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Pre Settlement Loans on Auto Accidents Provide Cash Before You Settle

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TriMark Legal Funding is one of America’s top car accident lawsuit funding companies. We have provided fast, low-cost car accident loans to injured plaintiffs since 2003.

Car Accident Loans For Injured Plaintiffs

Auto Accident Settlement Loans

Pre-settlement car accident loans are designed to give injured plaintiffs fast, convenient, hassle-free financial relief while their lawyers negotiate their lawsuit settlements.

If you’ve been seriously injured, are thinking about a motor vehicle accident loan, are having trouble making ends meet, and need money immediately, TriMark Legal Funding wants to help you.

We have worked exclusively with injured plaintiffs for the last two decades. We understand the struggles associated with these types of cases.

A Car Accident Loan Can Provide Immediate Financial Relief

Auto accident loans can provide immediate financial relief to plaintiffs injured in truck wrecks, car accidents, motorcycle crashes, and virtually any other type of personal injury lawsuit.

Our car accident pre-settlement funding has a singular purpose. We help plaintiffs regain control of their finances until their attorneys finish negotiating their lawsuit settlements.

Just Breathe … and Call TriMark

Imagine how it would feel to finally relax about your finances and enjoy a little peace of mind. Perhaps for the first time since this whole ordeal started.

If you’re behind on bills and need to get caught up today, let us lend our expertise and support to make things easier for you during this difficult time.

Why Plaintiffs Need Auto Accident Loans

Four words: Abusive. Insurance. Company. Tactics.

Pre-Settlement Car Accident Loans

Over the years, tens of millions of people have fallen prey to dodgy insurers and have been forced into accepting lowball offers from auto insurance companies.

The fact is, injured people can’t work. But like everyone else, they still need money to live.

It’s not uncommon for car accident victims to spend days, or even weeks, in the hospital due to their injuries. It can take even longer if they’re recovering at home.

The simple fact is that the longer most people go without earning money, the more desperate and “pliable” they become.

Insurance companies have known this and exploited this, well, pretty much forever.

Iniquum Commodum

That’s Latin for “taking unfair advantage.” Sadly, many insurance adjusters behave as if iniquum commodum is their prime directive. As such, they will take unfair advantage of plaintiffs’ financial hardships at every conceivable opportunity.

So they delay. And delay. Then delay some more. And finally, they throw out a pittance of an offer.

Defeated and utterly desperate, many people give up, take what they’re offered, and never receive just compensation for their injuries.

Pre-settlement car accident loans from TriMark Legal Funding give injured plaintiffs the power to change all that once and for all.

Car Accident Lawsuit Funding Is Fast & Easy

Car accident loans can provide the money you need to get caught up on your bills and regain positive control of your finances.

Settlement loans on car accidents are designed to help “un-handicap” plaintiffs during settlement negotiations, starting immediately.

It’s A Car Accident Cash Advance

Legal funding is a cash advance on a pending or settled car accident lawsuit. Approval is based almost entirely on the strength and merits of your lawsuit rather than on your credit score, income, or personal assets.

That makes car accident settlement funding extremely easy to qualify for. You need a good case and a cooperating attorney. Plus, there are no credit checks, monthly payments, or income verification.

You don’t have to repay your auto accident settlement loan unless and until you win your case.

And if you don’t win, you get to keep the cash advance and owe nothing.

Do You Pre-Qualify For A Car Accident Loan?

Serious Injuries

Did you receive serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident as a result of someone else’s negligence?

Clear Liability

Is there clear liability that proves fault against a sufficiently insured defendant?

Have A Lawyer

Are you currently being represented in this case by a contingent fee attorney?

If you can check all 3 boxes, your case pre-qualifies for a pre-settlement auto accident loan. You may apply for funding whenever you’re ready.

And you could receive your cash in as quickly as 4 hours after you are approved!

FAQ: Car Accident Loans

As you might expect, we receive a lot of car accident settlement loan questions. Below, we’ve provided answers to some of the most common ones we get.

❓Q: How much money can a car accident loan give me?

A: Pre-settlement loans on auto accidents are available from $1,000 up to $250,000+. Several factors affect the final approved amount of any funding request, including:

❇️ Extent, severity, and permanence of injuries
❇️ Accepted or contested liability
❇️ Case status: pending or settled
❇️ Total available insurance coverage

❓Q: How quickly can an automobile accident loan put cash in my hands?

A: We process funding requests very quickly. In fact, under ideal circumstances, we have moved from initial intake to wire transfer disbursement in just under 2 hours. That is not typical, however.

Normally our processing, approval, and funding can occur within 8 to 48 hours (1 to 2 business days).

Several factors, which directly affect processing speed, are beyond our ability to control. These factors include but are not limited to the receipt of accurate, complete information from applicants, attorney participation, attorney responsiveness, timeliness of document receipt and execution, and receipt of accurate bank account numbers, routing numbers, etc.

❓Q: What is the maximum auto accident loan amount I can get?

A: Short answer: Our auto accident settlement loans don’t have a “maximum,” per se.

Long answer: Our “typical” car accident litigation funding amounts range anywhere from $1,000 up to $250,000+. But unlike most other legal funding companies, TriMark does not set arbitrary, pre-set funding limits for high-value cases.

The maximum approval amount for any case is determined during our case evaluation. Factors that can affect our decision include:

❇️ Extent, severity, and permanence of injuries
❇️ Total available insurance coverage
❇️ Case status: pending or settled
❇️ Our underwriter’s case value estimate
❇️ Amount of current settlement offer from the defendant
❇️ Legitimate financial need of the requestor

Like all legal funding requests, a car accident settlement loan utilizes our underwriter’s net settlement value estimate calculated against a maximum of 20% or 50% for pending or settled cases, respectively.

