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TriMark Legal Funding provides cash advances on nursing home lawsuit settlements nationwide.

Pre-Settlement Funding on Nursing Home Lawsuit Settlements

TriMark Legal Funding is one of America’s premier lawsuit funding companies. Since 2003, TriMark has been providing fast, low-rate pre settlement funding and post settlement loans to plaintiffs in nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

Nursing home abuse and neglect extracts a heavy toll; not only from it’s victims, but from the victim’s family as well. Extra expenses and financial challenges are common. Nursing home abuse lawsuit loans from TriMark can help you get caught up financially, and stay caught up, until your case settles.

It’s painful to hear about the plight of some senior individuals in long-term care facilities. They can suffer physically, emotionally, and psychologically in the hands of negligent caretakers. Others may be mistreated through inadequate or intentional acts.

Nursing home residents have the right to file a claim against such actions, especially if their health and wellbeing are put in peril.

The elderly deserve fair compensation for their pain and suffering. However, pulling them out of the facility may mean additional costs on their family. They surely did not want to be a burden to anyone. But they also didn’t expect to be disrespected in a place filled with people they’re paying to look after them. 

Whether you are a victim of this abuse or a family member, you can rely on nursing home abuse lawsuit loans to avoid this kind of dilemma.

What is this, and how does it work? Get ready to delve deeper into this option.

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What Is Nursing Home Lawsuit Funding?

Legal financing, otherwise known as pre settlement loans or post settlement funding, is a quick, non-compounding, non-recourse cash advance on your future settlement money.

Let’s break that definition down:

  • Quick: Unlike traditional bank loans, which are can take time to obtain, this financial assistance is easy to access. Application is fast and easy. No paperwork related to your credit, income, or employment is necessary. 

Here at TriMark, our sole basis is the merits of your case. We have streamlined our process to put cash in your hand as soon as tomorrow.

  • Non-compounding: We use 2x non-compounding rates, which caps the fees at double the advance you made. We’ve set this up to make sure you can still receive a good portion of your settlement’s net amount.
  • Non-recourse: This means that you won’t be required to pay monthly fees and interests. You will only have to return the advance plus fees when you get to collect your settlement check.

What do you think about this setup? 

If you’re wondering how much can you request, it’s as high as 20% of your case value. That is equivalent to $20,000 if your claim’s anticipated worth is $100,000

Who Qualifies for Assisted Living Lawsuit Settlement?

If you have a loved one who suffered from nursing home abuse, you may sue the administrator of the facility for negligence. You may recover damages in pursuing this case. It could be settlement or compensation. But in reality, you may not be able to cash it out right after the agreement or trial.

Even those who have a strong case may fall prey to the tedious releasing process of insurance companies.

When you need immediate funds to survive legal jostling and daily living, you may apply for a nursing home abuse lawsuit loan. Here are the qualifications:

  • You have a contingent-fee attorney;
  • You have sustained severe physical injuries and financial losses.
  • You have established a clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant.
  • Your settlement check will pass through your attorney’s trust account.

How Do Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Loans Work?

Based on the lessons we learned and customers’ suggestions, our application process has been streamlined throughout the years. Why should it be difficult if our plaintiff funding is fast, affordable, and risk-free?

Try it now to see for yourself.

  1. Choose from the two most convenient ways to apply. Either fill out our online form or give us a call. 

Prepare the following documents through your attorney. Provide his or her contact number, so we can confirm your case details more quickly. 

  • Police reports
  • A theory of liability
  • The extent of your injuries
  • X-Ray and MRI reports
  • Medical and surgical procedures performed.
  • Insurance coverage limits for the defendant
  • Photo, video, or audio evidence
  • Witness statements

Please remember that incomplete information may cause delays in your application. Since we bear all of the risks in providing you with a cash advance, we want to make the right decision about each case. And these documents are central to our review.

  1. Allow us to review your case for 24 to 72 hours.
  2. Stand by for the result of your application, which we’ll deliver via a call or email. 

