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Promising New Developments for Spinal Cord Injury Victims

People who have suffered spinal cord injuries in accidents may have more hope today. For the first time, researchers at the University of California San Diego have used rapid 3D printing techniques to create a spinal cord. Then, they implanted that scaffolding , which was loaded with neural stem cells, into areas that were severely injured in the spinal cords of rats.

These implants were described in a January 2019 edition of Nature Medicine. They are designed to promote the growth of nerves across serious spinal cord injuries, restoring lost nerve connections and lost functionality. In the rats in the trials, the 3D scaffolds supported actual regrowth of nerve tissue, the survival of stem cells and expansion of neural cell axons from the scaffolding and into the actual spinal cord.

According to one of the researchers, scientists have moved closer to the goal of regeneration of damaged axons in serious spinal cord injuries, such as those that occur in car accidents, swimming accidents and falls.

The implants feature dozens of channels 200-micrometers wide that can provide guidance for stem cells and axons growing on the length of the host spinal cord. The printing technology the team used made 2-millimeter-sized spinal implants in less than 2 seconds. A traditional nozzle printer may take hours to produce structures that are much simpler.

Also, the treated rats’ circulatory systems were able to penetrate the interior of the implants to form a functioning network of tiny blood vessels. This assisted in survival of the neural stem cells.

The successful trials on rats mean scientists now plan to scale up the 3D technology for testing on bigger animal models, with possible human tests in the next several years.

What to Consider Legally in Spinal Cord Injury Cases

While it is encouraging there have been advances in treating spinal cord injuries in rats, people who suffer spinal cord damage in accidents face a tough future. Legally, suits focused on spinal cord injuries usually can be traced back to either negligence or a defective product. Negligence means an action or lack of action by a person that led to the spinal cord injury. On the other hand, a spinal cord injury case caused by a defective product is one where the product’s design flaw or manufacture somehow caused the injury.

There are other claims pertaining to spinal injury accident cases, but negligence and defective products comprise most. In any case, it is required for liability to be fully proven to win and obtain much-needed compensation.

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New Medical Breakthroughs for Spinal Cord Injuries

AMAZING MOMENT: Man with spinal cord injury walks using exoskeleton in Charlotte, N.C.
A man with a spinal cord injury will be going home with an exoskeleton device that allows him to walk again.

Scot Mills fell while building a tree house five years ago.

The accident robbed him the use of his legs.

“They said I would …

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Motocross rider launches foundation to inspire other young people with spinal cord injuries“Sometimes they just need a mate,” the 27-year-old says of his motivation for launching What Disability, a not-for-profit foundation aimed at mentoring and inspiring people just like him — young spinal cord injury victims.

“I’m not going to sit there …

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Spinal cord injury patients continue to improve in Asterias Bio’s SCiStar study; shares ahead 8% premarket

Thinly traded micro cap Asterias Biotherapeutics (NYSEMKT:AST) perks up 8% premarket on average volume in response to its announcement of new data from ts Phase 1/2a SCiStar study assessing AST-OPC1 in patients with acute spinal cord injury.

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Evaluation of sexual and fertility dysfunction in spinal cord-injured men in Jamaica

Sexual dysfunction and infertility are common in males with traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCIs).

The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of sexual dysfunction and infertility in males with traumatic SCI managed in Jamaica, as well …

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Wanted: People with spinal cord injuries for clinical trials people think about spinal cord injuries, oftentimes they honk of late actor Christopher Reeve, who suffered spinal cord injuries who was thrown from his horse during trial events for an equestrian competition in 1995.

NYPD Officer Steven McDonald …

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Woman On A Roll To Find Cure For Spinal Cord Injuries decided she wouldn’t let her spinal cord injury stop her from doing what she loves.

She still works out, takes vacations to Disney World, and even scuba dives.

“This whole process is 90 percent mental.

If you’re not in a good mental state, it’s …

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Stem cell-based spinal cord therapy expanded to more patients, the cells show signs of integrating with the surrounding tissue in animal studies, Ciacci said.