➡️ Pending cases: We can fund up to 20% of the anticipated net settlement.
➡️ Settled cases: We can fund up to 50% of the actual net settlement

That being said, any time a requestor’s legitimate financial need exceeds $250,000, the severity and permanence of injuries, total available insurance coverage, input from the attorney, our underwriter’s case value estimate, and other factors are all considerations that can be used to increase the maximum approved amount.

❓Q: How much does car accident lawsuit funding cost?

A: A one-size-fits-all auto accident settlement funding rate that applies to every case, every time, simply does not exist.

Our car accident pre-settlement funding rates start around 2% monthly, non-compounding (simple interest). Not every case will qualify for the 2% rate, however.

For the lowest, most accurate rate quote for your car accident case, complete an application or call (877) 932-2628.

Rates on car accident loans are a function of relative risk, case quality, and market conditions. A car accident cash advance rate will directly reflect the relative risk inherent to any given case.

Funding rates are also impacted by certain market conditions, such as skyrocketing inflation and fluctuations in the prime rate.

Many other factors can affect legal funding rates too. Things like:

✳️ Is the case pending or settled?
✳️ Is liability accepted or being contested?
✳️ What state is the plaintiff and case located in?
✳️ How developed is the case?
✳️ How serious and permanent are the injuries?
✳️ How much total insurance coverage is available?
✳️ Is there any prior funding on the case?

❓Q: What kind of injuries qualify for car accident litigation funding?

A: The only types of injuries we cannot consider are when the incurred injuries are very minor (if that is the chief complaint). We also cannot consider any self-inflicted i.e., where the plaintiff’s negligence caused their own injuries.

The minimum level of fundable injury for soft tissue injuries that we can consider for car accident lawsuit funding is diagnosed bulging or herniated discs in the back or neck, torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments, torn meniscus, torn ACL, diagnosed traumatic brain injury, significant burn injuries, etc.

We cannot consider very minor injuries like scuffs, scrapes, abrasions, scratches, bleeding, road rash, bruising, rashes, hives, minor lacerations, pain, headaches, migraines, dizziness, swelling, pulled muscles, sprains, concussions, overextensions, chiropractic, physical therapy, injections, minor burns or blistering, etc.

❓Q: Will most cases qualify for pre-settlement auto accident loans?

A: Generally speaking, most plaintiffs are pre-qualified for a car accident loan if they can check these 3 boxes:

❇️ Been injured in an accident
❇️ Retained a contingent fee attorney
❇️ Filed a lawsuit or legal claim against a sufficiently-insured defendant

Meeting those 3 requirements will qualify most injured plaintiffs for car accident pre-settlement funding. That includes all types of motor vehicle collisions and virtually all types of significant injuries.

To see how much you could qualify for, complete an application or call us at (877) 932-2628.

❓ Q: What are your typical car accident lawsuit funding rates?

A: Our car accident litigation funding rates start as low as 2% per month non-compounding (simple interest) and increase from there as risk increases and case quality declines. Not every case will qualify for the 2% rate.

To get the rates on your car accident settlement loan, complete our brief application or give us a call at (877) 932-2628.

❓Q: What is a car accident loan?

A: Auto accident pre-settlement funding is a non-recourse, outcome-contingent cash advance against a small portion of the anticipated future value of a pending or settled auto accident lawsuit settlement.

Outcome-contingent means that repayment is not absolute; it depends on a certain outcome. In this case, the successful settlement of your personal injury lawsuit. That means you don’t have to repay the cash advance if you lose or your case doesn’t settle.

❓Q: How do I know TriMark Legal Funding is a legitimate car accident loan provider?

A: TriMark Legal Funding was founded in 2003 and has been one of America’s foremost lawsuit loan companies ever since.

In addition to glowing Trustpilot and Google reviews, we are also A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.

❓Q: Does car accident litigation funding help win bigger payouts?

A: Jennifer Marshall, an insurance industry ratings department director, in a July 12, 2021, Business Insurance article, confirmed that winning larger awards and settlements is precisely what litigation funding helps plaintiffs do.

Her words: “it [litigation funding] puts upward pressure on claims costs and drives increases in awards and settlements.”

That kind of says it all.

➡️ Does Litigation Funding Help Plaintiffs Win Bigger Settlements?

❓Q: How long do car accident settlement loans take to approve?

A: The approval and funding process for car accident settlement funding goes like this:

❇️ Apply online or call (877) 932-2628
❇️ We contact your attorney for case details
❇️ Our underwriter reviews your case and approves it
❇️ Funding agreement is sent to you and your attorney
❇️ Funds are sent via wire transfer, ACH, or FedEx Overnight

We have approved and funded auto accident loans in as quickly as 2 hours. Our typical turnaround time with a responsive attorney is 12 to 24 hours or 1 business day.

❓Q: Does my lawyer have to be involved in getting a pre-settlement auto accident loan?

A: Yes. At least minimally. TriMark will request case details from your attorney and will work with them to determine if you qualify for car accident pre-settlement funding. And after you are approved, you and your attorney will both sign the funding agreement.

❓Q: Can I get a car accident lawsuit loan without a lawyer?

A: No. All non-recourse legal funding requires a plaintiff to be represented by a contingent fee attorney. If your case is new, you can find a lawyer near you, or you may also consider utilizing one or more of our alternative funding options, which do not require attorney representation.

