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Minnesota Archdiocese Reaches Historic $210 Million Settlement With Clergy Abuse Victims

OPINION: Disgusting. Richest church on the planet and one of the top three landowners on the planet**, but instead of ponying up some REAL compensation for the horrific damage their pedophile priests have done, they declare bankruptcy and skate out dirt-cheap after yet another group of their perverts destroyed the lives of 450 more innocent children.

While $210 million may SOUND like a lot, let’s give this some perspective. First, figure 40% will go immediately to the attorneys. With what’s left, if they divided it evenly among the 450 victims, that means the Catholic Church puts the value of an entire life starting at early childhood destroyed by their ubiquitous sexual predator priests at less than $280,000. Still a nice chunk of change, right? Not so fast.

Now think about this: If a victim only lives to the age of 75, before inflation or any mandatory deductions, that divides out to $3,733 per year. And that breaks down to just $72 per week, per person, to pay for all of the psychiatrists, therapy and counseling they will probably need for the rest of their lives. $72 a week.

What kind of mental healthcare do you get for $72 a week? About 2 large bottles of Jack Daniels or a nice bag of Meth, that’s what.

Richest church on the planet and their idea of “justice” is $72 a week for a shattered life!

And to add insult to injury, keep this little nugget in mind: NONE of  these pedophile priests are ever arrested, ever go on trial, ever go to prison or ever face criminal charges like every other child rapist does. In fact, many times they just get tossed right back into circulation at a new location where they can keep on raping kids and destroying more lives. All with the cheerful endorsement of the Catholic Church. Absolutely disgusting.

So here’s a question:

If it takes a village to raise a child, and EVERYBODY in the village has known that these sexual predator pedophile priests have been preying on children since, well, basically forever, and have done nothing except keep quiet, not talk about it and keep sending their kids off to be sexually abused some more, what does that say about EVERYBODY IN THE VILLAGE i.e. the Catholic congregations that continue even to this day to attend, protect and financially support the catholic church and their never-ending supply of sexual predator pedophile priests?

** The Church has been acquiring land since its inception in 313 A.D., and as of 2011, the Pope was one of the world’s top three largest landowners, behind King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Queen Elizabeth II. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to calculate exactly how much real estate the Catholic Church has because it’s protected as a religious institution but worldwide holdings total roughly 177 million acres. Source

Minnesota Archdiocese Reaches $210 Million Settlement With 450 Clergy Abuse Victims

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has reached a $210 million settlement agreement with 450 victims of clergy sexual abuse as part of a bankruptcy reorganization, officials announced Thursday.

At $210,290,724, it is estimated to be the second …

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Twin Cities parishes step up to help pay clergy sex abuse settlement

To date, more than half of the roughly 100 parishes in the archdiocese with clergy sex abuse claims have made or pledged a contribution, said Finnegan, whose church is among them.

“Other parishes without [abuse] claims have done the same,” he said.

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Judge denies request from individuals named in grand jury report into clergy sex abuse

which is only fair.” Previous grand jury reports into clergy sex abuse out of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown named dozens of priests and church officials in the findings.

Rep. Mark Rozzi, a Berks County state lawmaker …

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Twin Cities parishes react to archdiocese’s $210 million settlement with abuse survivors

Father Dan Griffith took the last few minutes of Mass to fill everyone in about the landmark $210 million settlement between the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and 450 survivors of sexual abuse by priests.

The agreement, announced Thursday …

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Judge rejects attempt to postpone a Pennsylvania grand jury report on child sex abuse by priests

Five years before that, the second of two grand juries investigating the Philadelphia Archdiocese concluded, uncovering unreported sexual abuse allegations against about 100 priests.

Krumenacker published decision came about three weeks after Harrisburg …

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Catholic church in Minnesota to make second-largest US payout over sexual abuse

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has agreed to establish a $210 million trust fund for 450 victims of clergy sexual abuse, church officials announced Thursday.

The payout is believed to be the second highest by the Catholic church in the U.S …

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More suits filed against Delbarton ifor priest sexual abuse lawsuits were filed in Superior Court in Morristown on Tuesday, May 29 against St. Mary’s Abbey that runs the Delbarton School and the Order of St. Benedict of New Jersey in Morristown that runs St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Linden involving sexual abuse charges by former students against priests and lay personnel at the two schools.

In all there have been 11 suits filed recently, five involving Delbarton were settled in the past month and a half, according to the attorney for all 11 plaintiffs, Gregory Gianforcaro of Phillipsburg.

