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“Talk, Text, Crash” is the latest theme from Texas DOT

Distracted driver’s crumpled car on display in Lake Oswego says there is a distracted driving crash in Oregon, on average, every 2.5 hours.

Locally, Lake Oswego police and firefighters responded to 391 crashes in 2016, a 21 percent increase over the number of crashes in 2015, and LOPD Lt. Doug Treat says …

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Proposed bill aims to punish ‘data-distracted’ drivers in Wisconsin Republican legislators have introduced legislation aimed at punishing “data-distracted” drivers in Wisconsin.

The bill would update and expand …

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Four teens injured in distracted driving accident driver, Sena Verburg of Grand Rapids, told police that she was distracted by her friends resulting in the accident.

15-year-old Jenna Norder, 16-year-old Marissa Norder, 15-year-old Dalton Clevenger and Verburg all sustained non-life …

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ODOT: Distracted driving ‘an epidemic’, Oregon
Shannon Gilman knows all too well the dangers of distracted driving.

Her daughter, Alexxys Therwhanger, died in a crash on February 19, 2016.

She was 19 …

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Distracted driving fuels ‘alarming’ rise in auto accidents’s up from about 5.3 million accidents in 2011.

The rise in crashes is attributed to several factors, including an increase in driving overall, but one of safety advocates’ top concerns is distracted driving.

A recent poll supports those worries: A …

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Police blame distracted driving for I-96 crash that totaled Airstream trailer TWP. MI
Distracted driving is being blamed for a crash involving a camper trailer that created a large amount of road debris on I-96 late Monday.

The crash was reported at 10:58 p.m. on westbound I-96 near the Ottawa County border, the …

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Stillwater woman charged in distracted driving accident that injured teenager 24-year-old Stillwater woman has been charged with misdemeanor careless driving after telling Woodbury police she was looking at her phone when she hit a 14-year-old Lake Middle School student who was crossing Pioneer Road the morning of May 12.

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Kids causing distracted driving accidents are many types of distracted driving that can lead to motor vehicle accidents and crashes.

Distracted driving can involve cellphone use while driving, use of GPS units or other electronic devices while driving, or distractions from within the …

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Police: Distracted driving caused crash involving 11 L’Anse Creuse North teens three-vehicle crash near L’Anse Creuse High School North that injured several people Monday was caused by distracted driving, police said.

At about 10:40 a.m. Monday, a Saturn Ion driven by a 17-year-old boy from Macomb Township on westbound 21 …

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‘Talk, Text, Crash’ campaign aims to end distracted driving“TALK, TEXT, CRASH”
That’s the theme of the latest campaign put together by the Texas Department of Transportation.

One mother, Arely Mathews, who we spoke to says, distracted driving is a subject parents should discuss with their teenage drivers …

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Police: Distracted driving caused Macomb Township crash involving 11 teens Saturn Ion that was stopped on westbound 21 Mile Road and about to turn left when it was hit from behind by a pickup truck and pushed into the eastbound lane where it was struck by another pickup truck.

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Distracted driving causes 70 deaths in MN each year Dixit lost his teenage daughter in a distracted driving accident in 2007.

Shreya Dixit was killed by a driver who lost control of her car while searching the backseat for a napkin.

Minnesota’s Office of Traffic Safety estimates that one in four …

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Texting Driver Kills 13 in Head-On Crash With Church Bus

‘Angry as hell’: Distracted crashes up, father wants action on phones show crash reports listing distracted driving rose 10 percent in Florida in 2016.

Injuries associated with texting rose 45 percent in Palm Beach County.

Yet state legislators last month balked at strengthening …

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Texting Driver Kills 13 in Head-On Crash With Church Bus pickup truck driver hit a church bus on U.S 83 in Uvalde County, Texas.

A 20-year-old driver admitted, to witnesses, on the scene of the head-on collision that he had been texting.

A white Dodge pickup …

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11 teens hurt in

3-vehicle crash after finishing exams in Macomb Township driver of the pickup truck said he dropped his cellphone, looked down to pick it up and then rear-ended the car, but it’s possible that texting and driving was to blame.

The 64-year-old man driving the third vehicle involved in the crash was sent …

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How to hold a texting driver liable for crash many of these recent cases, the distracted driving that leads to an accident involves texting or making cell phone calls while driving a motor vehicle (without the use of a hands-free cellular device, such as a Bluetooth system).

