Alaska Lawsuit Loans

24-Hour Accident Loans In AK

TriMark Legal Funding provides pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding advances in AK before your lawsuit settles.

Alaska Lawsuit Loans

TriMark is a premier settlement funding provider in Alaska and throughout America. It has been catering to cash-strapped plaintiffs since 2003, putting money into their hands when they need it most.

If you’ve filed a personal injury or work-related claim, you may be in for the legal fight of your life. The defendant’s insurer can delay negotiations, which can create financial hardship for you. This is why many plaintiffs rely on fast, risk-free, non-recourse Alaska lawsuit loans.

All of a sudden, an accident can change your life. One moment, you’re earning enough to sustain your family. The next, your savings are wiped out. The ballooning cost of surgery, treatment, doctor consultation, and physical therapy is just too much.

While you’re recuperating, the bank starts calling to remind you about the mortgage and car payments, the household bills continue arriving at the mailbox, and other liabilities keep growing. At the same time, you wonder when you can have a break.

Throw in the emotional and mental toll that comes with waiting for just and fair compensation. It’s not surprising that litigation is a source of stress for many people. For some, it also hinders their fast recovery. 

If you’re feeling burnt out, you’re not alone. And if you need money now, TriMark may just have the option for you.

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Pre Settlement Loans in Alaska

Lawsuit funding is specially designed financing for plaintiffs with pending personal injury, employment-related, workplace injury, and civil rights violation claims, among others. 

While people sometimes use lawsuit loans or settlement loans to refer to this type of funding, in reality, it is a non-recourse cash advance on a portion of your future settlement.

A pre-settlement cash advance provides quick funds without creating additional debt. You don’t have to pay a single cent until your lawsuit is settled, which is what “non-recourse” means. If you don’t score a settlement or jury verdict, you don’t have to return the advance at all.

It is your money, only made available earlier to meet your needs. So, you’re welcome to spend it the way you want. Pay off bills, debt, and other expenses that have cropped up during your treatment and recovery, of course, while you’re also jobless or making do with reduced hours and waiting for your case to resolve.

TriMark can fund almost all case types, except workers’ compensation, in Alaska. If you have severe injuries, clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant, and a lawsuit with $75,000 minimum threshold, you’re eligible to apply.

Post-settlement funding is also available for people who have settled cases but cannot cash out their check yet.

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