Published on June 16, 2017

Workers Comp Developments Around The Country

State Supreme Court says work-release inmates can’t get workers’ comp

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals issued a decision, ruling that work-release inmates do not qualify for worker’s compensation.

The lawsuit involved a work-release inmate who injured his hand in a wood chipper.

The opinion was …

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Bull rider claims workers compensation after severe injury at rodeo

From the age of nine, when his dad first plonked him on the back of a small calf, Mitchell Gajkowski loved rodeo life.

His dreams of a career as a bull rider …

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Injured Workers’ Benefit Fund

Illinois state law requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance in order to protect any employee who suffers an injury on the job.

But what happens if your employer doesn’t carry the required insurance?

If my employer doesn’t have work …

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Church Volunteer Allegedly Injured During Communion Was Limited to Workers’ Comp Benefits

A parishioner and volunteer Eucharistic Minister at a Roman Catholic church allegedly injured as she went to distribute Communion was limited to recovering workers’ compensation benefits, and could not sue for negligence, an appellate court in New York …

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Workers’ Comp: Represent Yourself, or Hire a Lawyer?

Employers can deny claims, and when this happens, over 70% of workers accept the denial.

An attorney will work to get your claim accepted and ensure you’re not in the majority of injured workers that accept a claim denial that should have been approved.

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State Trooper on Workers’ Comp Arrested After Bar Fight

State comptroller records show that Meninno has been receiving workers’ compensation benefits since Sept. 16, the Courant reports.

The records do not indicate the nature of his injury. State police say Meninno’s police powers have been suspended, and …

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