❓Q: Are there any use restrictions on automobile accident loans?

A: No. Car accident loans represent a small portion of the future anticipated settlement proceeds of your pending or settled litigation. It is YOUR money, so you are free to use it however you see fit.

Plus, no one knows your financial circumstances better than you. You can use the money to get caught up on past-due bills or pay monthly expenses like rent, co-pays, medical expenses, car payments, insurance, groceries, prescriptions, utility bills, or anything else you need.

❓Q: Do auto accident settlement loans appear on my credit report?

A: No. Car accident loans against a pending settlement are not the same as an extension of credit like a credit card or car loan from a bank. There are no credit checks or monthly payments, so there is no credit bureau reporting or involvement.

This is also true if you lose your case and don’t have to repay the cash advance.

And because taking a cash advance against your accident settlement isn’t reported to the credit bureaus, it won’t affect your eligibility for home loans, car loans, or other credit products in the future.

❓Q: Are car accident lawsuit loans riskier than bank loans?

No. Car accident lawsuit funding entails fewer risks and less financial exposure than bank loans.

Car accident lawsuit funding:

❇️ Good credit required? No
❇️ Is there a credit check? No
❇️ On-time monthly payments every month? No
❇️ Real estate collateral required? No
❇️ Co-signor required? No
❇️ Late payment penalties? No
❇️ Income verification? No
❇️ Employment requirements? No
❇️ Monthly credit bureau report? No
❇️ Is full repayment an absolute requirement? No

On the other hand, bank loans are loaded with risks and potential exposure that can continue haunting you for up to seven years AFTER the loan has been repaid in full.

Bank loans:

❇️ Good credit required? Yes
❇️ Is there a credit check? Yes
❇️ On-time monthly payments every month? Yes
❇️ Real estate collateral required? Usually
❇️ Co-signor required? Sometimes
❇️ Late payment penalties? Yes
❇️ Income verification? Yes
❇️ Employment requirements? Yes
❇️ Monthly credit bureau report? Yes
❇️ Is full repayment an absolute requirement? Yes

❓Q: Do car accident cash advances remove case management and control from my lawyer?

A: No, not at all. When you get a pre-settlement cash advance on your auto accident case, your attorney will remain 100% in charge of all case management decisions, just like they are now. Nothing changes with the attorney/client relationship.

❓Q: Can I get more than one auto accident settlement loan?

A: Generally speaking, yes you can, but it will depend on several factors.

If TriMark has already given you a car accident cash advance and you need another, give us a call or text us.

We frequently approve the first advance for more than is requested. If that’s the case, the second advance can happen on the same day.

Otherwise, our underwriter will speak to your attorney to get an update on the case’s progress before approving an additional advance.

An exception is that we do not typically advance additional funds on cases where soft tissue injuries are the only, or most serious, injury.

❓Q: Can I get car accident loans from multiple places?

A: Yes, you can, but we must buy out the prior funding and include it in the new car accident lawsuit funding amount.

Some exceptions exist. We don’t do buyouts on workers comp settlement loans, on many types of mass tort funding, and on cases where soft tissue injuries are the only, or most serious, injury.

❓Q: What if settling my car accident lawsuit takes longer than expected?

A: No one has a crystal ball, so it’s anyone’s guess how long it will take to settle your case.

TriMark takes steps to protect you from this eventuality before you even sign your funding agreement.

First, TriMark offers some of the lowest and most competitive rates in the legal funding industry, backed by our Lowest Rate Guarantee.

And second, most of our rates are capped at either 2X or 3X for your safety. Many of our competitors do not offer this built-in safety feature.

Capped Rates; Your Safety Net
“Un-capped rates” means interest accrues unabated until the advance is repaid. If your case runs longer than expected, especially with compounding interest, it could easily consume most or even all of your settlement award and leave you with little or nothing after your case is resolved.

“2X or 3X capped rates”, on the other hand, means once the cap is reached (two times (2X) or three times (3X) the funded amount), interest stops accruing. Regardless of how long after that point it takes to settle your case, you will never have to repay one penny more than the capped amount.

It normally takes about 2 to 2.5 years to reach the cap, so it is a moot point if your case settles before then. But it can be a comfort knowing the “worst-case scenario” going in, and knowing that even if you reach that point, you and your settlement money are protected, and you will still receive the lion’s share of your money if your case runs long.

❓Q: What could disqualify a case for car accident loans?

A: If a case satisfies these 3 basic requirements:

1. Received significant injuries
2. Plaintiff is represented by a contingent fee attorney, and
3. Clear liability exists against a sufficiently insured defendant

Then TriMark can usually offer pre-settlement funding on it.

There are, however, several things that can make a case ineligible for funding.

What Are Auto Accident Loans?

A car accident loan is a lawsuit cash advance against a portion of your future accident settlement, and only plaintiffs can get them. They’re not bank loans, and they’re not credit-based, so there are no credit checks or monthly payments either.

Best of all, you only repay the advance after your attorney finishes settling your case. And if you lose or your case doesn’t settle, you get to keep the money we advanced and owe nothing.

That’s about as risk-free as we can make it.

Get the money you need now to keep your head above water and relax while your attorney finishes negotiating the maximum compensation you deserve.

Get Legal Funding Now

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If legal funding is unavailable or my case is ineligible, please email me info about other funding options that may provide immediate assistance.