The three pending suits filed on May 29 and three other pending suits filed earlier involve both Delbarton and St.

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Vatican denies protecting founder of Peruvian movement accused of abuse

Rome denied claims it had ‘hidden’ Luis Fernando Figari, founder of Sodalitium Christianae Vatican officials have denied protecting the founder of Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, a Peru-based religious movement, who is accused of sexual, physical and psychological abuse of minor and young adult members of the group.

In a communique dated May 25 and released by the Peruvian bishops’ conference on June 1, the Vatican Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life said it was responding to claims that it had “hidden” Luis Fernando Figari in Rome and was “protecting him.”

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Guayaquil, Ecuador, announced that he is awaiting a final ruling from the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the case of a priest who is accused of physical and sexual abuse of adolescents while he was affiliated with Sodalitium in that city.

The communique from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life responded to criticism of guidelines issued to Sodalitium more than a year ago in the case of Figari, who founded the movement in 1971.

In January 2017, the congregation informed Sodalitium’s superior general, Alessandro Moroni, that an investigation begun in 2015 determined that Figari had been authoritarian and had committed “acts against the Sixth Commandment,” including at least one case of sexual abuse involving a minor.

At that time, the congregation said that Figari should not be expelled from Sodalitium but should be ordered not to return to Peru except under serious circumstances and with written permission from the movement’s superior general.

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More Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in the News

It’s a simple rule; if it’s not YOUR body, keep your friggin’ hands off it! Why is that so confusing to these disgusting degenerates?!?

County faces new lawsuit for former social worker: Third victim of convicted felon sues for sexual abuse, negligence lawsuit also alleges the county is liable as it employed Sedillo-Messer and operated the San Mateo County Children’s Receiving Home as well as the Canyon Oaks Youth Center, two residential facilities where the victim lived at the time of the abuse.

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Court throws out $4.5 million sexual assault judgment against school district ANTONIO
A federal appeals court has thrown out a $4.5 million judgement against the South San School District over the sexual assault of a student.

The lawsuit stemmed from the principal, Michael Alcoser, being convicted in 2011 of molesting a …

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Sexual abuse victim gets $1 million settlement from NVUSD was arrested in 2014 and eventually convicted of 45 counts of felony child sexual abuse as well as three counts of misdemeanor sexual battery and three counts of child molestation.

He was sentenced to 30 years, eight months in prison plus an …

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Man Who Accused Seattle Mayor of Sexual Abuse Drops Lawsuit
The man who sued Seattle Mayor Ed Murray accusing him of paying him for sex when he was a teenager has dropped the lawsuit, his attorney said on Wednesday.

Murray said he felt vindicated and would consider options for getting back …

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USA Gymnastics sexual abuse lawsuit turns contentious as attorneys spar over jurisdiction for case suit alleges that as a teenage U.S. national team member from 2006-11, the gymnast suffered “childhood sexual abuse” at the hands of Nassar for several years while competing for Team USA.

The suit also alleges that former USA Gymnastics CEO Steve …

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Federal Lawsuit Filed in Conestoga High School Student Sexual Assault alleged abuse occurred during this school year just as another Conestoga staff member, 26-year-old teacher’s aide Christine Marie Towers, was being sentenced in connection with criminal charges in a separate sexual assault case at the high school.

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Syracuse diocese, former priest facing lawsuit over sexual abuse claims addition, the lawsuit alleges that Colosimo also performed oral sex on Strzepek.

The abuse is said to have lasted for three years.

The lawsuit also claims that “John Doe” was sexually abused by Colosimo.

It states that Colosimo would often abuse …

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Lawsuit: Employee sexually abused 4-year-old at Bright Horizons Children’s Center sexual assault happened at Bright Horizons, according to the complaint.

The male employee was hired at Bright Horizons in September 2016.

According to the lawsuit, the suspected employee follows at least 100 toddler-aged Instagram models and his …

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Lawsuit says Boy Scout council, Athens churches knew about sexual abuse and did nothing lawsuit has been filed by two former Boy Scouts against the Northeast Georgia Boy Scout Council, alleging childhood sexual abuse and other injuries.

The suit also names two Athens churches, Green Acres Baptist Church and Beech Haven Baptist Church, …

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Lawsuit says woman sexually assaulted twice at special education school father claims in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that his daughter was allegedly twice sexually assaulted last year at a special education school she attended in Chicago Heights.