If your case is approved, wait for and sign the funding agreement via DocuSign. Your attorney must sign it, too. When the paperwork is done, you may now receive your in 24 to 72 hours. 

Lastly, pick the most convenient channel for you:

a). Wire transfer, or ACH

b). FedEx Overnight

c). Western Union or MoneyGram

d). US Mail

Common Cases of Nursing Home Abuse

The seniors may be subject to different types of abuse when an assisted living facility tolerates negligence among its staff and administration. 

They may fall victim to the following:

  • Neglect: Inconsistencies in check-ins, treatment of bed sores, and the like
  • Physical Abuse: Hitting and pushing
  • Mental / Psychological Abuse: Verbal abuse and withholding mail
  • Sexual Abuse: Taking advantage of the elderly for their sexual gratification
  • Exploitation: Solicitation of money or favors through manipulation

How to Report It

The Associated Press reported that many abuse claims assisted facility living go unreported. About 6,600 cases are not brought out to the attention of authorities.

You may take the grievance to the nursing home administrator. But if you suspect them to be complicit, you can try the law enforcement in your area.

Call 911 for emergency and urgent cases. This is the fastest and most practical means to respond to the nursing home resident’s situation. It will also alert the police regarding the negligent and dangerous acts taking place in the nursing home.

If it’s not an emergency, you may report the case or any signs of abuse to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) and the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

Find out more about how you can protect yourself or your loved one from this type of mistreatment. Check out the resources on the official NCEA website.

You may also get immediate assistance for injuries or illnesses from doctors and nurses you can trust.

How Much Is My Nursing Home Litigation Worth?

According to Health Affairs, the rate of recovery of damages among victims of nursing home abuse was 88% in the early 2000s. That was almost thrice the figure representative of medical malpractice (med mal) claims.

Meanwhile, the average payout for either compensation or settlement was $406,000 in that same year. This amount was double what med mal plaintiffs take home.

Some factors that may affect your settlement amount are the following:

  • Case type: A personal injury suit may be awarded less compensation than a wrongful death claim. The harm or injury suffered may also have some impact on the total settlement value.
  • Jurisdiction: Federal, state, and local laws may have various effects on your case.
  • Legal precedent: You and the defendant may use previous compensations and settlements to determine the sweet spot.
  • Case strength: The other party may make a lowball or, worse, zero offer if they find your case weak enough to win in court. 

Knowing you or your loved one has a high chance of winning, you’ll probably regret it if you pass up on it. The best course is to stand your ground when the defendant is intentionally testing your patience and resolve.

The money waiting for you at the end of the fight is going to be worth it. But while you wait, you don’t have to get buried in bills, debts, and expenses.

A lawsuit settlement loan might be just what you need to root yourself in during these troubled times.

How Long Will Your Trial Take?

We are not a law firm, but we do get asked about the length of each case we fund. The harsh truth: years. But for nursing home litigation, your wait might last 18 months to two years.

Court processes, the defendant’s persistent delays, and other events may affect how long your trial is going to be. Some defendants hire attorneys whose main job will be to antagonize you in every way possible.

Again, they want to see you buckle under the pressure of it all. Through sufficient funds obtained through a settlement cash advance, you will be empowered to push back.

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A nursing home abuse lawsuit is a legal action taken against a nursing home for mistreating a resident. Most victims file civil lawsuits for compensation, though some may file criminal lawsuits for restitution. Many civil lawsuits end in settlements. Elder abuse is not a new problem, and it’s common, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While elder abuse can occur anywhere, a growing number of nursing home residents experience abuse. About 1.3 million Americans lived in nursing homes in 2015, according to the CDC. Nearly 1 in 3 nursing homes were cited for violations, according to data cited by the National Center on Elder Abuse. About 1 in 10 homes had violations that caused serious injury or harm. Some of these injuries were serious enough to be life-threatening. Over the years, thousands of people have filed nursing home lawsuits to seek compensation for injured loved ones. These… Read more

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