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TriMark Legal Funding has been one of America’s leading probate advance providers since 2003. With inheritance loans, heirs enjoy a cash advance on their inheritance money from $5,000 up to $350,000, as quickly as 24 hours! With a probate cash advance from TriMark, you could have the money to finally take care of your financial needs while your loved one’s estate makes its way through the lengthy probate process.

Apply now and receive your inheritance money in as little as 24 hours.

An inheritance cash advance can be the perfect solution for any estate heir that needs some of their money right away.

Any heir who will be inheriting a minimum of $10,000 from a probate estate which is already open (or is being opened) may qualify for a probate advance.

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Inheritance Loans Are Easy

Inheritance advances are very easy, very fast and very affordable. Probate processing can take years, which means that heirs will receive their inheritance at least a year  after the decedent’s passing and probate processing. Inheritance advance works by giving you however amount needed from the distributed amount. For example, an heir will be receiving $100,000 as inheritance from the heir’s deceased parent. The probate process cannot help the heir get the inheritance as early as they may want because the probate process generally takes about 18 months or so.

Through an inheritance cash advance, the heir can get either a portion of the inheritance money or all of it – whichever the heir prefers. This allows the heir get the desired amount of money from the distributed estate in just 3 days.

The great thing about this type of funding is that there is no catch or hidden fees. Inheritance advances are not at all like a loan. There is no need for collateral or proposals, nor is there a responsibility on the part of the heir for repayment. There is just a small fee for every cash advance, depending on certain aspects of the probate process as well as the size of the estate and advance to be made.

Inheritance advance woks in such a way that The investor is paid directly from the heir’s share once the estate is ready to be distributed. The remainder of the share, if possible, is also directly given to the heir at this point.


Probate is the legal course of action where a deceased or decedent’s possessions – including assets – are consolidated then distributed between the rightful heirs. Rightful heirs are usually determined by a valid will left by the decedent. If a valid will is lacking, the estate will then be distributed according to the intestate rules depending on the state law. The rules give priority to any persons that may possibly get a share of the estate like creditors, family members, caretakers, and the like. Each state in the country upholds its own laws for Probate courts. Some counties introduce new and supplementary regulations; however, numerous states in the U.S. have executed all or portions of the  Uniform Probate Code. Not all have adopted the entirety of the Uniform Probate Court, with a number of 33 out of 51 jurisdictions.

Factors that affect the time it takes for a Probate to close include: the sale of real estate, taxation, disputes between heirs regarding the will or estate distribution, disputes on the estate – external or internal claims, type of assets included in the estate, mandatory creditor claim period (approximately 90 days), and the efficiency of the Personal Representative and estate attorney in closing the Probate and distributing the assets to the heirs.

Inheritance or estates are required to go through the probate process. Smaller estates go through an easier process; but on the other hand, inheritance processes can avoid delays through the use of affidavit procedure or summary probate for small estates (approximately less than $75,000 in total assets). Probate laws and rules still apply depending on the state it is in.

Inheritance Process

An heir’s friend or loved one passed away and find out that they are an heir of the decedent’s possessions – this becomes the estate. Before the estate is distributed between all the heirs, the estate first needs to go through the Probate court process. If the heir wants to claim their share of the estate but the Probate process is still ongoing, heirs can opt to seek for Inheritance Cash Advances which help them get their share of the inheritance in a faster and easier manner.

Once the Probate process has been closed, the Personal Representative and estate attorney can distribute the estates between the heirs and the funding company easily gets repaid for the advance as well. Estate attorneys are not the heirs’ attorneys; heirs must have their own. The estate attorney is the lawyer of the estate and only the estate. The executor or Personal Representative are responsible for filing tax returns and paying bills, so heir should not worry about paying tax for the estate they earned. Each state governs inheritance estate tax differently, so it will again depending on which state it is in. Federal Estate Tax applies only to very large estates – those totaling millions.

The AARP has done a comprehensive study of the Probate process in the U.S.; a result of 17 months is the average time of estate distributions. This is why inheritance cash advances are recommended, because it helps heirs get their money at an earlier time to use how they want to without having to wait for more than a year. This is ideal for those who are in need of cash immediately, maybe to pay bills and other necessities, which is usually the case.

Eligibility for an Inheritance Cash Advance

An inheritance cash advance will not affect the rest of the heirs in the estate. Transactions are strictly made between The investor and the client or heir who applied for an advance. Advances do not affect the whole estate or other shares.

Anyone is qualified for an inheritance cash advance with proper verification and paperwork to identify if the applicant is a verified heir of an estate that will inherit at least $17,000 from an open (or about to be opened) probate estate. Advances cannot exceed 30% of the heir’s expected distribution. The investor takes the loss when the payment cannot be made in full out of the heir or client’s share. The investor is always in danger of unknown creditors making claims on probate estates – so when clients are aware of the claims and does not inform the funding company during the application process. The client becomes liable when he does not disclose pertinent information regarding the estate such as things like this.

Applicants need not worry about monthly payment for repayment or even credit problem; The investor is here to help heirs who need cash but can’t wait for for the long probate process, so rest assured the contract and the process makes things easier for the clients. There are no consequences to be held on the client if the probate estate is delayed. The investor will still wait until distribution is ready. The client’s flat fee will remain flat – no additional costs whatsoever.

Those seeking for an inheritance can do so no matter which state they are in, as long as it’s in the United States of America. Estates outside of the country cannot be catered to by the company. The investor can also handle clients that reside in a state different from the state in which the probate is ongoing.

Get Some Cash In Your Hands Now

Apply for an inheritance cash advance now

Before proceeding to getting the inheritance advance, contracts will be drawn out before the heir receives the money. The investor is assigned the fixed amount, which will be stated in the contract, out of the heir’s share of the estate.

The company will be paid directly when the estate is distributed. This makes it easier for clients, since it curtails personal responsibilities for them in terms of repayment. Rebates are also granted when advances are repaid in full to the investor earlier than the Early Pay-off Rebate date. Clients will be informed of the rebate amount in as early as five days.

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