During the second alleged assault, a teacher walked into the bathroom, he said.

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New accuser sues Dennis Hastert, alleging sexual abuse than three months before Dennis Hastert’s scheduled release from prison, a new accuser has come forward with allegations saying he was sodomized by Hastert decades ago, according to a lawsuit filed in Kendall County on Friday.

The lawsuit comes …

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More ex-Penn State officials jailed in Sandusky sex abuse scandal

Ex-Penn State officials face sentencing today in Sandusky scandal ex-Penn State officials have apologized to the sex abuse victims of Jerry Sandusky while awaiting sentencing for failing to alert authorities to a 2001 allegation against the ex-assistant football coach, allowing the now-convicted serial predator …

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Former Penn State officials receive prison sentences for abuse scandal, PA
Three former Penn State officials will spend some time behind bars for their roles in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier, former vice president Gary Schultz, and former athletic …

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Ex-Penn State president will serve 2-month jail sentence

Former Pennsylvania State University President Graham B. Spanier was ordered Friday to spend at least two months in jail and another two on house arrest for endangering children by failing to report signs that Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing children.

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House arrest? Seriously? And they consider that a suitable punishment?

Three Former Penn State Officials Get Short Jail Terms Related to Sandusky Scandal Pennsylvania judge sentenced former Pennsylvania State University president Graham Spanier to two months in jail Friday, following his conviction for failing to act on a 2001 report of child sex abuse by retired assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

More from the Wall Street Journal

Former UNL chancellor, 2 others get jail time in Penn State sex abuse case Penn State President Graham Spanier arrives for his sentencing hearing at the Dauphin County Courthouse in Harrisburg, Pa., in Friday.

Spanier, who was University of Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor in the 1990s, and two other former Penn State …

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Penn State officials face sentencing in Sandusky sex scandal Penn State President Graham Spanier (center) and two other former school administrators are to be sentenced Friday on charges of child endangerment for failing to report a 2001 allegation about Jerry Sandusky to authorities in a child sex abuse …

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Catholic Sex Scandal – Still As Rampant and Disgusting As Ever

RCMP investigate possible sex assault involving Vancouver-area Catholic school teens and social media are investigating an alleged sex assault involving Metro Vancouver-area Catholic school students and possibly social media Fotolia …

Dan Moric is the superintendent with the Catholic Independent Schools Vancouver Archdiocese.

In an email to …

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No one is monitoring former abusive priests sign stands at the entrance of a healing garden on the grounds of Holy Family Church in Chicago in this June 9, 2011, file photo.

The garden was created as a place of prayer and healing for survivors of clerical sexual abuse, their families and the …

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Attorney Lujan says settlement now in the works for sex abuse victims

A settlement is now in the works for the scores of sex abuse lawsuits filed against the catholic church, but not everyone is on board just yet.

In particular, Archbishop Anthony Apuron’s legal counsel and a couple other parties are still not …

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Archdiocese pays $1.5M for claims of sex abuse by HV priests Archdiocese of New York recently settled sexual abuse claims with seven men who said they were victimized as children by former Hudson Valley priests. The priests included Francis Stinner, who taught at John S. Burke Catholic High School in Goshen …

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Here’s How the Catholic Church Responded to ‘The Keepers’ true-crime documentary series, The Keepers, which introduced the world to the potential corruption at the Catholic, all-girls Seton Keough High School in Baltimore, and allegations of sexual abuse and cover-up against the city’s Catholic …

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‘Keepers’ priest Maskell spent time in Ireland, now under scrutiny health officials in Ireland say they are reviewing the work history of the Catholic priest profiled in the Netflix series “The Keepers,” who was employed as a psychologist in that country after leaving Baltimore amid sexual abuse allegations …

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Guam’s Catholics to Vatican: Defrock archbishop, heal the church David Lujan, who represents 44 of the plaintiffs, said in court documents filed last week that the Holy See or the Roman Catholic Church could be named defendant in dozens of the sex abuse lawsuits if the Archdiocese of Agana continues its …P

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Church acknowledges latest clergy sex abuse lawsuits archdiocese is now facing 70 clergy sex abuse lawsuits accusing clergy, and two other lawsuits, accusing a Catholic school teacher, filed in the Superior Court of Guam and the U.S. District Court of Guam.