Types of Car Accidents

  • Aggressive Driving Accidents
  • Bad Car Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Construction Zone Accidents
    • Roadway Construction Accidents
  • Defective Tire Accidents
  • Emergency Vehicle Accidents
    • Ambulance Accidents
    • Firetruck Accidents
    • Police Car Accidents
  • Highway Accidents
    • Bridge Accidents
    • Multi-Car Accidents
    • Reckless Driving Accidents
    • Tunnel Accidents
    • Turnpike Accidents
  • In-Accident Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Parking Lot Accidents
    • Parked Car Accidents
  • Rental Car Accidents
  • Road Accidents
    • Intersection Accidents
    • Left Turn Accidents
    • Rubbernecking Accidents
    • Pothole Accidents
  • Rear-End Collision Accidents
  • Smart Car Accidents
  • Traffic Accidents
    • Speeding Accidents
    • T-Bone Accidents
    • Teen Driving Accidents
    • U-Turn Accidents
  • Underinsured Motorist Accidents
  • Uninsured Motorist Accidents
  • Distracted Driving Accidents
    • Sex While Driving Accidents
    • Texting And Driving Accidents
    • Wrong-Way Driving Accidents
  • Impaired Driving Accidents
    • Drowsy Driving Accidents
    • Drunk Driving Accidents
    • DUII – Driving Under The Influence of Intoxicants
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
    • Bicycle Accidents
    • Crosswalk Accidents
    • Jay-Walking Accidents
  • Rideshare Accidents
    • Airport Shuttle Accidents
    • Limousine Accidents
    • Lyft Accidents
    • Taxi Accidents
    • Uber Accidents
  • RV Accidents
  • Train vs Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
    • 18-Wheeler Accidents
    • Big Rig Accidents
    • Blind Spot Truck Accidents
  • Common Carrier Truck Accidents
    • Delivery Truck Accidents
    • Amazon Truck Accidents
    • FedEx Truck Accidents
    • UPS Truck Accidents
    • USPS Truck Accidents
    • Walmart Truck Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents
    • Cement Truck Accidents
    • Dump Truck Accidents
    • Fire Truck Accidents
    • Garbage Truck Accidents
    • Logging Truck Accidents
    • Tow Truck Accidents
  • Rear-End Truck Accidents
    • Override Truck Accidents
    • Underride Truck Accidents
  • Semi-Truck Accidents
    • Tractor-Trailer Accidents
  • Truck Driver Error Accidents
    • Overloaded Truck Accidents
    • Truck Braking Accidents
    • Truck Driver Liability Accidents
    • Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents
    • Truck Driver Impairment Accidents
    • Truck Jackknifing Accidents
    • Wide Turn Truck Accidents

Car Accident Lawsuit Funding Can Level The Playing Field

Pre-Settlement Auto Accident Loans

How does that work, exactly? It’s really quite simple.

Insurers often use delay tactics to ratchet up financial pressure on plaintiffs to compel them to accept an early settlement.

Auto accident settlement loans provide money to get your finances back under control. This effectively removes any pressure to settle for less than 100% of a case’s true value.

Absent that pressure, your attorney is free to negotiate the maximum compensation you deserve.

Everyone’s Circumstances Are Different

Car accident settlement loans exist because everyone’s financial circumstances are different.

Not everyone is financially prepared for when hardship or disaster, like a serious car wreck, strikes.

On top of that, tens of millions of people in this country still haven’t fully recovered from the COVID-19 shutdowns. Maybe you’re one of them.

The trouble is that insurance companies have never had a problem using a person’s dire financial circumstances against them in order to compel acceptance of a low, pennies-on-the-dollar settlement offer.

Depending on your finances, how serious of a car accident you were involved in, and how badly you got hurt, there could be a lot of different things going on in your life right now.


  • It was a minor collision, and you weren’t hurt that badly. Maybe you got some airbag injuries or a few bumps and bruises and soft tissue injuries. All you needed was some chiropractic care and a few rounds of physical therapy.

  • Your injuries were a lot more serious. You needed surgeries, intensive care, weeks or months of hospitalization, and rehabilitative therapy. Maybe you haven’t returned to work yet, or maybe you never will.

  • It was a horrific fatal car accident with one or more fatalities. Your whole life got up-ended, you received life-altering or catastrophic injuries, and returning to work has never been an option.

Auto Accident Loans Are Flexible

Everyone’s car wreck experience is different. So are everyone’s car accident injuries. And so, too, is everyone’s particular response to the somewhat unique financial challenges that getting injured in a car accident presents.

For most people, car accident injuries mean being unable to work, combined with a lot of pain, downtime, surgery, medical treatments, physical therapy, extra expenses, copays, prescriptions, medical bills, etc.

Faced with the reality of all that, many people look up and find themselves eyeballs-deep in a full-blown financial crisis.

Depending on the severity of your injuries and a few other details, we have the flexibility to offer 3 basic types of car accident settlement loans:

Pre-Settlement Funding (Lump Sum)

Anyone with a pending lawsuit who is approved for a settlement advance qualifies for this type of cash advance. It is a one-time or one-at-a-time lump sum paid directly to the plaintiff, usually within 4 to 24 hours after they are approved for funding.

Depending on the plaintiff’s needs and the case’s net value, it is often possible to get multiple lump sum cash advances on a case before it settles.

Pre-Settlement Funding (Recurring)

This is only available to plaintiffs with very serious or catastrophic injuries. We arrange an initial lump sum payment to get you all caught up on everything, then, usually on the 1st of each month, we send you a recurring deposit to cover your monthly expenses.

Post-Settlement Funding

Also known as settled case funding, this type of cash advance is available to those who already know the net amount they will receive and are simply waiting for their money to arrive.

