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Train Accident Lawsuit Loans

According to the US Dept of Transportation there are about 5,800 vehicle / train crashes each year in the United States, with the vast majority occurring at railroad crossings. This includes freight trains, subways and commuter or passenger trains.

TriMark Legal Funding LLC is a national lawsuit funding that company that provides train accident lawsuit funding. We help plaintiffs throughout the United States obtain train accident lawsuit loans against their pending and already settled train wreck lawsuits.

Train Wreck & Train Derailment Lawsuits

Train wrecks can happen for any number of reasons. Railroad crossings may be littered with debris, rail lines may be obstructed, mechanism failure, or simple human error can be at fault, either by operator error when a train derails or slams into a car, truck or other train, or sometimes people step, fall or drive into the path of an oncoming train.

Any time there is a train crash or train derailment, serious personal injuries and fatalities almost always occur simply because of the massive bulk and weight of trains. Train accidents can also cause enormous property damage and extensive loss of human life.

Nearly half of all collisions at railroad crossings occur where automatic warning devices such as flashing lights or flashing lights with gates are present and are functioning properly. A troubling new statistic is that some train wrecks have actually been caused by the engineers or train operators using cell phones or sending text messages while they are operating the train!

Many people mistakenly believe that they will hear an oncoming train or that a train will be able to stop in time to avoid hitting them. However, the truth is that if a 150-car freight train is traveling at 50 miles per hour and hits the brakes, it will take over a mile to stop.

An estimated 1,000 people die in train crashes every year. Some additional United States train and railroad accident statistics estimate that nearly every 2 weeks a train derailment causes a chemical spill. Some of these spills are so serious they require the evacuation of local residents.

Train accident litigation can be very complex and, as a result, very long and drawn out. This is where lawsuit funding can really be a lifesaver.

TriMark Legal Funding LLC is one of the most highly respected national lawsuit funding providers in the United States. We can deliver fast, affordable, 100% risk-free lawsuit financing and pre settlement funding in amounts from from $500 up to $500,000 – often in as little as 24 to 48 for plaintiffs involved in serious train accidents or railroad accident lawsuits.

It’s normal for train accident victims to find themselves involved in a personal injury lawsuit and in need of extra money to pay bills, basic living expenses, cover emergency medical travel or stop a foreclosure. Legal funding or a lawsuit settlement advance can give plaintiffs the money they need now to get back on their feet.


Does your railroad accident lawsuit qualify for a lawsuit cash advance? Call now to find out or apply online!

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