Twelve of Guam’s former, current and …

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Catholic school body apologises to survivors and victims of child sex abuse Catholic school body, Edmund Rice Education Australia, apologised on Thursday morning to survivors and victims of child sex abuse who were pupils at their schools, including St Edmund’s college.

The EREA has responsibility for over 50 schools in …

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George Pell: If police charge the Catholic Archbishop, we’re in uncharted territory concern Cardinal Archbishop Bernard Law of Boston, and Vatican banker Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.

Cardinal Law was the Archbishop of Boston.

Clergy sexual assault of children was rife in Boston under his watch.

And so was the official cover-up.

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Child sex abuse survivor says Catholic Church’s ‘hush money’ settlement won’t ease horrifying nightmares of assault said he’s still furious with the Catholic Church even after accepting the settlement after saying the abuse “sticks with you for your whole life.

There’s no buying it off.”

But the memories, and …

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Netflix’s The Keepers: the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik and the abuse at Archbishop Keough, nearly 50 years later and in the aftermath of sex abuse in the Catholic Church becoming a major news story — and in turn being chronicled in the Oscar-winning film Spotlight — it’s easy to see how the church mishandled its documented cases of …

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Pedophile Catholic Priests Are Still Going Strong on Guam

Where in the hell is the PRISON TIME  for these sick bastards?

15th clergy sex abuse suit filed against archdiocese

In 2010, the archdiocese reported that Cepeda had been removed as a priest after it investigated “serious allegations” of sexual abuse allegedly committed by him, according to files.

At the time, the archdiocese said he had also been …

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Archdiocese to expand child protection training to parishes

Deacon Leonard Stohr remains the sexual abuse response coordinator for the archdiocese and he can be reached at 727-7373 or at

All communication is held in the strictest confidence, the archdiocese added.

On Guam, filing clergy …

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Archdiocese of Agana now facing 14 lawsuits claiming sex abuse

As the Archdiocese of Agana prepares for its Christmas masses this weekend, they are also preparing for possible litigation as a 14th lawsuit has now been filed against the church for claims of sexual abuse.

The latest accuser to file suit is …

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14th Guam Catholic sex abuse lawsuit filed

During the night at the rectory, (De Plata) witnessed Cruz sexually molest and abuse an altar boy together with a seminarian named Anthony Sablan Apuron, who would later become an ordained priest on Guam and ultimately serve as the Archbishop of the …

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So what’s the takeaway here?

It’s simple: Kids who are sexually abused by Catholic priests grow up to become Catholic priests who sexually abuse kids, and many will eventually ascend to power positions like bishops and archbishops where they will then protect other Catholic priests so they can continue to sexually abuse more kids. It kind of makes a reasonable person wonder how many centuries this nonsense has been going on for.

Until every one of these pedophiles is derailed and put in prison, this problem will continue to perpetuate itself generation after generation.

Church responds to 13th lawsuit

In a statement released by the Archdiocese of Agana, church officials responded to the newest allegation of child sexual abuse filed in Guam’s court.

“The Archdiocese of Agana acknowledges a new allegation of sexual abuse and lawsuit filed by Mr. James …

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Lawsuit: Archdiocese still pays Brouillard

A lawsuit alleges that the Archdiocese of Agana still sends regular retirement payments to former Guam priest Louis Brouillard, who is accused in seven of the 13 clergy sex abuse lawsuits filed so far against the archdiocese and current and former …

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Pedophile coaches stalk USA Gymnastics and other sports

As if worrying about Catholic priests all around the world sexually abusing tens of thousands of children for decades while the Archdiocese knew it was happening wasn’t bad enough, now we have to worry about pedophile coaches stalking their athletes, i.e. OUR CHILDREN and sexually abusing them under the guise of sports! What is with these freaks?

Pedophile coaches stalk USA Gymnastics abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, in the Boy Scouts and at Penn State share some of the same issues: failures to report disturbing allegations to law enforcement, a penchant for secrecy, and predators who slither from job to job that …

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Penn State wants Spanier to pay back millions, report says Penn State University president Graham Spanier, seen in 2014, is involved with a legal action against the university involving his separation agreement in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

(AP file photo). Spanier’s deal …

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McQueary Awarded $5M for Whistleblower Claims in PSU Sex Abuse Scandal’s 64-page decision on the whistleblower claims, which was issued Wednesday afternoon, said McQueary had been the subject of disparate treatment by the university after the Sandusky sex abuse scandal broke.