If the preliminary evidence holds up, Ciacci and colleagues plan to submit a paper detailing the results.

Curing paralysis from spinal cord injury …

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Bungee jump goes horribly wrong, woman smashes into riverbed

And this, my friends, is why they ALWAYS make you sign a liability waiver…

‘Human Error’: Bungee jump goes horribly wrong, woman smashes into riverbed to her jump, the video shows the bungee assistant making a final check and positioning the woman to dive off the La Negra bridge.

Director of the company, Oscar Sandoval, says the cause of the accident comes down to human error. (Like the human error of thinking that jumping off a perfectly good bridge is a good idea?)

He said it was …

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Bungee Jump Accident Sends Woman Flying Face-First Into Cliff freak accident occurred in Madrid, Spain, and features Laura about to jump off a cliff in what she expects to be a thrilling drop.

Well, things don’t go as planned as the rope gets tangled, sending Laura face-first into the cliff.

Let’s take a …

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Man’s bungee jump goes horribly wrong as he leaps to death in front of wife and son have seized the equipment used for the fatal fall and are investigating the accident.

The organiser had apparently miscalculated the length of rope needed for the jump.

Last month, a woman’s bungee cord snapped …

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Brazil: Man bungee jumps to death as ‘rope was too long’ video starts with Fabio Ezequiel de Moraes preparing for the 40-metre jump.

His wife, 6-year-old son and his brother stand beside him to see him perform the activity.

After a while, Moraes leans forward and jumps off the bridge.

However, things go …

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Bungee jumping; it’s just a BAD idea.

Promising new developments in spinal cord injuries

Oxygen improves blood flow, restores more function in spinal cord injuries“We’ve shown for the first time that spinal cord injuries (SCI) lead to a chronic state of poor blood flow and lack of oxygen to neuronal networks in the spinal cord,” says co-principal investigator Karim Fouad, professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation …

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Good cause tops bad weather at Prospect Heights 5K Reveca Torres of Prospect Heights started Backbones, a local nonprofit, after her own experience with a spinal cord injury.

She was paralyzed as a result of an automobile accident in Mexico when she was 13.

“Our organization helps connect …

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Community rallies around player with spinal cord injury Township
The one thing Anthony Mastronardi remembers was thinking, even in those matter of seconds, “This could be bad.”

The junior from Macomb Dakota was racing after a loose puck with an opponent, and everything that go could go wrong …

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Rehabilitation app supports patients recovering from spinal cord injury patients with spinal cord injuries (ranging from 40% ASIA A to 5% ASIA D, ages 21-80) took part in the study.

All patients were hospitalized on an inpatient rehabilitation unit.

Users completed assessments at admission to establish a baseline and …

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Lab-Grown Neurons Could Help Heal Spinal Injuries & Restore Movement week, a team of California researchers announced the successful production of a lab-grown neuron that could help heal spinal cord injuries by reestablishing the connection between brain and muscle.

In a paper published in Proceedings of the …

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3rd Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference organised at LPU
In association with Lovely Professional University, ‘Spinal Cord Injury Association (SCIA)’ organized 3rd Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference ‘Vistaar’ at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium in LPU Campus. Different sessions of the …

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Discovery offers new hope to repair spinal cord injuries have created a special type of neuron from human stem cells that could potentially repair spinal cord injuries.

These cells, called V2a interneurons, …

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Conference on spinal cord injury tomorrow Spinal Cord Injury Association (SCIA) has said it would organise its third spinal cord injury rehabilitation conference in the city on April 24.

Association vice-president Dawinder Singh said the motive of the conference was to bring caregivers and …

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Third annual charity hockey game at Prudential Center will benefit spinal cord research January 2014, Mike Nichols sustained a spinal cord injury during a varsity hockey game when he was checked from behind, fracturing one of his vertebrae.

Following the accident, the Monroe Township student received a flood of support from the hockey …

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DU Alumna Helps Those With Spinal Cord Injuries“I have the best job ever. Every day I get to see that we are changing people’s lives and not everybody gets a job where that’s what they feel every day.”

