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TriMark Legal Funding provides settlement funding on hundreds of different types of lawsuits.

TriMark has been providing legal funding on virtually all types of contingent fee litigation since 2003. The list below is but a small representation of the multitude of different types of lawsuits we have funded over the last two decades and is by no means all-inclusive.

If you don’t see your particular type of case listed, give us a call at (877) 932-2628. There’s an excellent chance we can still provide funding on it.

All Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car Accident Loans

Bad Car Accidents
Fatal Car Accidents
Bay Bridge Accident
Brake Failure Accidents
Bridge Accidents
Construction Zone Accidents
Defective Tire Accidents
Head-on Collision Accidents
Highway Accidents
Hit-and-Run Accidents
Impaired Driving Accidents
Distracted Driving Accidenst
Drowsy Driving Accidents
Drunk Driving Accidents
Texting and Driving Accidents
Intersection Accidents
Parked Car Accidents
Parking Lot Accidents
Pothole Accidents
Rear-End Collision Accidents
Reckless Driving Accidents
Rental Car Accidents
Rubbernecking Accidents
Road Accidents
Roadway Construction Accidents
Smart Car Accidents
Speeding Accidents
Tailgating Accidents
Teen Driving Accidents
Traffic Accidents
Tunnel Accidents
Turnpike Accidents
Underinsured Motorist Accidents
Uninsured Motorist Accidents
Wrong-Way Driving Accidents
Commercial Carrier Accidents
Aviation Accidents
Helicopter Crash
Hot Air Balloon Accidents
Plane Crash
Bus Accidents
City Bus Accidents
Greyhound Bus Accidents
School Bus Accidents
Tour Bus Accidents
Cruise Ship Accidents
Ferry Boat Accidents
Train Accidents
Amtrak Train Accidents
Light Rail Accidents
Subway Accidents
Train Derailment Accidents
Train vs Car Accidents
Commercial Vehicle Accidents
18-Wheeler Accidents
Big Rig Accidents
Blind Spot Truck Accidents
Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)
Override Truck Accidents
Rear-End Truck Accidents
Semi Truck Accidents
Tractor Trailer Accidents
Truck Accidents
Truck Braking Accidents
Truck Jackknifing Accidents
Underride Truck Accidents
Wide Turn Truck Accidents
Common Carrier Truck Accidents
Amazon Truck Accidents
FedEx Truck Accidents
UPS Truck Accidents
USPS Truck Accidents
Walmart Truck Accidents
Cement Truck Accidents *
Delivery Truck Accidents
Dump Truck Accidents
Fire Truck Accidents
Garbage Truck Accidents
Logging Truck Accidents
Overloaded Truck Accidents
Tow Truck Accidents
Truck Driver Liability Accidents
Truck Driver Error Accidents
Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents
Truck Driver Impairment Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Moped Accidents
Motorbike Accidents
Scooter Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Crosswalk Accidents
Jay-Walking Accidents
Rideshare Accidents
Airport Shuttle Accidents
Limousine Accidents
Lyft Accidents
Taxi Accidents
Uber Accidents
RV Accidents
ATV Accidents
Off-Road Accidents
Quad Accidents
Water Accidents
Accidental Drowning
Boating Accidents
Drunk Boating Accidents
Jet Ski Accidents
Water Ski Accidents

Catastrophic Injury

Acoustic Trauma
Asphyxiation Injury
Blindness & Vision Loss
Blunt Force Trauma
Burn Injury
Crush Injury
Degloving Injury
Head Injury
Brain Damage
Hearing Loss
Neurological Injury
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Traumatic Brain Injury
Impalement Injury
Neck & Back Injury
Orthopedic Injury
Scarring & Disfigurement
Spinal Cord Injury

Civil Rights Litigation

Assault & Battery *
Discrimination *
Police Misconduct
Police Brutality
Police Excessive Force *
Police Car Accidents *
Police Sexual Misconduct *
Prison Misconduct *
Crimes Against Inmates While Incarcerated *
Failure to Diagnose Medical Condition *
Failure to Treat Medical Condition *
Medical Misdiagnosis *
Sexual Misconduct by Prison Staff *
Sexual Misconduct
Sexual Abuse
Catholic Church Sexual Abuse
Sexual Assault
Wrongful Conviction
Death Penalty Wrongful Conviction *
Wrongful Imprisonment *

COVID-Related Lawsuits

COVID: Discrimination
COVID: Employment
COVID: Medical Malpractice
COVID: Nursing Home
COVID: Wrongful Death

Defective Drugs (MDL)

Blood Thinner Lawsuits
Pradaxa Lawsuits
Xarelto Lawsuits
Opioid Settlements
Risperdal Lawsuits

Defective Medical Devices (MDL)

Essure Lawsuits
Hernia Mesh Lawsuits
Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuits
IVC Filter Lawsuits

Defective Products (MDL)

3M Earplug Lawsuits
3M Earplug Lawsuit Updates
Asbestos Lawsuits *
Mesothelioma Lawsuits
Firefighting Foam Lawsuits
Roundup Lawsuits

Employment Litigation

Employment Discrimination
Age (ADA) Discrimination *
Ageism *
Disability Discrimination *
Equal Pay / Compensation Discrimination *
FMLA Discrimination *
Gender Discrimination *
Genetic Information Discrimination *
National Origin Discrimination *
Pregnancy Discrimination *
Race / Color Discrimination *
Religious Discrimination *
Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) Discrimination *
False Claims Act (Qui Tam) Lawsuits *
Harassment Lawsuits
Bullying At Work *
Hostile Work Environment *
Quid Pro Quo Harassment
Sexual Harassment at Work
Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
Retaliation Lawsuits
Wage & Hour *
Whistleblower Lawsuits *