TriMark Legal Funding provides non-recourse pre and post-settlement funding to seriously injured plaintiffs throughout the United States, often in 24 hours or less.

Car Accident Statistics

38,824 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2020. That same year, there were a total of 1,593,390 crashes that resulted in injuries.

And many of those included multiple injured people per crash. In all, over 2 million people, on average, get seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents each year.

Car accidents are one of the most frequently filed types of lawsuits in the US. Within that category, here are the most common causes:

Distracted Driving

When drivers divert their attention away from the task of driving, it can lead to serious consequences. Every day in the United States, nine people lose their lives and over one thousand individuals sustain injuries because of distracted driving. In 2018, 15% of all injury crashes and 8% of fatal accidents were attributed to this behavior; leaving 2,841 fatalities and an estimated 400,000 wounded in its wake.

Driver Intoxication

The 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that 20.5 million people who were at least 16 years old in 2018 drove under the influence of alcohol and 12.6 million drove under the influence of illicit drugs.

While it is illegal in all 50 states to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.8 g/dL or higher, around 33% of all traffic crash fatalities in the U.S. involve accidents with drivers who were found to be over this limit. In 2018, these crashes killed 10,511 people. In fact, during the decade spanning 2009-2018, more than 10,000 people annually died in drunk driving accidents.

Road Rage

Statistics point to road rage as an underlying factor in a significant number of auto mishaps. In 2019, the US reported 6.8 million vehicle accidents, with road rage linked to 0.8 percent of these incidents – that’s 149 wrecks daily, or 54,400 every year.

Fatal Accidents

Cars killed 42,060 people in 2020, up from 39,107 in 2019, according to a preliminary estimate from the National Safety Council (NSC).

That is a staggering 7.6% increase from 2019 with 2,953 more deaths year-over-year. That increase occurred even as the number of miles traveled by car decreased by 13 percent from the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was the biggest single-year spike in the US car fatality rate in nearly a century, and 2021 is on pace to be even worse.

These accidents caused 42,060 fatalities and made motor vehicle crashes a big factor and one of the major causes of death in the U.S.

Fatal car wrecks often result in wrongful death lawsuits. Insurance companies typically do not cover claims like loss of companionship, affection, and support, which forces the family of the deceased to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover these damages.


In 2020, we experienced an alarming rise in fatal motor-vehicle crashes attributable to speeding—10,136 of them. This marks a 17% increase from 2019 and is the most deaths recorded since 2008. Despite the recent progress made to reduce speeding-related deaths, they now account for an unsettling 29% of all traffic fatalities, up from 26%, with 11,258 people killed due to speeding each day on average.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Depending on the severity, car accidents can cause minor, serious, or even catastrophic injuries to virtually any part of the human body. Some of the most common car accident injuries suffered by motor vehicle accident victims include:

Amputations | Loss of Limb

The devastating effects of a crash can be far-reaching, often leading to either the traumatic amputation or surgical amputation of an arm, leg, finger, or toe. This type of injury is life-changing and may leave victims with a permanent disability.

Back Injuries

Car accidents can take a serious toll on the body, particularly when it comes to a person’s spine. Unfortunately, back injuries may not be immediately noticeable after an accident and they can cause debilitating pain and disability over time. It’s important to keep an eye out for any signs that could indicate possible damage to your spine following a collision.

Broken Bones

When a car accident occurs, it can cause serious damage to the body. From broken legs and ribs to arms, ankles, and wrists – even a broken pelvis is possible. The severity of such injuries varies from needing a cast for simpler fractures or requiring surgery to mend more severe breaks or compound fractures.

Burn Injuries

In the unfortunate event of a vehicle fire following an accident, or if the skin is in contact with hot liquids, surfaces, steam, or chemicals, it may result in serious burns. These are frequently referred to as thermal injuries and can range from mild to severe and may necessitate medical treatments such as surgery and skin grafting.

Crush Injuries

Pressure applied between two objects can cause severe and potentially devastating crush injuries to any part of the body. Depending on the intensity, this may range from minor bruising and cuts to severe damage to soft tissue, organs, muscles, and bones.

Facial Injuries | Disfigurement

Car accidents can cause serious damage to the face, from shattered glass to blunt force trauma. In addition to physical pain, disfigurement from facial injuries may be a lasting reminder of the accident. Depending on the severity of the injury, corrective surgery may be necessary in order to minimize any scars and restore confidence in one’s appearance.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Car accidents can wreak havoc on your toes, feet, and ankles – leading to painful strains, sprains, or fractures. Worse still, they may cause complete tears of the tendons, ligaments, or muscles in these areas. And if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a foot-on-the-dashboard accident, and get forced under the dashboard console, crushing injuries are not an uncommon result. In some cases, even the reduction in extremities may become a reality.

Hand, Wrist, and Finger Injuries

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s not uncommon for distal radius fractures (broken wrists) to occur. Depending on the extent of the injury, surgery may be necessary to properly heal the fracture.

Internal Injuries

When the body is impacted by an object or struck by flying fragments, it can cause devastating internal damage leading to severe internal bleeding. Prompt medical intervention is essential in this situation to ensure the best possible outcome.

Knee Injuries

The impacts of a car accident can take an enormous toll on your knees. Bruises and fractures are common, while the meniscus – the cartilage in your knee – can tear if subjected to sudden twisting or turning motions. So can the ACL. Taking safety precautions before getting in the car is key to preventing such injuries.