Changing lives is not something Chanda Hinton Leichtle might be doing today had her own life not …

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Ryan Custer “ready to fight” after suffering spinal cord injury, Ohio
A Wright State University basketball player is “ready to fight,” after being injured in an accident at a party over the weekend.

Ryan Custer, 19, suffered a spinal cord injury when he jumped into a makeshift pool in Oxford on …

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Study Finds Traumatic Brain Injury is Prevalent in Soccer

Study Finds Traumatic Brain Injury is Prevalent in Soccer, TX
Researchers from the University College London and Britain’s National Hospital …

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Oldham teen recovering from brain injury returns to baseball diamond, KY
An Oldham County teen recovering from a traumatic brain injury returned to the baseball diamond Saturday.

Tristan Ballinger got on the baseball mound to help throw the first pitch at a Little League opening ceremony.

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Utah family raising funds to buy service dog after teen suffers traumatic brain injury in tornado, Utah
When you first meet Braydon Thompson he seems like a typical 18-year-old, but ask him a simple question and he won’t be able to answer because he’s constantly losing his memory.

“Like my birth date, how old I am, where I live, who my …

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Man’s traumatic brain injury inspires life goal Saucier man struggling to recover from a traumatic brain injury is making it his life goal to bring awareness to the deadly symptoms that often go unrecognized.

The brain injury happened after he was in a car wreck two years ago.

“It knocked the …

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Carolyn Hax: Traumatic brain injury threatens to break up family About two years ago my husband was in a bad accident, no fault of his own, and while his physical injuries have mostly healed, he suffered a head …

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Traumatic brain injuries leave women prone to mental health problems brain injuries affect the body’s stress axis differently in female and male mice, according to research presented at the Endocrine Society’s 99th annual meeting, ENDO 2017, in Orlando, Fla.

The results could help explain why women who …

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A Microwave Helmet May Help Diagnose Traumatic Brain Injury from sports, car crashes or military service, traumatic brain injuries are prevalent and dangerous.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 percent of deaths due to injury feature TBIs.

In 2013, that amounted to nearly …

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Medical Malpractice Caused Catastrophic Brain Damage

Malpractice Caused Mother’s Catastrophic Brain Damage Days After Childbirth, Attorney Says as Trial Begins, GA
Attorneys Tuesday debated whether physician negligence or unforeseeable postpartum complications led to a woman’s catastrophic brain damage three days after she gave birth, as trial opened against the practice that treated her.

Trabue v …

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Verdict overturned in medical-malpractice case

A verdict in a 2015 medical-malpractice case was recently overturned by a Florida appeals court after it was discovered that testimony provided in the initial proceedings was considered prejudicial.

According to a report on Law …

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Continental Asks 9th Circ. To Toss $17.5M Dental Verdict

Continental Casualty Co. urged the Ninth Circuit on Friday to scrap its $17.5 million jury trial loss for negligently handling hundreds of dental malpractice claims, arguing the insurance company …

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Spinal cord injuries from sports remain uncommon

Spinal cord injuries from sports remain uncommon

The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research found that from 1977 to 2006 there were 222 spinal cord injuries causing permanent damage at the high school football level, compared to 9 at the professional level.

Education could be the answer.

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Petaluma girl with spinal cord injury focus of fundraising campaign years after her spinal cord was severed in a car crash, 8-year-old Jazzlin Mejia is still meeting Petaluma residents who want to support her recovery.

Residents turned out Sunday night for a “Dear Jazzy” benefit that sponsors hoped would raise …

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BioTime CEO Shares Promising Updates On Spinal Cord Injury And Dry AMD Therapies couple of months ago, one of BioTime’s affiliates, Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc (NYSE: AST), of which they own roughly 50 percent, presented some data on spinal cord injury, he said. It’s early data. However, it is great to see six different patients …

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A paralyzed monkey can walk again, thanks to a wireless ‘brain-computer’ interface to Susan Harkema, who directs spinal cord injury research at the University of Louisville, scientists have known for a long time that mammals can regain movement after spinal cord injuries, with the help of stimulation or drugs.