Other new …

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Texting While Driving Ban Coming to Texas

According to TxDOT, one in five automobile crashes involves distracted drivers.

In 2016, this translated into 109,653 traffic accidents where more than 3,000 people were seriously injured and 454 died.

This figure rose three percent from 2015.

The …

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When Are People Going To Wake Up About Distracted Driving?

Mother Reacts to Texting and Driving Ban particular mother got into an accident in April 2012 with her 22-month-old daughter.

“The lady was texting, she went right through the light and t-boned us” said Lisa Capricciuolo.

After the impact, her car flipped three times and all she thought …

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Texas House passes bill banning texting while driving Thursday, the Texas House followed their lead by voting for House Bill 62 which will ban drivers from texting while driving in the state of Texas.

It’s a bill that many Texans agreed needed to happen.

“I don’t even get on my phone when I get called …

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Here’s why your car insurance might be skyrocketing specialists said it is difficult to peg just how much distracted driving — specifically mobile phone use — contributes to rising accident claims.

They say drivers who have had accidents are reluctant to admit they were texting or using …

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4 ways to prevent distracted driving such, there is no safe way to drive your car while using cellphones, while under the influence of certain substances or while sleep deprived. Even so, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents, killing more than 200,000 …

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“…distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents, killing more than 200,000 people and injuring 431,000 in the United States in 2014, according to”

Texas House passes statewide ban on texting while driving Texas House on Wednesday passed a statewide ban on texting while driving.

Members voted 113-32 to tentatively approve the legislation, which will get a final vote in the House before it can proceed to the Senate.

A Senate committee has passed a …

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Should law banning texting while driving be tougher? It’s being proposed Clemens, D-Lake Worth, said, while many states have texting-while-driving bans, there’s no proof it reduces accident rates.

Garcia asked, “How many more lives have to be lost waiting on data to ensure we pass some sensible legislation protect our …

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How Are People Still Not Getting This? Stop Texting and Driving!

Tens of thousands of people are killed and seriously injured each year because people get on their mobile devices while they’re driving, so you’d think people would wise-up to the idea that texting and driving is a bad idea. But you’d be wrong.

Texting while driving: Police see it, but can’t always ticket CITY
A first sign could be the car drifts — first right, then weaving back left, a few feet at a time, perhaps off pavement and onto the.

Accidents caused by people who are texting while driving are 100% preventable, and yet…

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Texting & Driving: Can Sender Be Held Liable In Crash? (KDKA)
Texting and driving is illegal in Pennsylvania.

Drivers can face fines or even jail time if they’re texting and cause a serious or fatal accident.

But now, there’s also a question if the sender of the text can be held liable if the …

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Distracted driving exercise impresses students, teachers
Kauai High School student Jaevon Sategna said texting on the road would be difficult during a distracted driving exercise hosted Friday by the Kauai High School Leadership Advocacy class.

Texting while negotiating an obstacle course on foot …

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Wear: Texting while driving? Yes, but not as much under Austin’s ban adult behavior I’m referring to is the use of a cellphone while driving.

The City Council passed an ordinance in August 2014 making it illegal in Austin, with resulting fines and court costs as high as $219, to operate a moving motor vehicle or …

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Why Is Texting and Driving Not Considered an Epidemic?’m much more frightened pulling onto the streets of Los Angeles than worried that my Muslim neighbors are harboring secrets, and for good reason: sixteen people die every day on America’s roads because of texting and driving.

Sadly, every one of these …

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Bill Could Increase Penalty For Texting & Driving (CBS4)
State lawmakers say the dangerous problem of texting and driving is getting worse despite the fact that it’s illegal in Colorado.

Now legislators want to increase the penalties for the crime.

The Colorado law that prohibits texting and …

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Rep. Corey Mock: Distracted driving bill prohibits texting, and more every state joins North Dakota in banning texting while driving.

As a result, distracted-related injuries and deaths have improved, but far too many Americans still lose their lives in preventable vehicle accidents.

The statistics speak for …

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Tougher law on texting while driving advances in Iowa Senate Iowa Senate Transportation Committee voted 12-0 Wednesday in support of a bill that toughens Iowa’s ban on texting while driving.