Lacerations | Bruising | Road Rash

Any kind of laceration, bruise or road rash can be caused by contact with sharp objects, hard surfaces or flying debris. A laceration is usually the result of a cut from broken glass or metal fragments. Bruises come from the forceful impact of your body against another object and road rash is often the consequence of skidding across asphalt and concrete.

Neck Injuries

Car accidents, even at relatively low speeds, can cause debilitating injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck. This is commonly referred to as whiplash, which can result from a seatbelt-less collision or an accident of 15 mph or greater. In some cases, more serious damage such as disk injury and cervical dislocation may also occur.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The effects of a car accident go far beyond physical injuries. Mental and emotional trauma is often just as damaging, if not more so. After an accident, you may experience post-traumatic stress disorder or find yourself struggling with activities that were once second nature to you. It is possible to seek compensation for your pain through mental health treatment and other forms of recovery related to emotional suffering caused by a car accident.

Shoulder Injuries

The jarring force of a motor vehicle crash can cause serious damage to the shoulders if you’ve braced yourself against the steering wheel or dashboard. This can result in your shoulder locking into place while absorbing an excessive amount of force from the collision, leading to potential injury. Another common shoulder injury is a torn rotator cuff.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, bruising and more can occur after a car accident. The pain and discomfort associated with these types of injuries can be intense – and long-lasting. It’s important to seek medical assistance if you experience any kind of soft tissue injury following an automobile collision.

Spinal Cord Injuries

(Includes Paraplegia | Quadriplegia / Tetraplegia)
The devastating effects of a crash and torque on the body can cause severe and lasting damage to the spinal cord, potentially resulting in partial or total paralysis below the point of injury. It’s essential to take every precaution when driving or participating in any activity that could lead to spinal cord injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Unfortunately, car accidents are a major source of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) which is caused when the head experiences a jarring or penetrative impact. According to the CDC, every year TBI causes 50,000 fatalities and an overwhelming amount of long-term disability in 80,000 to 90,000 people.

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Latest Developments in Car Accident News …