But she says …

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New beach resort will cater to people with spinal cord injuries

A world first facility has opened on Sydney’s northern beaches to support people living with spinal cord injuries.

The $22 million centre will help people with disabilities reconnect with everyday life.

The pristine resort has breath taking views and a …

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Pro wakeboarder seriously injured his spinal cord Leclair was rushed to a trauma center in Orlando and was in emergency surgery a few hours later to stabilize the spinal cord injury he suffered.

Details are still not entirely known, but R2R states that Leclair was to have another surgery Tuesday …

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Progress Being Made In Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Scans Show Changes in Some Soldiers With Mild Brain Injuries“We can link these connectivity changes in the brain to poor top-down emotional processing and greater maladaptive rumination, or worrying, in symptomatic depressed soldiers after [mild traumatic brain injury],” study author Ping-Hong Yeh said in a …

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Insurer stops covering woman’s rehabilitation from brain injury

She’s still strong, but is in for the fight of her life after she suffered a traumatic brain injury while on vacation in Costa Rica with her husband Brian Granek in October 2015.

She has been recovering ever since. “The kids are doing much better than …

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Global Traumatic Brain Injury Pipeline Insights Report Brain Injury Pipeline Highlights – 2016 Update, provides most up-to-date information on key pipeline products in the global Traumatic Brain Injury market.

It covers emerging therapies for Traumatic Brain Injury in active clinical development …

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Traumatic Brain Injury Among Children

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, happens when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain.

While you might think it only happens to professional athletes, it can be very common among children going about their day to day lives.

Severe injury can happen …

Man bounces back after traumatic brain injury was in a coma for ten days, he had a feeding tube in for much longer and suffered severe brain damage.

“I had to be taught to eat again,” he said. Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, assistant professor at McGovern Medical School and doctor at TIRR …

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New combination therapy shows promise in treating TBI patients combination of the stimulant drug methylphenidate with a process known as cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation is a promising option to help people who suffer from persistent cognitive problems following traumatic brain injury, researchers at Indiana …

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Hundreds of local vets misdiagnosed in Veterans Affairs traumatic brain injury exam mishap a letter, sent to 25,000 vets nationwide, the Department of Veterans Affairs admits traumatic brain injury (TBI) examinations between 2007 and 2015 were mishandled.

They were not conducted by properly qualified neurological and …

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Police: Saudi College Student Died After Suffering ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’ Saudi student who earlier this month was severely assaulted and left bloodied on a crowded street in a small Wisconsin college town likely died from “traumatic brain injury,” according to preliminary findings released Tuesday by the Dunn County …

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How To Help Revive A Brain After Traumatic Injury

When Kate was 19 years old, she was in a bad car accident and had to be rescued with the Jaws of Life.

She says she lost consciousness for a significant amount of time and believes she may have had a severe concussion.

She says after, she became an …

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Childhood brain injury linked to adult psychiatric illness, earlier death

Young people who sustain a traumatic brain injury before the age of 25 may more likely experience a psychiatric illness and die earlier than those who have not had such an injury, according to an analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health.

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Potential Lawsuit: Youth Sports Concussion Lawsuit

Youth sports concussions

Possible Claim: Youth Sports Concussion Claim News and Legal Info

Youth associated with sports are at a threat of youth sports concussions (just like the NFL concussion litigation) especially in high impact sports, or in scenarios where they are not given adequate protective equipment or are not provided adequate time to recuperate from a head injury or brain injury prior to continuing play.

Virtually all youth sports are connected to a concussion threat, according to reports. Educational institutions and sports organizations are responsible for making sure young professional athletes are as safe as possible while associated with sport. Failure to do so can lead to suits being submitted.

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Lyrica Birth Defects Cause for Issue Washington, DC: Is Lyrica safe?
It depends who you ask. Studies suggest the risk of abnormality is high, however Pfizer, the manufacturer, disagrees. And maybe the advantages surpass the threats for an epileptic patient. Possibly not so much for women taking the anticonvulsant drug off-label …