Structured Settlements

How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement Payments For Cash?

TriMark Legal Funding can help annuitants convert structured settlement payments into cash.

Sell My Structured Settlement Payments

Convert Your Structured Settlement Payments Into A Large Lump Sum of CASH

If you are one of the tens of millions of people in the United States who receive periodic payments from an annuity or structured settlement and who are also looking for “structured settlement loans” or are seriously considering the idea of selling all or part of your structured settlement annuity to raise some cash quickly, TriMark Legal Funding LLC can help.

It’s YOUR Money…Use It When YOU Want

We buy structured settlement payments from all types of settlement annuities resulting from personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

Periodic Payments: REALLY The Best Use of Your Money?

TriMark Legal Funding LLC would never encourage anyone to sell structured settlement payments for frivolous purposes. However, the reality is that not everyone receives maximum benefit by receiving a small monthly payment spread out over 30 or 40 years or longer.

There are lots of excellent reasons why it could make good financial sense to take a full or partial  buyout so that you can make the most of your future money in the present.

Purchasing a home while real estate prices are still at historic lows, going back to college without incurring massive debt, offsetting a job loss or continued unemployment, paying off a mortgage to avoid paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest, starting your dream business, getting your financial house in order due to a terminal illness, renovating or remodeling your home prior to selling it without taking out a 2nd mortgage or home equity loan, getting out of debt to streamline the family budget, entering your “golden years” debt-free or taking your dream vacation while your kids are still living at home or while you’re still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it are just a few examples that could make good financial sense.

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    What Are Structured Settlement Loans?

    The term “structured settlement loans” is in common use nowadays, but it is actually a misnomer. “Buyout” is the more appropriate term because you’re not taking out a loan or any other debt obligation. To the contrary, you’re selling all or part of an asset.

    Settlement annuities are long-term financial instruments between an insurance company and an injured person (or a decedent’s family) who has been involved in a serious accident. The insurance company agrees to pay the injured party a set amount of money at predetermined intervals over a long period of time; sometimes for life – or even longer in some cases. The payments are set up to be paid out in several different ways including monthly, quarterly and/or annually recurring disbursements, or in periodic lump sum payments, or in any combination of the two.

    Structured settlement annuities are a popular way of disbursing large amounts of cash from a personal injury or wrongful death insurance settlement over time. They are usually established with the best of intentions. The problem is that some people fall into financial hardship years or even decades later and need to sell all or just a portion of their annuity payments in exchange for some immediate cash. And of course, some people have inherited annuity payments from a deceased parent or relative and would simply prefer to have a large lump sum of cash in lieu of a long stream of small monthly payments..

    Our buyers can customize practically any type of buyout, depending on your exact needs. And speaking of needs, you’ll want to give that some genuine thought. Many settlement buyers will try to do a full purchase, or just throw out some random purchase figures for you and then expect you to choose one. While that make work well for them, it is not necessarily the best option for you.

    The reason that’s true is what’s known as the time value of money. That’s just a fancy way of saying that money today is worth more than the same money 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Think $100 is worth $100 whenever? Think again. Time has a decaying effect on the value of money. In other words, to sell money that is due to you at some future point, it will need to be discounted, or reduced in price value. The discount will be determined by a number of things, most important of which is how much you’re selling and how far into the future each payment is. Obviously the farther the due date is from today, the greater the discount will be.

    All of this to say that you will want to give some serious consideration to exactly which, and how many, payments you’re wanting to sell. For example, assume you have a large annuity that will be paying you for the next 40 years and you want to raise, say, $100,000 right now to purchase a home. Many buyers will simply offer you a full purchase and take the entire annuity off your hands in exchange for the money you seek. It would be smarter, however, to explore the option of only selling the minimum number of the nearest payments to achieve your goal. Money due 25, 30 or 40 years from now is worth, literally, pennies on the dollar in today’s money. So unless you have no other option, you’d be better advised to simply sell the near payments to raise the cash you need and then hold onto the more distant payments until they get closer.

    If you are currently considering the idea of selling your structured settlement and are looking for a competitive bid, you should begin by requesting a free, no-obligation quote.

    • Benefits of working with TriMark Legal Funding LLC
      • We give you the flexibility of determining the exact payments you want to sell
      • We routinely offer the highest payouts in the industry
      • We can help you maintain some monthly income if you’d like
      • We have the fastest underwriting process in the industry
      • TriMark Legal Funding LLC has been an industry leader since 2003

    Settlement Loans or a Settlement Buyout?

    We can offer our clients a choice between lump sum and partial payment payouts. If you are interested in cashing out your annuity we can certainly accommodate your needs. We also understand that some clients are only interested in selling a few payments to help them get through a tough financial time. By applying with TriMark Legal Funding LLC you are given the option ahead of time and you get to decide how many payments you wish to sell; something that not all buyers offer. TLF will put together a competitive purchase offer based upon your financial goals.

    When a person contacts TriMark Legal Funding LLC for a partial structured settlement buyout they are typically seeking money to help pay everyday expenses. While some people sell their full settlement, a partial buyout can be a way to liquidate only a portion of the annuity without having to sell the full payment.

    How Do I Get Settlement Funding?

    If you’ve been asking yourself “how do I sell my structured settlement annuity?” and are seriously looking for a company that will pay you top dollar for it then let us work for you.

    When TriMark Legal Funding LLC receives an application to sell a structured settlement, our team we immediately processes the information and matches the client’s precise needs with the investor within our network who will most closely satisfy those needs. There are lots of companies that provide lawsuit funding but not all of them provide structured settlement buyouts; TLF prides itself on matching our clients with the right investor the first time.

    TriMark Legal Funding LLC has helped thousands of people sell structured settlement payments. If you’re interested in finding out how much money you can receive for your structured settlement annuity payments, begin now by completing our short application or call TriMark Legal Funding LLC today.

    Before applying for a settlement buyout you should always evaluate your financial status carefully. There are many reasons why plaintiffs choose to accept structured settlements as a way of compensation for a personal injury lawsuit. The most common reason is unlike a lump sum payout the compensation is dispersed over a set period of time. If someone is looking for a reliable, ongoing stream of income, structured settlements can be the perfect solution.

    Thinking Strategically: Full Sale Or Partial Purchase?

    When an annuitant decides to cash out a structured settlement, they have two different options. They can either sell the whole thing (full buyout) or they can sell just a portion of it (partial purchase).

    TLF can get very creative with partial purchases and can buy practically any combination of payments or fractions of payments to accommodate almost any financial need.

    For example, some people may wish to continue receiving some monthly income to support their family, so we could just purchase a portion of their monthly cash flow. We can also combine that with a partial lump sum purchase. The possibilities are practically limitless and can be easily customized to suit your precise financial needs.

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    * Word-Use Disclaimer

    Legal funding is not a loan. It is the non-recourse purchase of an equitable lien in plaintiffs’ legal claims. Words such as ‘loans,’ ‘lending,’ ‘borrow,’ etc., are used for marketing purposes only.
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