Next Steps – Plaintiff Legal Funding

Congratulations! Your application has been sent successfully!


Our goal is to get you funded as quickly as possible, so we’re asking you to help us help you. Please complete the 3 easy steps below so we can expedite your funding request.

1. Confirm We Received Your Application

Sometimes, internet stuff happens, and when it does, we might not get your application.

  • To prevent that, please call (877) 932-2628 to confirm your application was received successfully. Strongly recommended.

2. Accurate Attorney Contact Information is Mandatory

To process your funding request, we will need to contact your attorney to discuss your case.

  • To do this, we will need:
    • First and last name of the attorney handling your case (not just the name of the law firm)
    • Phone number (and fax number, if available)
    • Direct email address (not general office email or ‘info@”)
    • Name and email address of your attorney’s assistant (if available)

3. No More Paper

All funding agreements are executed securely and electronically using DocuSign.

To generate and send a DocuSign document, we must have ALL of the following information:

  • You:
    • Email address
    • Photo of driver’s license or state-issued ID (email to
    • SSN
  • Your Attorney:
    • First and last name
    • Phone number
    • Direct email address

If you have not already provided ALL of this information, please get it from your attorney’s office and then call us immediately.

To receive updates on your case, give us a call at (877) 932-2628.

If you need more information, please visit us here.

* Word-Use Disclaimer

Legal funding is not a loan. It is the non-recourse purchase of an equitable lien in a plaintiffs’ legal claim. Words such as ‘loans,’ ‘lending,’ ‘borrow,’ etc., are used for search and marketing purposes only.
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