Credit Scores

Credit Scores

Good Credit Can Make Your Life Easier; Bad Credit, Not So Much

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TriMark works with an array of lending networks and specialized financing providers who all share the same goal: helping our clients get the financing they need right when they need it most.

Who Cares About Credit Scores?

You should.

That’s because your credit scores can have a significant impact, for better or for worse, on pretty much every single aspect of your life.

Like it or not, agree with it or not, just about every significant decision that will ever be made about you during your lifetime will, in all likelihood, be influenced to some degree by your credit scores and other information contained in your credit reports.

FICO® Credit Score

Credit Scores Fico
Source: Experian

VantageScore® Credit Score

Credit Scores Vantage
Source: Experian

Your Credit Scores

Your credit scores will be pulled each time you apply for a loan, credit card, or any other personal finance product. They will be required each time you rent an apartment, buy a house, apply for most jobs, work in any type of secure facility, finance a car, shop for insurance, volunteer to work with kids or do anything else that requires a background check, and that includes using any of these nine popular dating apps.

If you ever plan to be self-employed, start your own business, or attract investors, your personal credit scores are going to play a huge role in obtaining business financing, especially when you’re first starting out.

Life is better with good credit. Great credit scores can open doors and create opportunities that aren’t available to everyone.

Bad credit, on the other hand, can close doors, minimize or eliminate opportunities, and just make life a lot more difficult.

What Is A Credit Score?

Simply put, your credit score is a numeric value that falls somewhere on a scale between 300 and 850. As with most things in life, the higher the score, the better.

The ones with the highest credit scores tend to enjoy life very much.

Credit scores are ranked using various credit scoring models. Two of the most common scoring models are FICO® and VantageScore®. As shown in the chart above, they provide similar results but not identical.

It can be helpful when you’re applying for credit to know where a particular lender pulls credit from and which scoring model will be used.

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Credit Reporting Bureaus

The three main credit reporting bureaus you must be concerned with are Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

The reason why is that it would be a very smart move on your part to know exactly what your credit scores are BEFORE you start applying for loans or other credit products.

By knowing your credit scores, you can apply to the right lenders and have a much higher likelihood of being approved.

So how do you find out what your credit scores are? It’s simple, easy, and completely free.

Get Your FREE Credit Reports & FREE Credit Scores Now

Free is just better, right?

So here’s what you do. Go to Experian and register. When you do, choose their free option. This will give you immediate, permanent access to your Experian credit report and FICO® credit score.

Once you know your credit score, you’ll have the information to select the right personal loans or lenders to whom you should apply. And if your credit reports need help, you consider hiring a credit repair company.

A Specialized Finance Network Just For You

TriMark can help borrowers with nearly all types of credit profiles. Depending on the credit score you just received, proceed to the following areas and apply when you find an appropriate lender. Here’s a cheat sheet for you to use as a quick reference


Credit scores in the fair to poor range are caused by obvious, ongoing financial mismanagement problems that are being reported to the credit bureaus and they will continue causing problems for you until you take specific, intentional action to change them.

We encourage you to review your credit reports carefully, identify the obvious problem areas and then formulate an action plan.

Depending on the specific causes, you might consider speaking with a debt relief specialist. You might also look into the benefits of a debt consolidation loan or if your debt is primarily credit card based, a credit card debt consolidation loan could provide you with considerable savings and a lower monthly payment.

You might also contact a reputable credit repair company to help you clean up your credit reports and increase your scores.

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