Sandusky, a former Penn State …

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A look at how Penn State has been treating sexual misconduct since 2011 State is suffering major consequences for serious noncompliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

The fine came after a federal investigation of on-campus sexual offenses involving Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse case.

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Analysis: Franklin’s Penn State recruits top Paterno’s late classes played a particularly important role in the Penn State story because, after former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of child sex abuse in 2012, the NCAA hit the school with sanctions that reduced the number of football …

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NCAA president praises success of Nittany Lions after sanctions July 2011, Emmert imposed unprecedented penalties on Penn State after the school’s child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Penn State received a four-year bowl ban, massive scholarship losses, five years’ probation …

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Penn State Uses Humor To Entice Students

While its reputation took a bruising after revelations surrounding the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal a few years back, Penn State University has a long-standing tradition of being an excellent academic institution in addition to having an …

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In Happy Valley, clouds of scandal give way to blue skies cloud over Penn State football emanating from the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal has dissipated during this unexpected season, which shot like lightning from it.

The Lions unexpectedly are playing in their first Big Ten title game …

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Judge rules against Penn State on Mike McQueary whistleblower claim; $5 million in additional damages ordered found that McQueary had shown he was treated differently from other PSU employees after it became publicly known that he was a witness against Penn State administrators in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case.

Penn State, the judge ruled, did …

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Penn State to Pay $2.4M Clery Act Fine

PSU President Eric Barron said Nov. 25 that the fine, which was the largest Clery Act penalty ever handed down to an institution, stemmed from violations discovered during the investigation of sex offenses committed by former football assistant coach …

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Catholic Church STILL Protecting Sexual Super-Predators

The Daily Rant:

Where in the hell does the Catholic Archdiocese keep finding all of these sexual deviant freaks and WHY IN THE HELL DO THEY KEEP MAKING THEM INTO PRIESTS WITH ACCESS TO, AND PRACTICALLY UNLIMITED AUTHORITY OVER, CHILDREN???

OMG, it’s like they’re churning them out on some factory production line somewhere!

It seems like they have thousands, or tens of thousands, of known sexual predators all on the payroll in authority positions in charge of children (and they have pretty much forever) and instead of actually taking any meaningful steps to fix the problem, they just follow behind them with their checkbook and guilt trips and cover up the mess as they go along.

Why does the Catholic Archdiocese keep responding with such impotence and keep acting like they can’t get in front of this thing? I have a few suggestions:

  • How about doing a thorough background check every 3 years on every priest, including interviews with the children they interact with?
  • How about an ongoing public education program to teach every single child in the church that it is NOT okay, and they are NOT required, and it is NOT “God’s Will” for them to have sexual relations with gross old pedophile priests?
  • Or here’s a novel thought: How about IMMEDIATELY REMOVING any priest currently known to have EVER sexually assaulted a child, defrock them, kick them out of the church and turn them over to the police SO THEY CAN GO TO PRISON WHERE THEY BELONG???
  • How about starting today, EACH INSTANCE of sexual abuse, regardless of how long ago it occurred, by ANY member of the Catholic Archdiocese worldwide will result in an automatic, mandatory $5,000,000 non-negotiable payment by the church to the victim and a mandatory defrocking of, and public apology by, the offending clergy member and the head of the diocese and then the church hands over the defrocked priest to the police for sexual crimes against children and fully cooperates with their prosecution? That would put a stop to this nonsense so fast it would make everyone’s head spin.

If you want to get the attention of an entity as rich as the Catholic church, you need to hit them hard in the wallet.

  • How about if one priest assaults one kid 10 times, it’s a $50 million payment to the kid, lifetime ban of the priest from ever being near kids again, defrock him and kick him out of the church in public shame after a public apology and the church accepts responsibility and apologizes in public too and then hands over the priest to the police and cooperate fully with his prosecution.
  • Or if one priest assaults 50 kids, 20 times each over a period of a 30-year career and it’s a mandatory non-negotiable payment of $100 million per kid x 50 kids for a total of $5 billion for one priest plus the same apologies and cooperation with authorities to put the priest in prison. If that were law, the Catholic Archdiocese pedophile priest problem would literally go away OVERNIGHT!

We need to implement laws that make it so expensive for the Catholic church to hire and then hide these sexual deviants that they start stepping up, doing the right thing and actually solving the problem and getting rid of these freaks once and for all.

Judge sees progress in St. Paul Archdiocese Cases
Archdiocese and Ramsey County officials reached a settlement in December calling for an “aggressive” timeline to implement “substantial” changes — including a new child-protection plan and protocols, Ramsey County Chief Judge Teresa Warner said.