Car accidents are annually responsible for approximately 1.3 million deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) projects there were an estimated 42,915 traffic fatalities in 2021, a 10.5 percent increase compared to 2020 and the highest annual percentage increase in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System’s history. Fifty-five percent of motor vehicle deaths were the result of single-vehicle crashes, according to 2020 statistics published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) reports that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among people aged five to 29. More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, and they are also the single greatest annual cause of death of healthy U.S. citizens traveling abroad. In addition to devastation from… Read more
Americans love the open road, and thanks to the Interstate Highway System—created in 1956—it’s relatively easy to traverse the country. With an efficient way to travel (in theory), it’s no wonder interstates are in heavy use. In 2020 drivers drove over 709 billion miles on interstates. With that much traffic, there are bound to be a few crashes—35,766 in 2020, to be specific. Stacker analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2020 Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) to determine which interstates had the most fatalities. This data covers 38,824 total fatalities FARS recorded during 2020. Those traveling through Mississippi, Wyoming, and Arkansas saw higher incidences of fatality rates per 100,000 people. The 2020 FARS data was released on March 2, 2022. To be included in this data, a crash must have occurred in the U.S. (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), on a roadway open to… Read more
Amid questions about the relationship between local agents and the longtime informant who owned the doomed limousine, the FBI has opened an internal investigation into the 2018 Schoharie limo crash that left 20 people dead, according to U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko's office. In a April 22 letter to Tonko's office, Assistant Director Jill Tyson said the bureau's Inspection Division opened the investigation after questions arose about whether the FBI was involved in the initial investigation of the Oct. 6, 2018 crash. "In recent months, concerns have been raised about this incident and whether there was any FBI involvement in the investigation. As a result, the director ordered that the FBI further review the matter," Tyson wrote. Tyson's letter to Tonko, an Amsterdam Democrat, did not … Read more
Time and time again, Randy Vines sees car crashes and near accidents outside his storefront at STL Style on Cherokee Street in South City. “The way it’s been is just like the wild west, and I think that we need to put an end to the recklessness,” said Vines. Earlier this month, Vines witnessed a serious crash, and his store’s surveillance cameras also captured the incident. In the video, you can see a car crossing the intersection at Cherokee and Compton Ave. Then another car barrels through the intersection, failing to make a stop at the stop sign. “Barreling down Cherokee Street at 50 miles an hour, blowing through every stop sign along the way…sent both of them into a spin, and then hit another … Read more
Community members in Barrio Logan are calling to improve the walkability score and the safety for pedestrians along Logan Avenue. Their concerns follow some recent deadly accidents and many near misses. "Right now Logan Avenue does not have a high walkability score and situations like this like make it worse," said Nayeli Gutierrez. Gutierrez runs a small business along Logan Avenue among other popular Barrio Logan destinations, but, she and others fear for the safety of their family. "I've almost gotten hit myself," said Gutierrez. "Maybe if we have more designated crosswalks or something like flashing lights, just something needs to be done." Her business, NG Apothecary, sits on the corner of Sampson and Logan Avenue exactly where a Vietnam Veteran was struck and killed … Read more
An Upstate crash claimed the lives of two adults and a child Tuesday evening, according to Chief David Green, with Wellford Police Department. The two-vehicle crash happened on U.S. Highway 29 at Tucapau Road in Wellford, Green said. Green said the tragedy was absolutely avoidable. “It was a senseless fatality that we believe is a result of speeding,” Green said. Green said speeding along highway 29 has been on their radar for some time. “We were in the stages of putting together a task force for traffic enforcement. This will speed up that timetable to be more visible on 29. To get people to slow down,” Green said. “It was awful, it was awful to come up on and awful to know what families hurt… Read more
Utah Highway Patrol officer Sgt. Michael Irvine has been with the highway patrol for years and has seen a lot in his time when it comes to car crashes. “The number one cause of crashes is speed, followed by following too close secondary,” Irvine said. “The increase of crashes can have a lot of factors. The four common ones are speed, distracted driving, impaired driving and aggressive driving.” A car crash happens every eight minutes in Utah, while someone is injured from a wreck every 20 minutes. A person dies from a car crash in Utah every 33 hours. Teen drivers cause accidents because of their inexperience. In the past year, 22% of car crashes in Utah were teen related. Out of all the crashes… Read more
While a common transport-related fear is centered on planes, you’re a lot more likely to die in a bike-related accident – the chances are just shy of 1 in 5,000, compared to 1 in 20 million for planes. While that’s a lot better than the 1 in 103 chances of dying in a motor vehicle accident, the problem is that any given bike accident is more likely to be fatal than a car accident. Anyone who’s injured by a cycling accident could be entitled to damages; in that case, they should contact a car accident lawyer, who will know the ins and outs of traffic laws, how to establish liability, and more. The question is, how can you avoid getting into a bike accident? Forewarned … Read more
A teenager was killed and his brother was gravely injured when their truck collided with a city vehicle in Huntington Beach Monday morning, officials said. Huntington Beach police said its officers responded around 8:15 a.m. to the intersection Newland Street and Yorktown Avenue after a crash involving a white 1990 Ford F-250 and a white 2018 Chevrolet Silverado. The two teenagers – both students at Edison High School in Huntington Beach – were rushed to a local hospital after they were found in the Ford truck. They were on their way to school when the collision happened. One of teenagers died from his injuries and his brother remains in the hospital in critical condition, HBPD said in a news release. Police said the 38-year-old driver … Read more
Barry Taylor. Gary Minor. Zy’aire Joshua. Each of these people was killed by traffic violence, and they also have something else in common: with the words ‘outside the crosswalk,’ the authorities and media reports blamed them (and many others) for their own deaths, sometimes before the full facts were known. In our 15-minute news cycle, an initial account that blames someone who can no longer speak for themselves can set the narrative not just for what befell those individuals, but for how we think about the causes of violence on the roads. Highlighting a victim’s perceived role in their own injury or death diminishes the case for taking a more effective public health approach to traffic violence, which emphasizes causality over blame. The root cause … Read more
Almost a year ago on March, 13, 2021, Portsmouth Police engaged in a car chase with a suspect wanted for multiple crimes. The chase spanned across the city and into heavily traffic areas. While attempting to evade police, the suspect hit a Chrysler 200, killing a man, Calvin Majette, III, and leaving a woman with life-threatening injuries. A year later, the woman that had life-threatening injuries due to the fatal crash, Temika Pleas, is alive and settling her insurance policy claim. “This terrible collision occurred because a police officer violated principles of proper police conduct by engaging in a high-speed chase in a highly trafficked area near Downtown Portsmouth,” the Brett Biniazan Trial Lawyers said in a press release. “The person being chased did not … Read more
Arkansas had the third-highest increase in fatal car crashes nationwide in 2020, according to a new report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. While the number of fatal car crashes increased nationwide, the increase was particularly dramatic in Arkansas, which saw a 24.9% rise, only behind the District of Columbia and Vermont. The increase in fatal crashes came during a year when fewer people were on the roads driving. With pandemic restrictions in place on businesses, many people worked from home and stayed away from bars and restaurants. Nick Chabarria, a spokesman for AAA, said reckless drivers increased their bad habits by taking more risks with fewer cars on the road. Chabarria cited a report the agency released on Feb. 28, concluding more drivers … Read more
