Wrongful death suit filed in car accident that killed mother, son

Wrongful death fit submitted in automobile accident that eliminated mother, child
The wrongful death match submitted by Shaokai Jiang names Sophia Mosby, 30 at the time of the accident, for the death of Jiang’s spouse, Ping Gui, 48, and boy …
Leave it to the Hollywood elite to file yet another privileged-assumed lawsuit. Paul Walker drives a Porsche at 100mph+ thru metro LA, loses controls and kills himself and his passenger and yet his daughter sues Porsche claiming that they were somehow responsible for Walker’s stupidity! Welcome to reality Ms. Walker!
Porsche Says Paul Walker’s Death Was His Own Fault
And recently, German vehicle maker Porsche tried to have a wrongful death suit dismissed, on premises that the accident was solely the fault of …
Wrongful death suit begins with opening statements
Opening arguments began Tuesday in a wrongful death suit against the city of Anniston and a former policeman over a 2012 vehicle crash. Thomas …

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