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Sex abuse victim questions Seattle archdiocese transparency

A woman who won a $950,000 judgment against the Seattle archdiocese last month for negligence related to her 1983 rape by a janitor at a Seattle Catholic grade school, has issued a public rebuke of how the settlement was portrayed to parishioners.

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Lawsuit: Archdiocese still pays Brouillard lawsuit alleges that the Archdiocese of Agana still sends regular retirement payments to former Guam priest Louis Brouillard, who is accused in seven of the 13 clergy sex abuse lawsuits filed so far against the archdiocese and current and former …

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Archdiocese of Agaña enters a new, troubling era the Archdiocese of Agaña facing 13 lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse – and the real potential for additional suits to follow – the Catholic Church is preparing for what could be a drawn out and highly publicized exposure of alleged abuses and …

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13th lawsuit filed against Archdiocese for sexual abuse claims
Another sexual abuse victim has come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against the Archdiocese of Agana in a lawsuit that was filed Friday.

This latest lawsuit comes from James Bascon who accused former Guam priest Father Louis Brouillard …

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Competing Archdiocese bankruptcy plans to go to creditors for a vote bankruptcy payment plans drawn up by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and victims of clerical sexual abuse will go to the victims as well as parishes, vendors and other creditors for a vote.

Judge Robert Kressel, presiding over the …

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Endgame may be near in Twin Cities archdiocese bankruptcy case is a chance that archdiocese leaders could reach a settlement with hundreds of sex abuse victims and emerge from bankruptcy by the summer.

A Thursday court hearing could shed some light.

Seen here is the inside of the St. Paul Cathedral. Jeffrey …

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Nearly 50 Sex Abuse Claims Filed in NY Archdiocese

Forty-six people have registered claims of sex abuse in the archdiocese of New York through a newly developed victims’ compensation program.

The compensation program was established by Cdl.

Timothy Dolan in early …

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Catholic church seeks files related to sex abuse Archdiocese of Agana, which faces 13 lawsuits in connection with alleged child sexual abuse, has asked the Legislature for background information about the recent law that lifted the statute of limitations and made it possible to sue the church.

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Archdiocese continues to pray for sex abuse victims Archdiocese of Agana continues to extend prayers to all victims of sexual abuse and their families.

In a press release the church acknowledges the latest lawsuit filed by Robert Aguon Perez, who confirms he was molested by Father David Anderson.

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Timonium church volunteer charged with sexual abuse

A volunteer was under investigation for suspected sexual abuse and asked anyone with information to contact police, archdiocese officials said.

Smalls had volunteered at the church since 2010, the archdiocese said.

In 2010 and in 2015, he passed …

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New priest named in child sex abuse claim SUIT FILED:
Documents filed by plaintiff attorney David Lujan name Robert Aguon Perez as the 12th claimant in a series of suits filed on behalf of child sexual abuse survivors against various named and unnamed parties within the Archdiocese of …

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Priest in child porn case had been vetted by Rome on prior sex abuse claim accuser, who did not file a lawsuit or seek money from the archdiocese, questioned how the church could allow a potential threat into its parishes, particularly so soon after the clergy sexual abuse crisis exploded into national view two years …

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Vatican trial finds three El Salvadoran priests guilty of sex abuse

Three El Salvadoran priests have been found guilty of sexual abuse against minors at a Vatican ecclesiastical trial and suspended from their priestly duties, San Salvador’s Catholic Church announced Sunday.

Archbishop Jose Luis Escobar of San Salvador …

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Across region, outdated sex abuse laws have loopholes and Antonio Siracusa were horrified when then discovered their teenage daughter was in a sexual relationship with her Spanish teacher from Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton seven years ago.

The daughter and teacher denied they were a …

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Catholic nursery volunteer charged with sex abuse learned that a 4-year-old girl told her mother that a man volunteering in the Catholic nursery during Mass sexually abused her.

Twenty-six-year-old Terrence Smalls of Cockeysville was charged with sex abuse of a minor and other offenses Thursday.

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Swiss bishops create fund to pay victims of Catholic clerics’ sex abuse“Victims should receive justice and the perpetrators must be brought to justice even if the abuse took place a long time ago,” the statement from SBK said.

Sexual abuse scandals have long haunted the Catholic Church.

They have reportedly cost the US …

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