It's not often that this column changes the course of politics in Illinois, but I'm going to enjoy the faint possibility that in this small way it has. State Rep. Tom Weber, a Lake Villa Republican, has put forth legislation that would change "accidents" to "crashes" in state laws and state publications to describe vehicular, um, mishaps. Huzzah! "Most, if not all, motor vehicle collisions are avoidable. Many are the result of reckless driving, drinking and driving or distracted driving," Weber said in a news release. "Accidents don't happen as the result of a person's willful or negligent actions, crashes do. To continue to refer to these incidents in state law as 'accidents' is offensive to the many families who have lost loved ones throughout … Read more
A former Amtrak engineer who was operating a speeding train that derailed in Philadelphia in 2015, killing eight people, was acquitted on Friday of involuntary manslaughter and related charges. The jury’s verdict was the culmination of a case filled with twists as the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office tried to prosecute the former engineer, Brandon Bostian, on more than 200 charges, including a count of causing catastrophe. Mr. Bostian was operating a Washington-to-New York train on May 12, 2015, when he sped the train to 106 miles per hour as it entered a curved section of track with a 50-m.p.h. speed limit. The train careened off the track and into Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood. Eight people were killed, and more than 200 people were injured. The … Read more
Was a tragic derailment a “terrible accident” or did the train engineer recklessly fail to do his job at a dangerous point in his route? On Friday morning, prosecutors and defense attorneys laid out opposing perspectives on the line between an accident and a crime in the case of Brandon Bostian, the train engineer onboard when Amtrak train No. 188 derailed in Philadelphia in 2015. Both sides agree on the facts of the derailment itself. Bostian’s train departed 30th Street Station shortly after 9 p.m on May 12. It picked up speed as it headed into a tight curve near Frankford Junction, reaching 106 mph when the speed limit was 50 mph. Bostian braked, but the train derailed seconds later, killing 8 people and sending … Read more
According to a recent 10-year report, 50 crashes have occurred on the same stretch of Highway 99 that killed 3 people last week. According to the Bureau of Transportation statistics, the fatality rate for motorists across the US is 2 times greater in rural areas – areas like the stretch of Hwy 99N where 3 Junction City women recently died in a crash. We spoke with representatives at ODOT to see why those roads are so dangerous. "One short distraction and you can lose control of your vehicle and be in an unrecoverable situation," explains ODOT’s David House. Officials say in this most recent crash, the car went into the opposite lane for unknown reasons – and it's still under investigation. "You lose control of … Read more
Accidents that involve cars and pedestrians can be extremely dangerous, and sometimes fatal. Every accident is different, and the driver of the car is not always at fault. There are certain precautions that pedestrians and cyclists can take to keep themselves safe. Being aware of the common situations where accidents occur can help prevent danger. It is also important to determine liability in pedestrian accidents. Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 5,977 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States in 2017. Many pedestrian accidents are the fault of a distracted, impaired, or reckless driver. Many DUI and DWAI cases are involved with pedestrian accidents. Accidents also frequently occur in busy areas with lots … Read more
Two are dead, including a Memphis police officer, after an early morning crash on Shelby Drive. The Memphis Police Department said the MPD officer who was involved died at Regional One. The driver of the other vehicle died at the scene. The crash happened around 2:30 a.m. Thursday at East Shelby Drive and Pleasant Hill. MPD said the officer was driving eastbound on East Shelby Dr. when another vehicle traveling northbound on Pleasant Hill hit the officer's squad car. Due to this being a deadly crash involving an on-duty officer, the Tennessee Highway Patrol is conducting the investigation. The Memphis Police Association identified the officer killed as Officer Corille Jones…. Read more
Could COVID-19 have caused a 97 mph crash that killed a retired Millard Public Schools teacher? An attorney for driver Gerard Skutnik, 55, said Skutnik believed he was suffering from the coronavirus and blacked out on 144th Street on his way to get tested on Nov. 29. Skutnik drove his Toyota Tundra truck 96.9 mph and caused a collision that killed a retired teacher who had been stopped at a red light at 144th Street and Eldorado Drive, according to a police affidavit. Nebraska attorney Glenn Shapiro said he wants to gather more information but speculated as to whether brain fog or respiratory distress may have caused his client to drive more than twice the 45 mph speed limit and ram into three cars that … Read more
Ohio ranks among the 11 worst states in the country when it comes to traffic safety laws, according to a new report issued Tuesday. Advocates for Highway and Public Safety gave the state a “red” rating, meaning its laws are some of the most lax in the country. The nonprofit is funded in part by insurance companies but also includes law enforcement and public health advocates. President Cathy Chase says Ohio has a lot of work to do. "Ohio is what we call dangerously red and we are definitely pushing for all of the red states to move up,” Chase told Local 12. "We are at a time in surface transportation history when motor vehicle crash fatalities are surging." Indeed, the low ranking comes as traffic … Read more
Two people were killed and two others were hurt in a crashin Charlotte, North Carolina Tuesday morning, authorities said.  Medic responded to a reported crash on Freedom Drive near Alleghany Street around 5:30 a.m. The crash involved a 2004 Nissan Maxima and a 2017 Hyundai Sonata and both received severe damage.  Medic said two people were pronounced dead at the scene. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed the identities of the two as Onjenay Porter, 25, and David Coleman, 32. They were passengers in the 2004 Nissan Maxima.  The drivers of both vehicles were taken to a hospital for treatment.  CMPD says the Nissan turned directly in front of the Hyundai, causing the crash.  The driver, Kenya Harris, was determined to be impaired by an officer. … Read more
As Washington went quiet in the early days of the pandemic, Staci Hoff figured at least it would mean fewer deaths on the roads in 2020. She was wrong. Then, as cars began returning in 2021, she hoped maybe the carnage would slow as congestion increased and speeds decreased. She was wrong again. Washington ended 2021 with more fatal and serious car crashes than it’s seen in 15 years. On the heels of an especially deadly 2020, the continued rise is a frustrating and increasingly confounding trend that’s playing out nationwide. Experts can’t point to a single reason. “We have talked 2020 to death, but it is the end of 2021 and this was way worse,” said Hoff, research director for the Washington Traffic Safety … Read more
A common occurrence, yet and still something most drivers try to avoid, a car crash affects all parties involved. Car crashes can range from a mere inconvenience or a life-altering event. On the more drastic side, it could end in thousands of dollars spent in repairs, medical bills or even have a fatal outcome. Defensive driving is recommended by experts for all drivers. It is important to take proper precautions while on the road to keep yourself and those around you safe. But unfortunately, no matter how competent a driver one may be, there are times when a car crash is unavoidable. Car crash statistics: About three million people in the US are injured every year in car accidents, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). … Read more
Pandemic lockdowns and stay-at-home orders kept many drivers off U.S. roads and highways last year. But those who did venture out found open lanes that only invited reckless driving, leading to a sharp increase in traffic-crash deaths across the country. The nonprofit National Safety Council estimates in a report issued Thursday that 42,060 people died in vehicle crashes in 2020, an 8% increase over 2019 and the first jump in four years. Plus, the fatality rate per 100 million miles driven spiked 24%, the largest annual percentage increase since the council began collecting data in 1923. And even though traffic is now getting close to pre-coronavirus levels, the bad behavior on the roads is continuing, authorities say. “It’s kind of terrifying what we're seeing on … Read more

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