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The Hertz lawsuit pertaining to their reporting of stolen cars that lead to the false arrest of hundreds of legitimate, non-car-thief customers is one of the strangest cases in recent memory.

Hertz Lawsuit: Hertz Stolen Cars and False Arrests

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Hertz Stolen Cars, But Not Really

“We showed the police the paperwork and told them we had obviously not stolen the car. We were stunned when the police told us that the license plate on our car was from another car that was reported stolen and that it was not even the license plate listed on our rental paperwork,” the couple wrote in a legal declaration. “We are infuriated that something like this could happen, and dumbfounded to learn that Hertz has previously rented “stolen” cars to customers.”

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Latest Developments in the Hertz Lawsuit…

A Channel 7 Investigation earlier this month raised questions about the stolen vehicle report on a rental car that led to the officer-involved shooting of Bradley Blackshire in Little Rock last month. Since then, KATV has learned of a lawsuit filed here in Arkansas against that same rental car company, that tells a similar story. Searcy resident, Jonathan Olivares, was on his way to Houston in March of 2018, when just outside Shreveport, Louisiana, he saw flashing blue lights in his rear-view mirror. “They yelled and screamed – get out of the car, put my hands up,” recalled Olivares. According to the lawsuit filed originally filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court by Olivares’ attorney earlier this month, it wasn’t until Olivares was handcuffed that he was informed the car his company had rented for him from Hertz, had been reported stolen. “I had a valid corporate lease agreement – what… Read more

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