Kentucky Pre Settlement Funding & Lawsuit Loans

Powerful Legal Funding Alternatives For Kentucky Residents

Kentucky lawsuit funding is no longer available to help plaintiffs get the money they need to pay bills while their lawsuit is still pending or even after it is settled. But don’t worry; TriMark Legal Funding has you covered.

Legal Funding in Kentucky Is Prohibited By Law

Due to legislation passed by the state of Kentucky, TriMark Legal Funding is not able to offer pre settlement funding advances, pre settlement funding buy outs, settled case funding, or workers comp pre settlement loans to residents of the state of Kentucky. If the legislation ever changes and legal funding becomes available in Kentucky, we will update this page.

It’s OK though; we have an array of “non-legal-funding-related” financial alternatives for you!

Kentucky Lawsuit Loans And Pre Settlement Funding

For nearly two decades, TriMark Legal Funding has maintained a large network of private lenders that can provide a host of financial solutions to our clients who, like you, live in one of the states where legal funding is prohibited, restricted, or workers comp funding is not available.

Either that, or they got denied for funding, their case was ineligible for some reason, their attorney wouldn’t cooperate, they had too much prior funding to qualify, or they didn’t qualify for as much funding as they needed.

Whatever the circumstances, they all still need money desperately, just like you do, and we still want to help.

And here’s the thing: Our network of lenders works fast, they like to say ‘yes’ a lot, and they can work with all types of borrowers and all types of credit!

Are you interested in learning how the lenders in our network can help you?

Legal Funding Is Not Available

This State Prohibits Legal Funding
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If legal funding is unavailable or my case is ineligible, please email me info about other funding options that may provide immediate assistance.

Why Is Lawsuit Funding Illegal In Kentucky?

Kentucky, like many other states, operates under specific laws and regulations when it comes to legal funding. However, unlike some states that allow for legal funding, Kentucky has imposed strict restrictions on this practice.

In Kentucky, the prohibition on legal funding is largely attributed to Kentucky SCR 3.130 (1.8). According to this law, it is illegal for non-attorneys to offer financial assistance to individuals involved in pending litigation, with the intent of collecting interest or profit from the transactions. The aim behind this law is to regulate the practice of legal funding, but unfortunately, it also limits access to much-needed financial support for those involved in legal disputes.

Legal funding, also known as a lawsuit settlement loan or pre-settlement funding, provides financial assistance to individuals in need while their legal cases are ongoing.

Kentucky’s restriction on legal funding under SCR 3.130 (1.8) creates a challenging situation for residents involved in ongoing legal disputes. By understanding the benefits that legal funding provides, such as access to justice, a level playing field, reduced stress, and preservation of personal finances, it becomes apparent that reconsidering the current law may be beneficial.

Striking a balance between regulation and access would allow individuals to navigate the legal system more equitably, empowering them to fight for their rights without undue financial strain.

Funding That Is Still Available In Kentucky

While pre-settlement lawsuit funding and post-settlement cash advances are both prohibited in Kentucky, TriMark does offer a variety of personal finance and business financing options, in addition to attorney post settlement funding and various types of law firm funding.

For heirs and beneficiaries to an estate in probate, i.e. those who are expecting to inherit some money, an inheritance loan on an inheritance near me can provide access to a generous portion of a beneficiary’s inheritance money immediately.

And for annuitants who receive periodic payments from structured settlements but could use a lump sum of cash, selling structured settlement payments for cash is an option.

The prohibition on external financing for lawsuits can pose significant challenges for individuals seeking financial assistance during their legal proceedings. Lawsuits are often lengthy and costly endeavors, leading to financial difficulties for plaintiffs who require immediate funds for medical bills, living expenses, or legal fees. The absence of lawsuit funding options may hinder individuals involved in legal disputes in Kentucky from obtaining the necessary resources to fully pursue their claims.

It’s worth mentioning that, despite the limitations on third-party lawsuit funding, there are alternative avenues available to plaintiffs in Kentucky. Those who need immediate funds can explore alternatives like personal loans, borrowing from acquaintances, or seeking support from charitable organizations. Additionally, attorneys may offer contingency fee arrangements, wherein they only receive payment if the case is successful. This arrangement helps alleviate some of the financial burden faced by plaintiffs.

Kentucky Legal Funding FAQ

❓ Do You Offer Alternatives To Legal Funding In Kentucky?

Yes. We have a variety of alternative funding solutions for Kentucky residents who are ineligible for legal funding.

