EEOC Right To Sue Letter

What It Is, How To Get It, And Why You Need One

Plaintiffs must have an EEOC Right To Sue letter to be eligible for pre-settlement funding.

An EEOC Right To Sue letter tells legal funding companies that a claim of discrimination has been investigated and found to have merit by the Department of Labor.

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC for short, is part of the US Department of Labor (DOL).

The EEOC’s job is to investigate complaints about job-related discrimination.

During its investigation, the EEOC will determine if enough evidence exists to prove that federal labor laws were violated.

Before a plaintiff may apply for legal funding on a workplace discrimination lawsuit, they must have an EEOC right to sue letter or their state’s equivalent.

Basically, an EEOC right to sue letter gives you permission to file a lawsuit in federal court.

In fact, you will need a right to sue letter before you can file most kinds of employment discrimination lawsuits.

EEOC Right To Sue Letter FAQ

❓ Q: What Is Legal Funding?

A: Legal funding is a risk-free cash advance that provides immediate financial relief to injured plaintiffs. They’re easy to qualify for, there are no credit checks, and they are only repaid after the case is resolved successfully.

❓ Q: How Much Does Legal Funding Cost?

A: If you’re thinking about getting a lawsuit cash advance on your case, it makes sense to be concerned about the cost.

The short answer is “it depends”. Read more

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