Workplace Injury Accidents

Construction Accidents
Construction Equipment Accidents *
Heavy Equipment Accidents *
Farm Accidents *
FELA Railroad Accident
Industrial Accident
Jones Act Maritime Accident
Workers Comp Lawsuit Loans
Wrongful Termination

Medical Malpractice

Dental Malpractice
Dentist Malpractice
Oral Surgery Malpractice
Orthodontic Malpractice
Clinical Malpractice *
Acupuncture Malpractice
Chiropractic Malpractice *
Colonoscopy Malpractice *
OBGYN Malpractice
Physical Therapy Malpractice
Hospital Malpractice
Anesthesia Malpractice
Emergency Room Malpractice
Oncology Malpractice
Orthopedic Malpractice
Radiology Malpractice
Misdiagnosis Malpractice
Delayed Diagnosis
Failure to Diagnose
Medical Misdiagnosis
Medicine Malpractice
Pharmacy Malpractice
Pharmaceutical Malpractice
Medical Errors
Medication Errors
Prescription Errors
Medical Negligence
Mental Health Malpractice
Psychiatry Malpractice
Psychology Malpractice
Military Medical Malpractice
VA Medical Malpractice
Pharmaceutical Malpractice
Physician Malpractice
Doctor Malpractice
Nursing Malpractice
Nurse Practitioner Malpractice
Surgeon Malpractice
Surgery Malpractice
Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice
Gastric Bypass Malpractice
Lasik Surgery Malpractice
Plastic Surgery Malpractice
Surgical Mistakes
Wrong Site Surgery

Inheritance Advance

Probate Loans

Lawsuit Loans

Appeals Funding
Post Settlement Funding
Pre Settlement Funding

Litigation Finance

Post Settlement Funding for Attorneys
Law Firm Financing

Legal Funding By State

Alabama Lawsuit Loans
Alaska Lawsuit Loans
Alaska Workers Comp Loans
Arizona Lawsuit Loans
Arkansas Lawsuit Loans
California Lawsuit Loans
Colorado Lawsuit Loans
Connecticut Lawsuit Loans
Connecticut Workers Comp Loans
Delaware Lawsuit Loans
Florida Lawsuit Loans
Florida Workers Comp Loans
Georgia Lawsuit Loans
Georgia Workers Comp Loans
Hawaii Lawsuit Loans
Idaho Lawsuit Loans
Illinois Lawsuit Loans
Indiana Lawsuit Loans
Iowa Lawsuit Loans
Iowa Workers Comp Loans
Kansas Lawsuit Loans
Kentucky Lawsuit Loans
Louisiana Lawsuit Loans
Louisiana Workers Comp Loans
Maine Lawsuit Loans
Maryland Lawsuit Loans
Massachusetts Lawsuit Loans
Michigan Lawsuit Loans
Minnesota Lawsuit Loans
Mississippi Lawsuit Loans
Missouri Lawsuit Loans
Missouri Workers Comp Loans
Montana Lawsuit Loans
Montana Workers Comp Loans
Nebraska Lawsuit Loans
Nevada Lawsuit Loans
New Hampshire Lawsuit Loans
New Jersey Lawsuit Loans
New Mexico Lawsuit Loans
New York Lawsuit Loans
North Carolina Lawsuit Loans
North Dakota Lawsuit Loans
Ohio Lawsuit Loans
Ohio Workers Comp Loans
Oklahoma Lawsuit Loans
Oklahoma Workers Comp Loans
Oregon Lawsuit Loans
Pennsylvania Lawsuit Loans
Rhode Island Lawsuit Loans
Rhode Island Workers Comp Loans
South Carolina Lawsuit Loans
South Dakota Lawsuit Loans
South Dakota Workers Comp Loans
Tennessee Lawsuit Loans
Tennessee Workers Comp Loans
Texas Lawsuit Loans
Utah Lawsuit Loans
Vermont Lawsuit Loans
Virginia Lawsuit Loans
West Virginia Lawsuit Loans
Washington Lawsuit Loans
Washington Workers Comp Loans
Washington DC Lawsuit Loans
Wisconsin Lawsuit Loans
Wyoming Lawsuit Loans
Wyoming Workers Comp Loans

Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)

Personal Injury Loans

Premises Liability

Commercial Property Accident
Airport Injury
Amusement Park Accident
Bar Accident
Dram Shop Accident
Elevator Accident
Escalator Accident
Gas Station Accident
Hotel, Motel & Casino Accident
Restaurant Accident
Dog Bites
Dog Mauling
Pitbull Attack
Rottweiler Attack
Drowning Accident
Electrocution Injury Accident
Nursing Home Lawsuits
Elder Abuse
Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing Home Malpractice
Nursing Home Neglect
Slip and Fall Accidents
Toxic Mold

Product Liability

Soft Tissue Injury

Sell Structured Settlement

Wrongful Death

Case Archive

Archived cases are lawsuits that TriMark tracked or offered legal funding on at some point, but can no longer offer settlement funding on pending cases. While the majority of these lawsuits have been closed due to claim resolution, some remain eligible for settled case funding.

Check the pages below for more information and to see if lawsuit funding is still available from TriMark.

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* Word-Use Disclaimer

Legal funding is not a loan. It is the non-recourse purchase of an equitable lien in plaintiffs’ legal claims. Words such as ‘loans,’ ‘lending,’ ‘borrow,’ etc., are used for marketing purposes only.
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