❓ Can I Qualify For Any of The Legal Funding Alternatives If I Have Bad Credit?

We make no guarantees, but in all probability, yes. Our lenders can work with almost all borrowers and almost all types of credit.

❓ Are Workers Comp Settlement Loans Available In Kentucky?

No. Pre settlement funding on workers compensation is prohibited in Arkansas, although alternative funding options exist that most borrowers should have no trouble qualifying for.

Lawsuit Funding In Kentucky By City

The largest cities in Kentucky are Lexington, Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Covington, Hopkinsville, Richmond, Florence, and Georgetown.

TriMark Legal Funding no longer offers pre-settlement loans or post-settlement loans in any part of Kentucky including  Aberdeen, Adairville, Adolphus, Ages-Brookside, Albany, Alexandria, Allegre, Allen, Allensville, Almo, Alpha, Alvaton, Anchorage, Annville, Argillite, Arjay, Arlington, Artemus, Ary, Ashcamp, Asher, Ashland, Athol, Auburn, Audobon Park, Augusta, Aurora, Austin, Auxier, Avawam, Bagdad, Bakerton, Bandana, Banner, Barbourville, Bardstown, Bardwell, Barlow, Baskett, Battletown, Baxter, Bays, Bear, Beattyville, Beaumont, Beauty, Beaver, Beaver Dam, Bedford, Bee Spring, Beech Creek, Beech Grove, Beechmont, Belcher, Belfry, Bellefonte, Bellevue, Belton, Benham, Benton, Berea, Berry, Bethany, Bethelridge, Bethlehem, Betsy Layne, Beverly, Bevinsville, Big Clifty, Big Creek, Big Laurel, Big Sandy, Big Spring, Bighill, Bimble, Blackey, Blackford, Blaine, Bledsoe, Bloomfield, Blue River, Boaz, Bonnieville, Bonnyman, Booneville, Boons Camp, Boston, Bowen, Bowling Green, Bradfordsville, Branch, Brandenburg, Breeding, Bremen, Brodhead, Bromley, Bronston, Brooklyn, Brooks, Brooksville, Browder, Brownsville, Bruin, Bryants Store, Bryantsville, Buckhorn, Buckner, Buechel, Buffalo, Bulan, Burdine, Burgin, Burkesville, Burlington, Burna, Burnside, Bush, Busy, Butler, Bypro, Cadiz, Calhoun, California, Calvert, Calvin, Camp Dix, Camp Springs, Campbellsburg, Campbellsville, Campton, Canada, Cane Valley, Caneyville, Canmer, Cannel, Carlisle, Carrie, Carrollton, Carter, Catlettsburg, Cave City, Cave Run Lake, Cawood, Cecilia, Center, Centertown, Central City, Cerulean, Chaplin, Chappell, Chavies, Cisco, City, City Cannon, Clarkson, Clay, Clay City, Clayhole, Clearfield, Cleaton, Clermont, Clifty, Clinton, Closplint, Cloverport, Coalgood, Cold Spring, Coldiron, Columbia, Columbus, Combs, Concord, Confluence, Constance, Corbin, Corinth, Cornettsville, Corydon, Covington, Coxs, Crab Orchard, Cranks, Crayne, Creek, Crescent Springs, Crestview Hills, Crestwood, Crittenden, Crockett, Crofton, Cromona, Cromwell, Crossing, Cub Run, Cumberland, Cunningham, Curdsville, Custer, Cynthiana, Dabolt, Dana, Danville, Darfork, David, Dawson Springs, Dayhoit, Dayton, De Mossville, Deane, Debord, Delphia, Denniston, Denton, Denver, Dewitt, Dexter, Dice, Dixie, Dixon, Dizney, Dorton, Dover, Drake, Drakesboro, Drift, Dry Ridge, Dubre, Dunbar, Dundee, Dunmor, Dunnville, Dwale, Dwarf, Dycusburg, Earlington, East Bernstadt, East Point, Eastern, Eastview, Eastwood, Eddyville, Edgewood, Edmonton, Edna, Eight, Eighty, Ekron, Elizabethtown, Elizaville, Elk Horn, Elkfork, Elkhorn City, Elkton, Elliottville, Elsie, Emerson, Eminence, Emlyn, Emmalena, Endicott, Eolia, Eriline, Erlanger, Ermine, Essie, Etoile, Eubank, Evarts, Ewing, Ezel, Fairdale, Fairfield, Fairplay, Fairview, Falcon, Fall