Under current Iowa law, texting is prohibited by drivers, but the Iowa State Patrol wrote fewer than 200 citations for …

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10th Valley City Passes A “Texting While Driving” Ban Benito has become the latest city in the Valley to ban texting while driving.

San Benito city commissioners passed the ordinance Tuesday night – saying the move is not to punish people but to protect them.

The city is providing a 90-day grace …

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Texting and Driving Could Be Prohibited for All Missouri Drivers

The Missouri House is hearing a bill that would make texting while behind the wheel illegal for all Missouri drivers.

The Missouri Senate is also hearing a similar bill.

Currently, only drivers under 22 years-old and commercial drivers are prohibited …

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Mesa legislator narrows attempt to stop texting and driving lawmakers are moving to keep cellphones out of the hands of the newest drivers while behind the wheel.

But the practice apparently will remain legal for the other 5 million Arizona motorists and anyone else who drive in the state.

Members of the …

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Police use panhandling tactics on distracted drivers

Albany police uses panhandling tactic to curb distracted driving Police Department used a new tactic to crack down on distracted driving which resulted in almost 40 citations in one day.

The Special Operations Division took to busy streets like Gillionville Road and Slappey Boulevard in plain clothes with …

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JCPD: Distracted driving campaign continuing into 2017; number of fatal car accidents down from last year that number may be slightly higher than last year, police say they have had success with lowering the number of fatal crashes.

Police say they are focusing particularly on distracted driving which is one of the leading causes of accidents in the …

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Drunk, distracted drivers causing highway holiday risks drivers, once the main target, are now part of a list of concerns. That includes drowsy, drugged or distracted drivers.

The use of cell phones has become an increasing widespread problem on the highways, when a hands free device is not connected.

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How can we design cars to reduce distracted driving? have done many posts this year about what has seemed to be the big issue of 2016, distracted walking.

It gets almost as much attention as distracted driving, which is actually a serious issue, because the people doing it are often inside a few …

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Don’t be a distracted driver — Santa’s watching! is getting ready to come the Tennessee Valley — and as you know, we have some naughty people out there who drive distracted.

Help us spread the message this isn’t safe.

Santa knows better, and so should you!

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Opinion: Are distracted drivers driving you nuts? and old, now we drive around suckling on some device to get us to our destinations or just to amuse, mildly distracted from driving skillfully enough to avoid the texting hipster stepping off the curb deafened by ear buds.

Tech companies should …

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The better way to target texting drivers: York Region police ride the bus growing number of Canadian police forces are riding public transit to catch distracted drivers.

“Being on the bus, you have the large windows and being up higher we have a very good vantage point of the drivers and their vehicles,” said Sgt. Aaron …

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4 Michigan teens earn scholarships for work on distracted driving

4 Michigan teens earn scholarships

Michigan teenagers are taking to social media to encourage their peers to prevent distracted driving. High school trainees from throughout the state submitted entries in numerous mediums in an effort to earn the first Kelsey’s Law Scholarships. The “Kelsey’s Law Scholarship: Stop Distracted Driving Contest” is in honor of Kelsey Raffaele, who inspired Michigan’s teenager owning law after she was unfortunately eliminated in a 2010 cars and truck accident while using her cellular phone.

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Leading lethal teen owning mistakes and how moms and dads are instrumental AAA discovered that parents are partially to blame for the method teens drive and the lethal mistakes they make. ATLANTA-AAA has actually recognized 3 lethal owning mistakes teens make. They also discovered moms and dads are partially to blame for those driving habits. Teens learn to own by years of seeing how their parents communicate with other motorists and whether they’re complying with traffic laws.
This newest AAA research study exposed the importance of parents talking with teenager chauffeurs about personal obligation and following rules before starting motorist’s education. Moms and dads should also re-educate themselves considering that there are new guidelines for motorist education and license constraints. Loading … AAA’s leading mistakes teen drivers make of Autoplay Time out Show Thumbnails Program Captions Distracted owning, speeding and poor visual scanning– when you drive without inspecting your environments.
The more issues are attended to early, the much safer and smoother the entire procedure of effectively teaching teenagers to own can be. On Saturday Oct. 15, AAA is hosting an interactive Start Smart Drive Teen Event in Johns Creek. “& ldquo; Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States,” Sasha Marcinczyk, Georgia Regional President for AAA –– Car Club Group said. That is why we have to take this opportunity to warn teens and their parents on threats they face behind the wheel.”


