take a while when courts across the country have backlog and insurers milk the delay for what it’s worth.

You’re left without a job, accumulating medical bills while still managing to cover your living expenses. 

Sometimes, you just want to hit start over. But without ready cash, is this even possible? 

You can make it happen. Let TriMark show you how.

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Pre Settlement Loans in Maine 

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Legal funding is a fast, affordable, and risk-free way to get funds without creating additional debt.

Sometimes referred to as “lawsuit loans” and “settlement loans,” pre settlement funding is not a loan. Instead, it is a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance on your future settlement money. 

But the good thing is you can use it in the present and pay your medical bills, rent or mortgage, car loan, and utilities. There are no monthly fees that will chip away at your cash reserves. And best of all, you only return the advance if your case settles or you win a jury verdict.

You can get as much as $500 to $500,000+ from TriMark, all without earning an interest that goes beyond 2x the amount you requested.

TriMark can fund hundreds of different personal injury, civil rights claims, and employment litigation. Unfortunately, we don’t offer workers’ comp in Maine due to law restrictions.

Get Pre Settlement Funding in Maine Now 

Lawsuit funding is allowed in Maine, but it’s relatively tough to get. 

We at TriMark, however, makes application faster and easier. Just fill out this form or call us at (877) 932-2628 to have one of our friendly legal funding experts assist you.

Expect no hidden charges, credit checks, monthly payments, and income or employment verification. You won’t have to worry about collateral either. 

To maintain transparency, we state pertinent information, such as rates and interests, explicitly in our contracts.

You may review the terms and conditions before signing and sending the document back to us. Once done, you can receive your cash in as little as 24 hours.

Let TriMark help you buy more time to negotiate for a fair settlement and ride out your claim. Apply now!

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