Rock, Falls of Rough, Falmouth, Fancy Farm, Farmers, Farmington, Fedscreek, Ferguson, Fern Creek, Finchville, Firebrick, Fisherville, Fisty, Flat Fork, Flat Lick, Flatgap, Flatwoods, Flemingsburg, Florence, Ford, Fords Branch, Fordsville, Forest Hills, Fort Campbell, Fort Knox, Fort Mitchell, Fort Thomas, Fort Wright, Foster, Fountain Run, Fourmile, Frakes, Frankfort, Franklin, Fredonia, Freeburn, Frenchburg, Fulton, Gamaliel, Gapville, Garfield, Garner, Garrard, Garrett, Garrison, Gays Creek, Georgetown, Germantown, Ghent, Gilbertsville, Girdler, Glasgow, Glencoe, Glendale, Glens Fork, Glenview, Goose Rock, Goshen, Gracey, Gradyville, Graham, Grahn, Grand Rivers, Gravel Switch, Gray, Gray Hawk, Grays Knob, Grayson, Green Road, Greensburg, Greenup, Greenville, Grethel, Gulston, Gunlock, Guston, Guthrie, Hadley, Hagerhill, Haldeman, Halfway, Hallie, Hamlin, Hampton, Hanson, Happy, Hardburly, Hardin, Hardinsburg, Hardy, Hardyville, Harlan, Harned, Harold, Harrods Creek, Harrodsburg, Hartford, Hawesville, Hazard, Hazel, Hazel Green, Hebron, Heidelberg, Heidrick, Heights, Hellier, Helton, Henderson, Herndon, Hestand, Hi Hat, Hickman, Hickory, Highland, Hillsboro, Hillview, Hima, Hindman, Hinkle, Hiseville, Hitchins, Hodgenville, Hogenville, Holland, Holmes Mill, Honaker, Hope, Hopkinsville, Horse Branch, Horse Cave, Hoskinston, Huddy, Hudson, Hueysville, Hulen, Huntsville, Hustonville, Hyden, Independence, Inez, Ingram, Irvine, Irvington, Island, Island City, Isom, Isonville, Ivel, Ivyton, Jackhorn, Jackson, Jacobs, Jamboree, Jamestown, Jeff, Jeffersontown, Jeffersonville, Jenkins, Jeremiah, Jetson, Jonancy, Jonesville, Junction City, Keaton, Keavy, Keene, Kenton, Kenvir, Kettle Island, Kevil, Kimper, Kings Mountain, Kirksey, Kite, Knifley, Knob Lick, Krypton, Kuttawa, La Center, La Fayette, Lackey, LaGrange, Lake Barkley, Lake Cumberland, Lancaster, Langley, Latonia, Lawrenceburg, Leander, Lebanon, Lebanon Junction, Leburn, Ledbetter, Lee City, Leitchfield, Lejunior, Lerose, Letcher, Lewisburg, Lewisport, Lexington, Liberty, Lick Creek, Lily, Lindseyville, Linefork, Littcarr, Livermore, Livingston, Lloyd, London, Lone, Lookout, Loretto, Lost Creek, Louisa, Louisville, Lovelaceville, Lovely, Lowes, Lowmansville, Loyall, Lucas, Ludlow, Lynch, Lyndon, Lynnville, Maceo, Mackville, Madisonville, Magnolia, Majestic, Mallie, Malone, Mammoth Cave, Manchester, Manitou, Mannsville, Maple, Marrowbone, Marshallville, Marshes Siding, Martha, Martin, Mary Alice, Marydell, Mason, Masonic Home, Mayfield, Mayking, Mayslick, Maysville, Mazie, Mc Carr, Mc Dowell, Mc Kee, Mc Kinney, Mc Roberts, Mc Veigh, McAndrews, McDaniels, McHenry, McQuady, Meally, Means, Melber, Melbourne, Melvin, Middleburg, Middlesboro, Middletown, Midway, Milburn, Milford, Mill Springs, Millersburg, Mills, Millstone, Milltown, Millwood, Milton, Minerva, Minnie, Miracle, Mistletoe, Mitchellsburg, Mize, Monticello, Moorefield, Morehead, Morganfield, Morgantown, Morning View, Mortons Gap, Mount Eden, Mount Hermon, Mount Marion, Mount Olivet, Mount Sherman, Mount Sterling, Mount Vernon, Mount Washington, Mousie, Mouthcard, Mozelle, Muldraugh, Munfordville, Murray, Muses, Myra, Nancy, Nazareth, Nebo, Neon, Nerinx, Nevisdale, New Castle, New Concord, New Haven, New