NM releases brand-new anti texting TV advertisements
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.– The New Mexico Department of Transportation unveiled its most current TV advertisement to fight texting while owning, featuring a mother and her 2 kids taking a trip to and from soccer practice.

Throughout the advertisement, the mother texts and drives, swerving in and out of the lanes until she crashes into a truck head on, according to a news release.”No text is worth triggering an auto accident and eliminating a household, or yourself – it’s that easy,” Gov. Susana Martinez stated in a statement. “We understand it’s a deadly diversion, and we understand it’s avoidable.”The brand-new advertisement — offered at — will play throughout this week on TV and radio. National statistics from 2014 show sidetracked owning added to 16 percent of U.S. traffic crashes. In New Mexico alone, sidetracked driving has triggered 274 fatal car crashes in simply 2 years.

Driver, distracted by washing windshield, hits man directing Carteret traffic

Driver, distracted by cleaning windshield, hits man directing Carteret traffic
CARTERET– A motorist, perhaps distracted by a strong sun glare and her windshield wipers, struck a male holding a flag at a building site in …

Tougher Texting & Driving Costs Presented in Florida Legislature
Florida might discover itself with tougher laws relating to texting and driving as … about the threat associated with texting while driving and distracted driving, …
Tennessee DOT holds contest for best security message to show on interstates
Five highway classifications are offered, consisting of seatbelt usage, damaged driving, distracted driving, speeding, and aggressive driving. The contest …
‘3-D’ Driving under the influence Awareness Event Turning up At Ocean County Mall
“This effort brings an increased awareness to the vital issue of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs and distracted driving,” Ocean …
Seattle pedestrians bad at strolling, motorists bad at driving
A motorist approaches a stop sign while texting in Seattle’s University District. The city is releasing a project in April to focus on sidetracked motorists, …
June is the National Safety Month. Now, as part of this whole campaign, DriveCam Inc. has most recently announced that it is supporting this event and would be doing this by highlighting the risky driving behaviors. These behaviors would be those that would most likely lead to collisions and accidents. DriveCam Inc. is a Driver Risk Management (DRM) company.
According to DriveCam Inc., by revealing these risky driving behaviors, they would be able to heighten awareness. And by doing this, they would also be able to help out in improving safety for everybody who is on the road or even just on the side of the road.
This is indeed a good way to heighten the awareness of people and drivers. The National Safety Month was first established in 1996 by the National Safety Council. This is all in part of the statistics that they have gathered which informed them that motor vehicle crashes have been the leading cause of accidental death and injury. Their statistics continue to show this fact.
As per the figures for the year 2004, it shows that there were 110,000 accidental deaths for that year. However, the upsetting fact is that out of this huge number, 46,200 Americans have died in motor vehicle collisions plus some 2.4 million that were seriously injured. And as part of the studies, most accidents started from risky driving behaviors.

On DriveCam Inc’s end, they were able to take in facts and data from the commercial fleets that used their products. They were able to get thousands of videos that recorded events of unusual driving behavior as well as risky driving behavior. They studied their data and they have identified seven common risky driving activities that could be the results of crashes. The list included following too close or tailgating; poor awareness when approaching intersections; driving while distracted; not looking far enough on the road ahead; speeding and driving too fast; fatigue; and passing and risky lane change.

This kills more people on N.J. roads than anything else

This kills more individuals on N.J. roads than anything else
Motorist inattention was the top factor in fatal crashes in 2014, more than speeding … “Driver inattention and distracted driving are interchangeable.

Proposed Bill Would Allow Warrantless Cell Phone Searches

Proposed Expense Would Allow Warrantless Cellular phone Searches
The current expense is created making Vermont’s distracted driving laws much easier for cops to impose, but civil liberties supporters call it government …
Video: Light is red for seven seconds but driver continues
“We hope that these videos produce a constructive discussion about the dangers of distracted driving,” the post on the Facebook page says. “We all need …

Fire Department Reports “Large Increase” In Pedestrians Hit By Distracted Drivers

Fire Department Reports “Huge Boost” In Pedestrians Struck By Distracted Drivers
The Decatur Minute reports that the Fire Department has seen a huge increase in the variety of pedestrians hit by sidetracked motorists in the last two …