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Catastrophically Injured? Can’t Work? Need Money Now?

TriMark Legal Funding provides low-cost settlement financing to catastrophic injury plaintiffs nationwide.

TriMark is America’s foremost catastrophic injury legal funding company. We provide individualized financing solutions, customized to suit the specific needs of catastrophically injured plaintiffs nationwide.

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When you’re injured and waiting for your attorney to negotiate your lawsuit settlement, it’s easy to fall behind on your bills.

Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit Loans

But your injuries weren’t your fault, so why should you have to suffer from stress or anxiety or go without the things you need?

TriMark Legal Funding is here to give you a helping hand, right when you need it the most.

Legal Funding Options

Plaintiff legal funding services are available for hundreds of different types of lawsuits including car accident lawsuit funding, employment litigation, slip and fall accident funding, legal funding for workers compensation, and settlement funding for medical malpractice, just to name a few.

Most attorneys agree that legal funding loans*, when used responsibly, can be a game-changer that can help plaintiffs maintain financial control while they wait for their settlement.

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Get the money you need now to keep your head above water and then relax while your attorney finishes negotiating the maximum compensation you deserve.

✔️ Were you injured but it was someone else’s fault?

✔️ Are you represented by a contingent fee attorney?

✔️ Do you need money before your case settles?

If you answered yes to all three questions, there’s a good chance you’re already qualified for a lawsuit cash advance from TriMark Legal Funding.

And after you’re approved, you could receive cash in as quickly as 4 hours!

Catastrophic Injury Litigation Funding FAQ

❓ Q: What Is Catastrophic Injury Litigation Funding?

A: It is generally expected to be high-dollar funding. Catastrophic injury lawsuits take years to settle. While that’s happening, legal funding can provide automatic recurring monthly advances so injured plaintiffs can pay bills while they recover and their attorney negotiates their lawsuit settlement.

❓ Q: Is There A Maximum Dollar Amount of Legal Funding I Can Get on My Catastrophic Injury Claim?

A: It depends on your case. Our funding limits are determined by:
❇️ the estimated net value of the case
❇️ total medical bills
❇️ how much total insurance is available
TriMark can fund up to 20% of the estimated net value of pending lawsuits and up to 50% of the actual net amount on settled lawsuits.

❓ Q: How Long After I Settle My Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit Will I Get The Money?

A: Depending on circumstances, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to actually receive the settlement amount.

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      California is known for its laid-back culture, comfortable weather, beautiful landscape, and tourist attractions. It’s also a state known for busy streets, traffic congestion, and crowds, where personal injuries due to car and motorcycle accidents are an unfortunate reality of daily life. Home to more than 800,000 registered motorcycles, California has more motorcyclists than any of the 50 United States, resulting in an equally impressive but disturbing number of motorcycle accidents and deaths each year. This quarter, Motorcycle Advocates, leading California motorcycle accident attorney Hector Gancedo discusses the challenges faced by motorcycle accident victims and their families, and how having the right advocate in their corner can help them see the light at the end of an otherwise dark tunnel. The Grim Truth About Motorcycle Accidents in California… Read more
      The parents of a 14-year-old boy who fell to his death in March from the world's tallest tower drop ride at a Florida amusement park filed a civil wrongful death lawsuit on Monday alleging park officials failed to warn riders of "unreasonably dangerous and foreseeable risks." The tragedy unfolded on March 24 when Tyre Sampson, who was on spring break, slipped out of his seat and fell more than 100 feet to his death, according to the lawsuit. Sampson's mother and father, Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson, filed the lawsuit in the 9th Circuit Court in Orange County, Florida, accusing ICON Park in Orlando and other defendants, including the manufacturer and the operator of the FreeFall thrill ride, of negligence. "Tyre had a long and … Read more
      A bad auto accident can change everything in an instant. Metal meets metal, metal meets flesh, flesh meets concrete, and your anticipated future disappears. Before the accident, you had capabilities, competences, plans and hopes that become irrelevant to your new future. From now on, you might need help to get out of bed, get dressed, use the bathroom, eat, drink or even breathe. And a bad auto accident could happen to anyone who gets in a car as driver or passenger, who rides a bicycle or even just crosses a street. It could happen to any of us. If you got into one of those terrible accidents in Michigan under the old auto insurance law, though, your insurance would pay for the services you would … Read more
      Ice hockey is a high-speed sport with a high rate of associated injury, including spinal cord injury (SCI). The incidence of hockey-related SCI has increased significantly in more recent years. A comprehensive literature search was conducted with the PubMed, Medline, Google Scholar, and Web of Science databases using the phrases “hockey AND spinal cord injuries” to identify relevant studies pertaining to hockey-related SCIs, equipment use, anatomy, and biomechanics of SCI, injury recognition, and return-to-play guidelines. Fifty-three abstracts and full texts were reviewed and included, ranging from 1983 to 2021. The proportion of catastrophic SCIs is high when compared to other sports. SCIs in hockey occur most commonly from a collision with the boards due to intentional contact resulting in axial compression, as well as flexion-related … Read more
      Spinal cord injuries, numerous amputations, acute blindness, traumatic brain injuries, persistent disabilities, and severe burns are all examples of catastrophic injuries. And these are the kinds of injuries that frequently occur as a result of car accidents. Catastrophic injuries are the most serious injuries a person may sustain. They have terrible consequences for both the injured and their families and loved ones. A catastrophic injury usually results in long-term disability, as well as extensive medical treatment and personal care. It can be incredibly tough to negotiate a catastrophic injury claim. The injuries have a long-term impact on the lives and well-being of the victims. It’s vital that the damages sought be enough to recompense the injured party for the rest of their lives. Catastrophic injuries can take many forms Injury to the brain and head Damage to the brain can have devastating repercussions. While the specifics vary depending on the… Read more
      Researchers at the University of British Columbia are leading an international effort to develop a new way to treat spinal cord injuries which they hope will lead to increased motor function and a better quality of life for patients. They’re looking at the use of biomaterials, or soft gels, to repair the gap that’s created when a person’s spine is injured. The high-tech gel would be injected into the site of the injury, which can be a few centimetres wide, and conform to the shape of the area while acting as a bridge for growing nerve fibres. Canada research chair in spinal cord injury and UBC orthopaedics professor Dr. Brian Kwon said spine surgeons are treating newly paralyzed patients every week in Vancouver and across the country. “It’s one of the hardest things we do as spine surgeons, is to talk to patients that have had a spinal cord injury… Read more
      Insurance companies who profit by denying fair compensation to patients injured or killed by medical malpractice have put up $27.8 million to oppose the Fairness for Injured Patients Act. Insurance money accounts for two-thirds of the $43.8 million raised to oppose the Fairness Act, a measure that seeks to restore accountability for injured patients on the November 2022 California ballot.    "California insurance companies will spend whatever it takes to protect their golden goose – California's cap on compensation for those injured, maimed or killed by medical malpractice that prevents many patients from ever seeking justice," said Carmen Balber, executive director of Consumer Watchdog. "The $250,000 cap on damages for a person's lost quality of life, disability and death hasn't gone up a dime since 1975, and that means insurance companies never have to compensate patients who are harmed or killed in a medical facility they trusted to make them better. The cap is a gold mine for insurance companies and the Fairness… Read more

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