Hope, New Liberty, Newport, Nicholasville, North Middletown, Nortonville, Oak Grove, Oakland, Oil Springs, Okolona, Olaton, Olive Hill, Olmstead, Olympia, Oneida, Ophir, Orlando, Owensboro, Owenton, Owingsville, Paducah, Paint Lick, Paintsville, Paris, Park City, Park Perryville, Parkers Lake, Parksville, Partridge, Passes, Pathfork, Payneville, Pellville, Pembroke, Pendleton, Penrod, Peoples, Perry, Petersburg, Pewee Valley, Phelps, Philpot, Phyllis, Pikeville, Pilgrim, Pine Knob, Pine Ridge, Pine Top, Pineville, Pinsonfork, Pippa, Pittsburg, Pleasant View, Pleasure Ridge Park, Pleasureville, Plummers Landing, Poole, Port Royal, Powderly, Premium, Preston, Prestonburg, Primrose, Princeton, Printer, Prospect, Providence, Provo, Putney, Quincy, Raccoon, Radcliff, Ransom, Raven, Ravenna, Raywick, Redfox, Reed, Regina, Renfro Valley, Revelo, Reynolds Station, Rhodelia, Ricetown, Richardsville, Richmond, Rineyville, River Roark, Robards, Robinson Creek, Rochester, Rockfield, Rockholds, Rockhouse, Rockport, Rocky Hill, Rogers, Rosine, Roundhill, Rouse, Rousseau, Rowdy, Roxana, Royalton, Rumsey, Rush, Russel Springs, Russell, Russellville, Rutland, Ryland Heights, Sacramento, Sadieville, Saem, Saint Catharine, Saint Charles, Saint Francis, Saint Helens, Saint Mary, Saint Matthews, Saint Paul, Salt Lick, Salvisa, Salyersville, Sanders, Sandgap, Sandy Hook, Sardis, Sassafras, Saul, Scalf, Science Hill, Scottsville, Scuddy, Se Ree, Sebree, Seco, Sedalia, Sextons Creek, Shade, Sharon Grove, Sharpsburg, Shelbiana, Shelby Gap, Shelbyville, Shepherdsville, Shively, Sidney Siler, Silver Grove, Simpsonville, Sitka, Sizerock, Slade, Slaughters, Slemp, Sloans Valley, Smilax, Smith, Smith Mills, Smithfield, Smithland, Smiths Grove, Soldier, Somerset, Sonora, South Carrollton, South Portsmouth, South Shore, South Union, Southgate, Sparta, Spence, Spottsville, Springfield, Staffordsville, Stambaugh, Stamping Ground, Stanford, Stanley, Stanton, Stanville, Stearns, Steele, Stephensport, Stinnett, Stone, Stoney Fork, Stopover, Strunk, Sturgis, Subtle, Sullivan, Sulphur, Sulphur Well, Summer, Summersville, Summit, Summitt, Sweeden, Symsonia, Talbert, Tateville, Taylor Mill, Taylorsville, Teaberry, Temple Hill, Thelma, Thornton, Thousandsticks, Tiline, Toler, Tollesboro, Tolu, Tomahawk, Tompkinsville, Topmost, Totz, Tram, Trappist, Trenton, Trosper, Tutor Key, Tyner, Ulysses, Union, Uniontown, Upton, Utica, Valley Station, Van Lear, Vanceburg, Vancleve, Varney, Verona, Versailles, Vest, Vicco, Villa Hills, Vincent, Vine Grove, Viper, Virgie, Waco, Waddy, Walker, Wallingford, Wallins Creek, Walton, Waneta, Warbranch, Warfield, Warsaw, Washington, Water Valley, Waterview, Waverly, Wayland, Waynesburg, Webbville, Webster, Weeksbury, Welchs Creek, Wellington, Wendover, West Liberty, West Louisville, West Paducah, West Point, West Prestonsburg, West Somerset, West Van Lear, Westport, Westview, Westwood, Wheatcroft, Wheelwright, Whick, White Mills, White Plains, Whitehouse, Whitesburg, Whitesville, Whitley City, Wickliffe, Wildie, Willard, Williamsburg, Williamsport, Williamstown, Willisburg, Wilmore, Winchester, Windsor, Wingo, Winston, Wittensville, Woodbine, Woodburn, Woodbury, Woollum, Wooton, Worthington, Worthville, Wrigley, Wurtland, Yeaddiss, Yerkes, Yosemite, and Zoe.

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