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Soft Tissue Injury Lawsuit Loans and Pre Settlement Loans

Soft tissue injuries are a special breed of personal injury, from a lawsuit funding standpoint anyway. This is because they, unfortunately, have a long history of fraudulent misuse and tend to be looked upon with a much higher level of skepticism in most legal and insurance circles, as if they are somehow not “real” injuries; or at minimum, they are seen as “lesser” injuries. Anyone who has suffered from one or more soft tissue injuries can attest to how “real” of an injury they are however.

Soft tissue injuries
SOFT TISSUE INJURIES Millions of unscrupulous people have been caught faking or exaggerating injuries to “milk” the system for compensation.

Soft tissue injuries, for purposes of lawsuit funding, are characterized by complaints of pain and lack of mobility with a minimum, or even complete absence, of obvious physical trauma.

Whiplash injury, neck injuries, many car accident injuries, rear end accident injuries and the majority of slip and fall cases, back & spinal injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, foot & ankle injuries, hand & finger injuries, muscles, tendons, ligaments, sprains and bruising are all typical of soft tissue injuries.

With soft tissue damage, there is often little or no injury visible on X-ray or MRI’s beyond swelling and bruising; no broken bones, no profuse bleeding, no internal organ damage, no visible muscle or ligament tears. Sometimes there are bulging or herniated discs in the back or neck, torn ligaments or torn rotator cuffs in the shoulders or torn ACL or meniscus in the knees.

Soft tissue injuries are targets of skepticism within the legal community because they are ‘serious enough’ to be painful and cause the victim to require significant time off work, long term benefits and monetary compensation but are frequently ‘not serious enough’ to require surgery, or worse yet, patients often decline to undergo recommended surgery, because the injury will either heal on its own over time, get better with chiropractic therapy or be manageable with pain medications.

It is this “serious, but not THAT serious” aspect that causes problems for lawsuit funding companies when it comes to providing lawsuit cash advances on soft tissue injury cases.

Back Injury

For this reason, most soft tissue injury lawsuits are assumed to be some level of frivolous by defense attorneys until thoroughly proven otherwise by the plaintiff’s attorney and doctors.

At the very least, they receive far more scrutiny than other personal injury lawsuits.

Since the success of our lawsuit settlement funding programs lie in the ability to recover our invested funds, TriMark Legal Funding LLC will not consider cases where the anticipated damage award is likely to be less than $10,000 net to client after attorney fees and medical expenses are paid, or in cases where “collectability” may be questionable.

As a general guide, we have listed the minimum level of injury that is required before we can consider a soft tissue injury case for a lawsuit advance below. If you have questions or you’re not sure whether your soft tissue injury will qualify you for an advance, call us at 1-(877) 932-2628.

For a soft tissue injury case to be fundable, it must include:

  • A surgery, OR
  • A written settlement offer from the defendant, OR
  • Include at least one (1) diagnosed (via MRI) bulging and/or herniated disc(s), OR
  • Include diagnosed (via MRI) torn muscles, torn ligaments or torn rotator cuff, OR
  • Be an accepted Workers Compensation claim

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